Watch eagle cam streaming live online

Watch Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online: Popular Cam Featuring Harriet, M15, And E9 Returns After Technical Difficulties [Video]

The popular Southwest Florida eagle cam was down this past weekend, much to the dismay of viewers worldwide. Exactly what occurred with the cam remains to be seen, as the official word attributed the downtime to technical difficulties with Comcast.

The Southwest Florida eagle cam began streaming live coverage in October of 2016, when eagles Harriet and M15 began nesting. By November, two eggs were visible in the nest, and on December 31, 2016, one egg hatched while thousands watched the event online. The eaglet is named E9, and every moment of the eaglet’s life has been streamed through YouTube. That is, until the cams were offline. The eagle cam is back online, and you can watch it streaming live in the video player above.

Viewers flocked to social media networks and the Hancock Wildlife Foundation thread to share their questions and search for answers regarding the offline cams. Some ventured to the North Fort Myers nest site in order to see the nest themselves. Unfortunately, the best way to view nest activity is through the cams. One photo surfaced showing Harriet and E9 peering over the edge that helped calm fears E9 was in danger.

YouTube user Lady Hawk has followed the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam since its inception and has compiled several video playlists showcasing the eagle family’s memorable moments and the eaglet’s first experiences. As soon as the eagle cam was up and running again, Lady Hawk captured many special videos, including E9 feeding, M15 bringing fish to the nest, and E9 diving under his father. Still visible in the nest is the one nonviable egg that failed to hatch.

You can watch the video of E9 and a fresh fish dinner below.

You can watch a full video playlist below from the time the eagle cam began streaming in October until it’s return on January 16, 2017. The playlist is updated regularly with new videos. Look for the video showing M15 and Harriet simultaneously eating fish while E9 patiently waits between them for a feeding.

The Southwest Florida eagle cam is YouTube’s most popular live streaming animal video. It runs 24/7, and there are multiple cams situated on the property that shows nest activity, the perch above the nest and a widespread, landscape view of the area. There is a nearby lake where M15 and Harriet take turns fishing, and there is always catfish or other types of fish present in the nest. E9 eats frequently, and you can tell by the size of E9’s crop how close it is to feeding time. When M15 isn’t visible in the nest, he is either on the branch above the nest or fishing. Rarely is M15 gone from the nest, and if so, it’s never for a long period of time.

Many who watch the eagle cam live streaming online, have remarked on social media regarding E9’s fast growth while the cams were down. E9 is visibly larger, stands for longer periods of time though still wobbles, and ventures about the nest more. E9’s coat is changing and the marking of feathers is visible.

Comments sharing elation that the cams are back online are being shared on Facebook, Twitter, and through the Southwest Florida eagle cam chat room as well as the Hancock Wildlife Foundation forums. Some have expressed that watching the eagle family live online has become part of their family routine, and they experienced withdrawal while the cams were down. Check out some viewer comments regarding the eagle cam being down and how E9 has changed in three days.

As it is the nesting season, there are more eagle cams and other birds of prey that are live streaming, but none are currently as popular as the Southwest Florida eagle cam. Now that the eagle cam is up and running again, many people have been assured that Harriet, M15, and E9 are fine, healthy, and thriving. Are you watching the live eagle cam? You can tune in 24/7 and even watch the nest at night.

[Featured Image by Rocky Grimes/Shutterstock]