Zero Gravity Jet Ride

‘The Bachelor’ 2017: Lips Locking After Barf Bag Creates Conundrum Across Social Media

If you watched The Bachelor episode Monday night with Nick and Vanessa in the Zero Gravity jet, then you were probably making some type of facial grimace as Nick continued to kiss his date after her misfortunate encounters with a barf bag. These awkward moments from The Bachelor danced across the social media sites via comments galore. Oddly enough, some found this one scene with the bachelor and his contestant floating around in zero gravity a rather endearing few moments, especially because Vanessa threw up.

It’s not as if Vanessa lost her lunch because she was partying too much, which has been the case in past seasons for a few contestants seen on The Bachelor. It was all that tossing around in the Zero Gravity jet that rendered her defenseless from her stomach contents emerging. While it is embarrassing, no matter what the root cause, Vanessa handled the situation better than one might expect, especially with the cameras rolling and The Bachelor crew as witnesses.

There were quite a few hints offered up that barfing was a side effect of this sky-high amusement park, which was done-up privately for the bachelor and his date. You couldn’t miss the lady off to the side at the ready with a barf bag, wet towel, and later, mints. She was there just in case one or both stars from The Bachelor were to fall ill from the harsh movements the jet needed to make in order to supply them with the feeling of weightlessness.

Before Vanessa’s eruption, the two looked like the end of a love story set in outer space as they first twisted and turned together in mid-air. Both Nick and his date seemed equally enthused to paw at each other and lock lips. This is unlike some scenes you’ve seen on The Bachelor, where one is more into it than the other. There is not much doubt about the bachelor and Vanessa hitting it off, but the fans across the social media sites are still trying to put Nick’s urgency to kiss Vanessa after she barfed into some type of context. For that reason, a poll for this episode of The Bachelor was conjured up.

It seems that the folks at home watching were trying to wrap their head around Nick’s behavior. The choices in an online poll indicate social media users were trying to do the same. The poll asks if The Bachelor star was being “gentlemanly” or was this rather “disgusting.” The third choice was, “a little bit of both.” That last choice had almost 50 percent of the votes. TV Guide called the barfing on this episode of The Bachelor a scene that played out as a “half-gross, half-adorable one-on-one date with Nick.”

Some social media users pointed out how both the bachelor and his date behaved a bit different than what you would normally expect. Vanessa didn’t make an effort to get too far away from Nick when she used the barf bag and Nick got in way too close while she was heaving up her lunch. There were many tweets like the tweet below.

It was the couple’s behavior while Vanessa got sick on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor that pretty much sealed the deal for a good number of the show’s fans. It seems that a lot of people think she is the one for Nick and that she’s feeling the same for this season’s star bachelor.

Nick couldn’t have been more comforting to Vanessa and she really seemed to appreciate his care and attention. Then came dinner and Nick talking about how he has fallen in love on a previous show while he and Vanessa sat at a table high on top of a skyscraper. This might have been a setback for some women, but seemingly not Vanessa. The Bachelor contestant seemed to understand his sadness over not one, but two past loves. Did Nick shed a few tears as he shared his story about lost loves? It did appear that the strapping bachelor was wiping a few droplets off his face.

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