Chumlee's Boss Rick Harrison Reveals The Price Of 'Pawn Stars' Fame And Customer's Dirty Little Secrets! |Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Chumlee’s Boss Rick Harrison Reveals The Price Of ‘Pawn Stars’ Fame And Customers’ Dirty Little Secrets

Pawn Stars Season 14 is filming right now at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop near downtown Las Vegas. Even with all the hubbub of filming, Chumlee’s boss Rick Harrison is happy to talk about the continual popularity of the show and how the pawn shop has become a top Vegas attraction. Yet, there is a downside to stardom and Harrison reveals the price of Pawn Stars fame and gives the lowdown on some of his customer’s dirty little pawning secrets.

Pawn Stars Season 14 has been filming since September and Rick Harrison, his son Corey, and Corey’s best friend, Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, have been working behind the counters making deals and talking about the historical significance of the fascinating objects that come into the shop. In the new season, Richard “Old Man” Harrison, Rick’s father, is only on the show in occasional cameos, while it has been announced that Chumlee’s role has been greatly expanded, with the affable reality star starring solo, without any of the Harrisons nearby.

Due to the success of Pawn Stars, all four are now millionaires. Because of this, visitors to the pawn shop will not find any of the quartet behind the counter, but instead at charity events and as fodder for the paparazzi. Rick “The Spotter” Harrison recently revealed to George Knapp on LasVegasNow that when he got married just about four years ago, helicopters were flying overhead trying to get a snap for a tabloid.

Knapp pointed out that even during their television interview, swarms of people were standing behind them, watching Harrison and hanging on to his every word. Rick confesses that while he was looking to drum up more business for his pawn shop, he never imagined that he would end up being a sort of celebrity.

“Oh Yeah. It’s deeply weird. I’ve been mobbed in Kuala Lumpur. For years, I pitched a reality show because I thought it would be good for business. For lack of a better term, I was always just a media whore, and whenever I got national press, it was good for business. I never thought it would turn into this.”

Despite the more pleasurable trappings of fame, one of the reasons Rick loves his job is the unusual things that customers bring in to sell. What unusual objects do people bring in? Everything from old Japanese porn to incredible Viking jewelry.

“Ahh, everything. Everything from like 200-year-old Japanese porn to — I have maps of the island of California. I bought a 1200-year-old Viking bracelet once. It just never ends.”

He reveals that he has so much weird stuff he has to “rotate it out.” But bring it home? Doesn’t sound like that is an option. His wife stops any of that from happening!

The shop also has a cornucopia of sports memorabilia, including Super Bowl rings and Olympic medals. Harrison did not elaborate on which athletes sold their valued possession or for how much cash. As a pawn broker, he knows that he is there for anyone who needs to make a quick buck.

Athletes are not the only ones looking to get some quick cash. Right before Christmas, TMZ wondered if pawn shops were busier with unwanted gifts and who better to ask but the king of pawn, Pawn Stars reality star and longtime owner of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas? Harrison sheepishly admitted that people will look at that Christmas gift and see them as a solution to a financial problem.

“If life is tough, at least you got that thing you can pawn.”

Not one to condemn someone who is experiencing a cash crunch, yet needs to take care of their family, the Pawn Stars patriarch is quite sympathetic to those who come in looking for some fast cash.

“It’s just stuff.” And then Rick Harrison adds, “Feeding your family is more important.”

Perhaps this innate understanding of people’s needs is exactly why Pawn Stars is now filming a 14th season. And it is no surprise that the pawn shop is one of the most popular non-gaming tourist attraction in Vegas, something Harrison is deeply proud of.

“Yeah, I compete with the “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign for the number one non-gaming tourist attraction in Las Vegas. I get more visitors than the Hoover Dam.”

Are you waiting for Pawn Stars Season 14 to start broadcasting?

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]