Green Day's Donald Trump 'Troubled Times' Lyrics, Photos: Swastikas, KKK Trump Teeth, Jewish Death Camps [Video]

Green Day’s Donald Trump ‘Troubled Times’ Lyrics, Photos: Swastikas, KKK Trump Teeth, Jewish Death Camps [Video]

Make America hate again. Those are the words displayed on a red hat in Green Day’s “Troubled Times” lyric video, as seen below. Green Day’s lyric video is unlike any other lyric video one might see. The Trump-bashing “Troubled Times” lyric video doesn’t just display the “Troubled Times” lyrics in white text on a black background, like some lyric videos. No — Green Day put out their message loud and clear on MLK Day, with a video proclaiming, “We live in troubled times.”

Signs with words about racism and being against racist hate are juxtaposed next to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as an image of MLK crying appears in the video, titled “Green Day – Troubled Times (Official Lyric Video).” Other Trump tactics are clearly attacked in the Green Day video, such as the “no border wall” sign shown therein.

Trump’s orange hair, meanwhile, turns Trump into a scary version of the Heat Miser as it flails around like a flaming mane of flames. At one point in the Green Day “Troubled Times” video, Trump holds red nuclear bombs in his hands as his sharp teeth are revealed as the hoods of KKK members. Another point in the video shows hands that appear like marching robots with voting ballots that turn into sharp razor blades as the arms turn into bones.

The imagery shows Jewish stars, like the ones Jewish people were forced to wear on their coats in Nazi Germany — and there are plenty of death camp images as well. Green Day’s “Troubled Times” video shows barbed wires, and other images from troubling times. There are plenty of photos from the Civil Rights era, with the original March on Washington shown, along with bathrooms for “whites” and “colored” people shown in the video.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on January 16, and has swelled to more than 235,000 views.

As reported by Us Weekly, Green Day definitely wanted to make a statement against President-elect Donald Trump in their new lyric video, “Troubled Times,” not only because it was released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 16, but also due to the images it contains. Women’s right to vote photos from decades ago are shown against Trump amid signs that proclaim Islamaphobia exists, along with Nazi Germany images. A sign that reads “Rex Theatre colored people” is shown in Green Day’s “Troubled Times” video.

According to Google Play Music, some of the lyrics to Green Day’s “Troubled Times” — as excerpted below — speak of a hopelessness if people seek love and peace on earth, but don’t read truth in the written word. Green Day seems to be issuing a warning or clarion call at how quickly things can change, saying that folks should keep their eyes open in this volatile political climate.

“What good is love and peace on earth?/When it’s exclusive?
Where’s the truth in the written word?/If no one reads it
A new day dawning/Comes without warning/So don’t blink twice

“We live in troubled times/What part of history we learned/When it’s repeated
Some things will never overcome/If we don’t seek it/The world stops turning
Paradise burning/So don’t think twice

“We run for cover/Like a skyscraper’s falling down/Then I wander like a troubled mind/So don’t look twice.”

Meanwhile, Green Day is receiving plenty of feedback on social media about their Trump-focused “Troubled Times” lyric video.

As seen in the above tweet from Rolling Stone, the tweet about Green Day’s “Troubled Times” video has been liked nearly 2,000 times, and has gathered nearly 900 re-tweets thus far. Facebook reports more than 30,000 people currently talking about the phrase “Green Day Donald Trump.”

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