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Katy Perry To Surprise Release New Music To Coincide With Donald Trump’s Inauguration? [Rumors]

Katy Perry may be introducing the world to her fifth studio album sooner rather than later, as rumors are swirling that Perry may allegedly have pushed forward the release of new music to coincide with the inauguration of present-elect Donal Trump on January 20.

ThatGrapeJuice.net is alleging that Perry has reportedly finally finished work on her upcoming new album, the title of which is yet to be announced, which has fans speculating on social media that Katy could be preparing to reveal her new music to the world later this week.

The site alleged that Katy allegedly now “finished the whole album” after months of work, which got fans speculated that Perry, who has been incredibly outspoken about her support for Hillary Clinton throughout the election process, may be planning on releasing new music to coincide with Trump’s inauguration.

Katy Perry & Hillary Clinton
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Though Katy has not commented on the rumors, speculation ran rampant on Twitter claiming that Perry could be about to drop new music as early as January 20, with many fans claiming that Katy had supposedly purposefully pushed up the release day to potentially “take away” attention from Tump’s impending inauguration.

“What if Katy releases/announces something on Friday to take away the attention of Trump’s inauguration SHOOK,” Parry fan @arithekatycat speculated amid the rumors, though Katy has not yet commented on when fans can expect to hear new music.

Katy fan @viewsfromalek also suggested that Perry’s new music could be coming on Friday, posting a screenshot of a message from Twitter user Cynthia Boyce who claimed to have insider knowledge of Perry’s new release, seemingly suggesting her much-anticipated new music could potentially be dropping this Friday.

Katy Perry
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“[Katy’s] lead [single] this Friday could be a real possibility! SHE IS COMING,” the Twitter user speculated amid the new music release rumors, posting a screen shot from Boyce from three weeks ago that suggested Katy could be releasing new material this month.

“This insider said this 3 weeks ago. It all makes sense now… Katy come through with that f*****g lead,” the Twitter user added amid the speculation, which could potentially see Katy Perry release her first single since 2016’s “Rise” this week.

“WTHASHGHJKLLS KATY IS COMING THIS FRIDAY, KEEP YOUR [EYES] PEELED,” Perry fan @rannieperry added amid the new music rumors, while @KatysPrismLight tweeted out amid the speculation, “People keep saying Katy is releasing something on Friday and [I don’t know] what to believe.”

Katy Perry
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Katy has not confirmed the rampant speculation surrounding the release date of her new music, though Perry did tease on social media last year that she was working hard on her new album – her first since she dropped Prism in 2013 – and even hinted that her upcoming release could be inspired by the political landscape following Trump’s win.

Posting a quote by novelist Toni Morrison to Instagram on November 17, Perry appeared to suggest that Clinton’s defeat could have inspired her as-yet-untitled new album, though Katy didn’t offer up any further details on her upcoming release at the time.

“This is precisely the time when artists go to work,” the quote Katy uploaded to social media last year read. “There is no time to despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear.”

“We speak, we write, we do language,” Morrison’s quote uploaded to social media by Perry then continued. “That is how civilization heals.”

Though Perry has stayed mainly tight-lipped about her upcoming new album, Katy captioned the quote uploaded in November, “Back to work because: ALL OF THE ABOVE,” though she did not reveal when she planned to reveal her new music to the world.

Do you think Katy Perry could be preparing to drop new music from her as-yet-untitled new album as early as January 20 to coincide with Donald Trump’s inauguration?

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