Donald Trump's boyhood home's living room

Donald Trump’s Childhood Home Auction Buzz: Will Trump Bid On His Old House?

Donald Trump’s childhood home is on the auction block, but not because it is in foreclosure. The sale of Trump’s former house has drawn attention from around the world, so this is a specialized auction. The home will sell at auction to the highest bidder, but because of its link to Trump, it has an inflated value. The modest house that Trump’s father built in a Queen’s neighborhood long ago is expected to sell at auction for much more than what it would be worth if it wasn’t once lived in by the future president.

The butter-colored, Tudor-style home sits on a plot of land, which might be called a postage stamp-size lot by people who hail from more rural areas around the country. The flagstone walkway leads up to the front door that opens up into a five bedroom home where Donald Trump lived as an infant until he hit the age of 4. The auction winner can actually hang out a shingle boosting “Donald Trump Slept Here.”

This was the home where Trump lived up until he was a toddler, so he did little more than eat, sleep and have his diapers changed in this house that Fred Trump built for his young family. While Donald Trump only occupied the home for four years, this is the house in which he started out in life. This home contains the floors where Donald Trump took his first steps and the walls which contained his first fingerprint smudges. Then there is the bedroom below, which probably once held his crib.

Donald Trump's bedroom in his childhood home
Donald Trump occupied this bedroom from birth until the age of 4. [Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]

According to the New York Times, this is the house the future president lived in from the time he was born until he was 4, so when baby Donald Trump was brought home from the hospital, this is where he landed. The highlights of the modest home are a sunroom and a fireplace. In this house nothing at all glitters in gold like Trump’s adult home in the glided tower that carries his name above the front lobby entrance.

The auction will take place Tuesday, January 17, at 4 p.m., with a firm that specializes in out-of-the norm sales, Paramount Realty, orchestrating the event. Donald Trump’s boyhood home is located in the Jamaica Estates section of Queens on Wareham Place. Last year a “mystery buyer” purchased the home for $1.25 million, according to the New York Post.

Donald Trump's boyhood home's den
The childhood home of Donald Trump will be on the auction block later today. [Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]

The new owner had plans on flipping the home for a profit by listing it on the market with a traditional real estate broker for $1.65 million. This was during the time Trump was campaigning, but as it looked more and more like Trump might be the 45th president of the nation, the property was taken off the market. New plans were put in place to auction off the house just days before Trump’s inauguration.

The “mystery buyer” was eventually revealed as Michael Davis. This is a man who sounds like he has a lot more in common with Donald Trump besides being the new owner of his childhood home, as Davis is also a real estate developer.

Trump’s bedroom in the home is decked out in the very patriotic colors of red, white and blue. A map of the United States is the décor on one wall. There is a “Dream Big” picture on a shelf in the bedroom, which seems to offer up a hint that someone who once slept in this room did just that – he dreamed big. Misha Haghani, who is handling the property for the Paramount Realty firm, has no idea what to expect for a price on the property when the bidding is done.

As far as what Trump’s childhood home is expected to bring in at auction, Haghani wouldn’t even venture a guess. He said that this sale is all about what someone is willing to pay for the property. Since it is the childhood home of the next president, that value will be assigned by the purchaser. It will depend just how much the party is willing to spend to own a bit of Trump’s history.

One big name had showed some interest in purchasing the house and that would be Donald Trump himself. Back in September, he appeared on a late night show and he said he just might buy the property himself, but so far there is no word from Trump’s camp. Haghani said they left messages with Trump’s people, but they haven’t had a response. Who knows, maybe Trump will send one of his staff to this auction to bid on his first home? As far as the inflated price this home is expected to fetch, Haghani said the following.

“You’re not actually getting anything of tangible value for the Trump association, it’s all intangible,” said Mr. Haghani. “It’s like a baseball card. It’s whatever it’s worth to you.”

[Featured Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]