Is Bella Thorne dating Sam Pepper.

Bella Thorne And Sam Pepper Dating? Rumors Swirl That Actress And Controversial YouTuber Are An Item

Are Bella Thorne and Sam Pepper dating? That’s the question fans are asking after both of them started dropping hints on social media that seem to indicate they’re an item. Or at the very least, it appears they’ve been hanging out.

Rumors of a Bella Thorne – Sam Pepper relationship got going last week, according to Seventeen, when the two started showing up in each other’s social media feeds. In one series of images posted to Snapchat, Bella appears in front of a mirror with the words, “Hello, you so pretty,” written on it in lipstick. Another photo showed a tattooed man’s hand holding what appeared to be a woman’s hand. Are they Bella and Sam’s hands?

And in a post on Sam’s Instagram feed, you can see Sam standing in front of a brick wall. Bella was one of the first to comment (her comment was moved further down now, as new comments have poured in).

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A photo posted by Sam Pepper (@sampepper) on

Bella commented, “My walls are dope. You cool too ;).” Seventeen writer Noelle Devoe seems to think Bella’s caption suggests that she had been at Sam’s house.

Apparently, “Liking” someone’s post on Instagram is a major indicator of wanting to make a love connection or a booty call, according to a couple of observers. Capital FM calls it “basically the same thing as marriage in this day and age,” while The Metro calls it “tantamount to asking someone for sex.”

So the indications are there that Bella Thorne and Sam Pepper are an item. Of course, it could all just be a put-on, but until one of them confirms or denies their relationship, it looks like all we can do is speculate.

Bella Thorne hasn’t exactly been lucky in love. The Big Love actress broke up with her boyfriend of a year, English Actor Gregg Sulkin, in 2016. Then she came out as bisexual and was seen smooching with another woman. Then she was attached to Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey and then to singer Charlie Puth. Somewhere along the way, she forgot to tell Posey that she was dating Puth. When Puth found out that Bella was apparently dating both guys at the same time (on Twitter, no less), he dumped her.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Bella’s fans are excited to see her with Sam Pepper. In fact, a lot of fans are downright outraged. Pepper, you see, isn’t exactly boyfriend material, to hear some people tell it. The YouTuber and former Big Brother contestant has caused controversy, to say the least, for his prank videos that some say have crossed the line.

For example, in one video, Pepper appears to pull off an elaborate hoax in which he apparently kidnapped a friend and convinced him that he was watching another friend get murdered; a video that some described as mental abuse. In another video, Pepper walked up to women on the street and asked them for directions before pinching them on the butt. Several women accused Pepper of sexual assault.

Pepper later set all of his videos to private and apologized for his pranks; saying they were all staged. He also denied the sexual assault allegations.

Nevertheless, Bella’s fans think she can do better.

Do you think Bella Thorne can do better than Sam Pepper? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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