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Brittany Cartwright And Jax Taylor: Does Her Family Approve Of Him After ‘Pump Rules’ Drama?

Brittany Cartwright has been on Vanderpump Rules for a few seasons now, as Brittany and Jax Taylor met one another during a random trip to Las Vegas. While Jax was horrible at keeping his relationships alive, several of his Vanderpump Rules co-stars believed that Brittany was worth the fight and she could be the one who could change Taylor from a many-women man to a one-woman man. Some people were shocked that Cartwright would give Taylor a chance, especially since she appeared to be so innocent. And now, she’s dishing details about her family is handling her Vanderpump Rules fame and her relationship with Taylor.

According to a new Bravo report, Brittany Cartwright is now revealing that her family thinks that it is cool for her to be on a reality show, but Cartwright’s family wasn’t too happy about the rumors that circulated about Brittany’s sex life during the first couple of episodes. Of course, Jax had started spreading rumors that Brittany had hooked up with Kristen Doute, even though she denied it happening. And Jax wasn’t exactly in the family’s good graces after he kept pushing the rumor and kept bringing it up on national television.

“They thought it was really cool [that I’m on the show]. I mean the first two episodes of this season they were all super upset, but I think they’re already getting over it,” Brittany Cartwright explains to The Daily Dish according to Bravo, adding, “It was definitely hard for my family to watch, but they support me. They’re there for me, so they’ve got my back — no matter what.”

Of course, it may not be easy for her family to watch Brittany Cartwright on national television and then watch the one guy who is supposed to have her back be mean and rude to her. One can imagine they wanted him to have her back and not spread these false rumors, especially since Brittany was getting upset about everything.

And it sounds like her family isn’t too happy with the way Taylor treated her, especially when it comes to these sex rumors. But Brittany Cartwright admits that she’s close with her family, and no one is coming between them, not even Jax’s crazy rumors.

“I’m super close with my mom. My family is amazing. On my mom’s side we all are next door neighbors,” Brittany Cartwright explains to Bravo about her relationship with her parents, who recently visited her in Los Angeles, adding, “And I’m super close to my mamaw, who is my grandmother. And it’s hard to not be home when something bad happens, like my grandfather passed away [in 2015]. So it’s just hard when stuff like that happens and you’re not able to be there with your family. And I have some really great friends. I’m still best friends with people I knew in elementary school. It’s just hard not being able to see those people as much as I would like.”

Of course, Taylor has already shown signs of changing, as he is entertaining the idea of marriage, which he never did in the past. One of his ex-girlfriends told him to get his life together, as he was a 35-year-old guy working at a bar. He had no aspirations or goals in life and it doesn’t sound like that has changed at all. But Brittany appears to be satisfied in her relationship, as she’s doing the same thing as Taylor.

What do you think of Brittany Cartwright’s comments about her family? Are you surprised that her family was able to forgive Jax for the rumors?

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