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‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Two Major Characters Dropped To Recurring Status, Will ‘B&B’ Kill Them Off?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease tense moments are ahead for at least two characters on the CBS daytime drama. According to Soap Opera Spy, Felisha Cooper (Sasha) and Linsey Godfrey (Caroline) were dropped to recurring status. Almost immediately, rumors went wild that they could be killed off soon. If that’s not bad enough, viewers speculate that Rome Flynn (Zende) and the Avant family could be next.

Caroline And Sasha Get The Boot

It wasn’t a huge surprise when the viewers learned that The Bold and the Beautiful decided to drop Linsey Godfrey and Felisha Cooper to recurring status. Sasha hasn’t been seen in quite awhile. Without the drama over Zende with Nicole (Reign Edwards), her storyline disappeared. It seems like most of the storyline possibilities are rarely shown, so it was only a matter of time before Sasha was written off the show.

Felisha Cooper as Sasha on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
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After Zende and Nicole’s relationship ended, the writers could have put Sasha with him. Instead, they choose to have Zende beg Nicole for a second chance over and over. Of course, she couldn’t give him another chance, and it essentially ended Zende, Nicole, and Sasha’s storylines.

Bold and the Beautiful fans were surprised by Caroline’s exit. She seemed to be part of the core cast, but without warning, her storyline was discontinued. At first, Bold and the Beautiful fans believed that the writing team planned to put Caroline with Thomas (Pierson Fode), but that proved to be another dead end for her character.

Will B&B Kill Sasha And Caroline Off?

According to a report by Celeb Dirty Laundry, at least one character will die in 2017. They pointed out that it may not be Caroline or Sasha, but with them being dropped to recurring status, it is highly possible.

In general, Bold and the Beautiful viewers do not like it when a fan- favorite is killed off. Once they get over the hype of the exciting storyline, they are left to deal with the realization that they are gone forever.

If Bold and the Beautiful producers decide to kill off Caroline, it could result in fan backlash. She has a huge fanbase that wants to see her back on the show. They would not support her being killed off. It seems unlikely that they would take her off the show completely being a Spencer but anything is possible with The Bold and the Beautiful.

Rome Flynn as Zende Forrester on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
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Now, Sasha might be a good character to for the show to kill off. She is a fantastic actress who can pull off an emotional exit. She brought life into the boring surrogacy storyline and brought her father’s affair to light.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Sasha has reached a dead end, and it might be beneficial to kill her off in a dramatic way as a way to give the Avant family a big storyline. It’s been quite a few months since the family has had any airtime. If that is the plan, the writers have done a great job of keeping it a secret.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that it is possible that neither Sasha nor Caroline will be killed off in 2017. It could be someone else altogether. If the show continues to phase out Sasha, you can expect Zende and Nicole to be the next characters to disappear. The only time Nicole appears on the series is to showcase Wyatt’s (Darin Brooks) new job at Forrester Creations.

Bold and the Beautiful fans, do you think Sasha or Caroline will be killed off? If not either of them, who could be the 2017 death?

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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