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Justin Bieber Troll Bryan Asrary Arrested After Allegedly Posing As Pop Star To Sextort Nude Pictures From 9-Year-Old Girl

A Justin Bieber internet troll by the name of Bryan Asrary has been arrested after reportedly confessing to the “sextortion” of a 9-year-old California girl. According to law enforcement, they believe the man, who pretended to be Justin Bieber online, could have committed similar crimes against young girls across the nation, at least according to the confession he gave police. As Fox 13 Now reports, the young girl is now 11 years old, and her nightmare involving lies and sexual extortion began two years ago.

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“During an interview with Bryan Asrary, he not only confessed to extorting the victim for sexual images and videos, but also implicated himself in similar crimes against other young girls throughout the country.”

It was in 2014 that officers say the 24-year-old Bryan Asrary pretended to be pop star Justin Bieber in order to convince the then-9-year-old girl to send nude photos and videos to him. After she complied, the Bieber troll threatened to expose her and/or physically harm her if she didn’t send him more images, according to his alleged police confession. In a statement released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, it was revealed that Bryan Asrary first made contact with the unnamed little girl when she was browsing through the Instagram account of Justin Bieber.

Police say that that’s when Asrary sent his victim a direct message, identifying himself as a “friend” of Justin Bieber who could set up a texting interaction between the 9-year-old and her pop idol. The victim admitted that she accepted the invitation to the “text meeting,” and when she was instructed to create an account on the Kik app, she did so right away.

Soon thereafter, using Kik, Justin Bieber troll Asrary allegedly coerced the 9-year-old girl into sending him naked pictures, even going so far as to tell the victim that she would be harmed if she refused. Eventually, the little girl sent the nudes requested by the person she believed to be Justin Bieber. Then she deleted the messages and never told a soul what had happened to her.

As CBS News reports, the girl claims she didn’t hear back from Justin Bieber troll Bryan Asrary for two years. Then, on November 3, 2016, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was contacted by the mother of the girl, now 11 years old. Reportedly, Asrary had sought out his previous victim once more, threatening to share the photos of her nude 9-year-old self with the internet and the world if she didn’t send him more.

This time around, Bryan Asrary’s victim didn’t keep the contact secret. According to a sheriff’s department statement, she told her mom right away; in turn, the victim’s mother reported the situation with the Justin Bieber troll to the police. It is unclear if the little girl ever realized that she was talking to someone other than Justin Bieber.

The mother’s report spawned the Human Trafficking Bureau of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to conduct an investigation into the victim’s claims. Search warrants for various online communication platforms and social media sites were quickly procured, and it didn’t take long for authorities to identify Bryan Asrary as their sextortion suspect. Once he was identified and that police realized who they were likely dealing with, they also realized that their suspect was doing his alleged harassment from across the country in Massachusetts.

“The evidence revealed that the sextortion had been committed from across the nation.”

Police tracked Bryan Asrary down to his home in Revere, and showed up to arrest him on December 18. Upon his arrest, it was discovered that the 24-year-old had likely victimized many other young girls across the country by utilizing a similar scam, according to authorities. It is not clear if the Justin Bieber troll limited his celebrity impersonations to just Bieber.

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Bryan Asrary is currently being held in Massachusetts on the charge of suspicion of child pornography. His bail has been set at $20,000, which many argue is too low given the egregious nature of the crimes he reportedly admitted to committing.

The Bieber troll faces a whole host of additional California charges for his allegedly admitted crimes, including (at the very least) extortion, manufacturing child pornography, and communicating with a minor with the intent to commit a sex act.

Authorities are fully convinced that more young victims will be identified over the course of the investigation into Asrary’s alleged actions.

Despite allegedly impersonating Justin Bieber and using his name to exploit little girls, authorities confirm that Bryan Asrary has no connection to the pop star.

[Featured Image by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department]