spencer's pro-trump t-shirt makes light of sexual assault

Spencer’s Pro-Trump Shirt Makes Light Of Sexual Assault, And Social Media Is Mad

Spencer’s, also known as Spencer’s Gifts, has people across social media upset on Monday, January 16. Donald Trump has constantly been making headlines when it comes to his ongoing tweets, controversial comments, and upcoming inauguration. The retailer just released a series of T-shirts that seem to poke light of his behavior.

The lifestyle retail company has already sold out of the pro-Trump T-shirt that blatantly reads, “Grab America by the P***y.” However, that doesn’t mean everyone is entirely happy with the T-shirts. Many have taken to social media to speak out about Spencer’s decision to sell the shirts on Monday morning, reports the Daily Dot.

Other T-shirts in the line include “Team Trump,” “Trump 16: Finally Someone With Balls,” and “Deal With It.” Spencer’s apparently carries a lot of pro-Trump gear, but a Portland, Oregon, resident named Mary Numair asked her followers to share a photo of this particular T-shirt since she believes it “normalizes sexual assault.” While many on social media have agreed with her outrage, she has also received rape threats from men who are defending Spencer’s choice to sell the T-shirts.

She has since taken to her Twitter account to make the shocking announcement with her 4,885 followers.

Over on her Facebook page, Numair posted a photo of Spencer’s display of pro-Trump T-shirts that made suggestions to the president-elect’s controversial comments including the “Grab ’em by the p***y” comment that surfaced in an audio clip last year. The accompanying footage showed Trump making inappropriate comments about women to former Access Hollywood star Billy Bush.

“This is proudly being displayed in the front of their PDX store,” she wrote in the post. “Way to normalize sexual assault.”

The post has since received over 5,000 shares with many comments from people slamming the store, calling for a boycott, and noting the violation of the mall’s Code of Conduct, which prohibits “wearing apparel which has obscene language” and “any other behavior or activity that is perceived to be offensive to the general public.”

“Beyond the fact that in no circumstance do I condone this, it is inappropriate for children to view,” Facebook user Lisa Gladstone argued. “Even if it is not, it may violate the standards of the mall because it is sexually explicit. Let’s all call the mall and complain.”

In addition, Spencer’s social media accounts have been flooded with demands and requests that the retailer should pull the T-shirts from its stores. As of this moment, the company has not released a statement. Spencer’s is the only known major retailer that is currently selling pro-Trump gear, however, some in D.C. are already rolling out gear in lieu of the inauguration.

In addition, there are online retailers like TeeSpring and Redbubble that sell pro-Trump and “Grab ’em by the p****y” shirts.” Spencer’s also owns Spirit Halloween, according to Paper Magazine, which people plan to boycott during Halloween.

pro-trump gear
Some retailers will be selling pro-Trump gear in light of the inauguration but nothing quite like Spencer’s line of T-shirts. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

It doesn’t look like this issue is going to go away quietly, as Numair pointed out in her posts. If you too want to get involved, read Numair’s full post here and contact Spencer’s headquarters about carrying this line of merchandise here. She also included one important rule that customers should follow when visiting their local Spencer’s.

“I did not foresee the massive response this has gotten,” Numair later said. “Talk to managers, call higher-ups. Please, PLEASE be kind to the workers out on the floor. They may not have the luxury of quitting or standing up to their bosses.”

Spencer’s is the latest in a long list of retailers that people have been boycotting. People have been long boycotting him and his daughter Ivanka’s products before they decided to into politics. Boycott Trump was originally created by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, part of the Keep America Great PAC. The app includes a list of 250 companies and people that are directly involved with Donald Trump.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]