Barron Trump Inauguration Plans

Melania And Barron Trump’s Inauguration Plan Involves 2-Day Stay In The White House Following Event

Barron Trump is expected to be seen on inauguration day when his father is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on January 20. It’s already been widely reported that the 10-year-old boy and Melania Trump won’t be living at the White House full-time until after the school year finishes in June 2017. According to a new report, Melania will stay at the White House for two days following the inauguration.

Sources tell TMZ that Barron Trump has to get back to school on Monday and Melania plans to keep his academic schedule as normal as possible despite her husband becoming the new President of the United States.

With the inauguration taking place on Friday, that gives Melania time to soak in the new surroundings at the White House on Saturday and Sunday before returning home to New York City. It wasn’t confirmed if Barron Trump would also be in the White House those two days, but given the fact Melania is a hands-on mother, it’s likely he’ll be there as well.

Barron will be America’s first son in the White House since John F. Kennedy, Jr. in 1963. Barron Trump is shielded from the spotlight as much as possible by his mother, but he’s made public appearances at the end of presidential debates and during his father’s acceptance speech in November.

America is excited to see this young man on inauguration day when Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. A dress rehearsal was conducted over the weekend, and 12-year-old Charlie Blunt took on the role of Barron. The boy is the son of Senator Roy Blunt, who’s leading the inauguration 2017 planning as the Joint Committee Chairman on Inaugural Ceremonies, WUSA 9 reports.

Blunt is similar in height to Barron Trump and was part of the mock swearing in where timing on cameras and security details were mastered before the actual event.

Charlie Blunt has one piece of advice for the incoming first son.

“Smile and don’t slouch,” Blunt said.

Barron Trump Stays At White House 2 Days After Inauguration
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Barron attends the prestigious Columbia and Preparatory School on Manhattan’s East Side. Secret Service protection has cramped the style of other students and their parents. Shortly after the election, concerned school staff and parents met with representatives from the Secret Service. There are fears that Barron Trump’s presence puts a target on the school for a terrorist attack or other ominous threat. There was also the nuisance of parents not being allowed to use elevators whenever Melania Trump was in the building to drop off or pick up her son.

When Melania and Barron Trump finally move into the White House in September, it’ll ease up security measures since Washington, D.C. is familiar with first children attending private schools and understand the protocol.

It’s unknown which private school Barron will attend in Washington, D.C., but there’s a large selection. Many wondered if he’ll attend the same school that Chelsea Clinton and the Obama daughters have — Sidwell Friends. It’s highly unlikely the Trump will go with that option. As a separate Inquisitr article revealed, the school is “associated with the liberal intelligentsia of Washington.” The description came from Steven Roy Goodman, a Washington, D.C. education consultant for high profile parents.

Barron Trump Inauguration Plans After Event
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“Given what I know about President-elect Trump, which is that he comes from more of a traditional, classic background, I think that might lead you to Virginia schools,” Goodman said.

Goodman mentions other Washington, D.C.-area private schools that the Trumps might consider for Barron, such as St. Stephens and Agnes, or Burgundy Farm Country Day School in Alexandria — or Westminster in Annandale. Other alternatives mentioned were St. Alban’s, the all-boys school near the Washington National Cathedral, St. Anselm’s Abbey in Northeast, and Potomac School in McLean.

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