Sunil Rastogi serial pedophile

Sunil Rastogi: Arrested ‘Serial Pedophile’ Sexually Abused Over 500 Children In 12 Years

Police officers in the Indian capital city of Delhi have arrested a “serial pedophile” who has reportedly admitted to sexually abusing over 500 children in the past 12 years. The arrested individual, identified as 38-year-old Sunil Rastogi is reportedly a tailor by profession. According to The Times of India, Rastogi’s horrible past came to light after police detained him recently in connection with a molestation attempt on two minor girls in Delhi. When questioned about the crime, Sunil confessed to having sexually abused more than 500 young girls in the past 12 years. According to senior Delhi police officials, Rastogi had been on a continuous child abuse spree since 2004 – and surprisingly, he wasn’t only caught once for his crimes.

Most of this pedophile’s victims were young school-going girls who he targeted while they walked back home from school. Rastogi did not live in one place for long and did not have a stable job. This instability helped him keep a low profile and let him escape from an area once he committed a crime. For some time, he also spent some time working at a tailoring shop located in the eastern part of Delhi city. Officers investigating confirmed that most of his victims were from Delhi, and the neighboring states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Meanwhile, the Delhi police received criticism from several quarters after it became clear that they were aware of Sunil having a history of child sexual abuse. According to reports, Sunil and his family were forced to vacate their Delhi home after he tried to sexually assault a neighbor’s young daughter. This incident dates back to 2004. Delhi police officials further added that Rastogi claimed to have attempted assault on more than 2,500 minors. These include all his unsuccessful attempts as well. While Rastogi has claimed to have sexually abused over 500 children, Delhi police have only charged him in six cases of which three happened in Delhi which means he would get a lighter sentence if he is convicted.

Sunil’s most recent case of child sexual abuse reportedly happened on December 13 last year when he sexually abused a 10-year-girl on her way back home from school. The girl initially did not say what happened to her – but eventually gave in and told about the incident to her parents following which a complaint was registered against him. Even as the investigation into that case was underway, there were two more reports of sexual abuse from other localities in the neighborhood. Two girls aged 9 and 10 were abducted on their way back from their classes, allegedly by Rastogi. According to the girls, he lured them by telling them he would buy them new clothes. He then took both the girls to a desolate spot where he attempted to sexually assault them. The girls, however, managed to raise an alarm following which he managed to flee. However, he was caught a few hours later after the police launched a massive manhunt to nab him.

In a press meeting, senior Delhi police official revealed how they eventually arrested Rastogi.

“A team led by sub-inspector Sandeep from New Ashok Nagar police station was tasked to track him down thereafter and he was arrested from a hideout near the Kondli village.”

After his arrest, Rastogi revealed how he went about shifting base from one city to another in search of jobs and at the same time continued to sexually abuse unsuspecting young girls. After his revelation, investigating officers took the decision to expand the scope of the investigation. Initial hints are that they will look into each and every case of abuse claimed by Sunil in an attempt to ensure maximum punishment for him.

Delhi is one of the largest cities in India and has been in the news for several wrong reasons in the past. The city witnessed one of its most horrific crimes in 2012 when a young girl was gang-raped inside a bus. The girl later died due to horrific injuries and led to month-long protests across the city.

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