Hardy Boyz WWE Tag Team Championship Ladder

WWE News: Matt And Jeff Hardy Want The WWE Tag Team Championships, Call Out Current Champions

With Anthem at the helm, wrestlers under the Impact Wrestling umbrella have to find creative ways to keep their characters fresh. Already looked at as being damaged goods, TNA is in dire need of an infectious level of energy that would cause the company’s popularity to grow. Playing the “little engine that could” role for quite some time now, critics of the brand still wonder why they exist. However, in contrast, proponents still see all the great talent that TNA has and enjoy watching them on a weekly basis. Moreover, if TNA Impact Wrestling folds, there are many names who would not be in the same top-level position as they are now.

Two names who would still be popular are Matt and Jeff Hardy. Over the past 20 years, the brothers have experienced success, both individually and as a tag team. In the WWE, Jeff Hardy managed to become three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and four-time Intercontinental Champion during his singles run, while Matt managed to become ECW and United States Champion. In TNA, both have climbed up the ladder to become World Heavyweight Champion.

A few years ago, both characters were in need of an overhaul. Although Jeff still maintained his rock star following, there was not a strong direction for his character to go in TNA. In comparison, Matt did not have a very strong presence and used his resume to try to keep the fans interested. However, it was not working very well.

Then, it all changed from a sheerly brilliant stage of “brokenness.” The alliance of Matt and Jeff became a feud, which turned to Matt going into a completely different character that was something fans have never seen. As a heel, he vowed to “delete” his brother, who he now called Brother Nero, with the goal of eventually rendering him obsolete. “Delete” and “obsolete” became two of the most popular catchphrases in all of 2016, and the fans bought into the narrative so much that the enemies reconciled, which led to once again becoming the TNA Tag Team Champions.

As champions, the “Broken Hardys” have triumphed through tag team competition in TNA, defeating teams such as The Wolves, Decay, DCC, and even the legendary Rock N’ Roll express. Since their gimmicks are so popular, they have expanded it outside of TNA.

Along with competing in independent promotions, the Hardys invaded Ring of Honor to challenge the current champions, the Young Bucks (or, as the Hardys call them, the “Bucks of Youth”).

Most recently, Matt Hardy posted a video calling out the top team from every promotion, including WWE.

“As of right now, we challenge every tag team champion of every major promotion. Whether it be Sheamus and Cesaro for Meek Mahan’s Raw show, or whether it be the American Alpha for Meek Mahan’s SmackDown show… Man up, and have the guts to accept our challenge. We will go to enemy territory. We will go to the Raw, the SmackDown, the honorable ring [ROH], we will go anywhere! We will come to your back yard, and we will render you, obsolete! And your tag team title reign, if you accept our challenge, we shall, Delete! Delete! Delete! Delete! Delete!”

Decades ago, wrestling was primarily controlled through the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), and top talent would be featured on numerous promotions. However, with territories being a thing of the past, talent cannot transfer to other major companies for the sake of competition. In theory, the idea of the Hardy Boys appearing on WWE television is brilliant. However, with WWE aiming to control the wrestling market, it is highly unlikely it will occur. Perhaps we will see the Hardys back in WWE because of their popularity. Hopefully, they can maintain the creative control of their characters

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