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Adopted Son Starved: 8-Year-Old Weighed Only 35 Pounds

8 Year Old 35 Pounds

North Mankato, MN – Authorities have arrested a couple after it was determined their adopted son had been purposely starved, according to the Pioneer Press.

Mona Hauer and Russell Hauer have been slapped with six felonies for starving their adopted child. The 8-year-old was reportedly so malnourished that his stomach was distended and his bones protruded from his skin. For their crimes, the couple will be charged with neglect and malicious punishment of a child.

Unfortunately, the family’s cruelty didn’t end with starvation. The Hauers allegedly beat the boy with a broom handle, made him sleep in the basement, and forced him to use the bathroom in a bucket. The child’s brothers and sisters — including his own biological siblings — would bathe him with a garden hose two or three times a week.

The Examiner reports that the boy was kept on a strict liquid diet. While the other family memebers ate dinner, the child was forced to watch them consume a variety of solid food. At one point, the boy became so hungry that he was spied eating from a compost pile.

The adopted child’s condition was discovered after he was taken to a local hospital after he vomited blood. In addition to being in the third percentile in both size and development, the boy was suffering from a slow heartbeat, anemia, and brain atrophy.

Mona and Russell Hauer reportedly kept an alarm on her adopted son’s bedroom door to prevent the boy from sneaking out and stealing food. The child told authorities that he often regurgitated his food “because he wanted the taste of food and he did not know when he would eat again.”

Sadly it would appear that the parents feel little remorse for allowing the 8-year-old boy to suffer for so long. Russell Hauer explained that the boy’s eating habits were his way of controlling the family. By being taken the hospital and receiving treatment, the adopted child had essentially “gotten his way.”

The boy was still receiving treatment for malnourishment on Monday. What do you think should happen to the couple who starved their adopted son?

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354 Responses to “Adopted Son Starved: 8-Year-Old Weighed Only 35 Pounds”

  1. Avey Owyns

    This story reminds me EXACTLY of 'An American Crime.' So horrible. I've said this before, but people cannot read news stories like this and still believe humans are basically good.

  2. Celinda Mae Higgins Anderson

    The Bible says, "An eye for an eye." Perhaps they should have a dose of thier own medicine. I hope they never have control of any other children as long as they live.

  3. June M Williams

    It's the same thing as murder only worse. They should be seperated and put into jail for life, no pardoning. Who did the interview to allow this couple to adopt?

  4. Amanda Scotten

    that poor child! god only knows what they did to him that hes to scared to say. those horrendous people should never be allowed near children, let alone be given their children back. I pray that god be with that child and heal him and guide him to a family that will truly love him and do right by him.

  5. Joan Brown

    Lord, have mercy! What is this world coming to? Jesus Christ! How can people be so heartless? Oh, Lord!

    The adopted parents are definitely insane! So, I don't know if it will do them any good by just sending them to prison. It would really help them if they are sent to prison AND receive mental health care! That would be much better for them!

  6. Carol Denny

    You are wrong, we can read stories such as this and believe that humans, MOST humans, are basically good. If that were not the case, stories such as this would not generate such horror and rage in our hearts. Remember, when saying 'humans are basically good' it is not being said that ALL humans are good, it is saying that MOST humans are good. Would you do something like this to a child? To anyone? Are you 'basically' a good person?

  7. Mary Della Valle

    Both of those breeders – they are NOT parents – should have the greatest punishment inflicted upon them: the inability to have more children, an the children they do have, the state to confiscate from them. Women who are told they cannot have children usually commit suicide. Suicide is an appropriate punishment for this woman.

  8. Karen Breyette

    Maybe starve them for several years, and beat them with a broom, maybe then they will realize what they did to this child. It is so sad, I have a hard time understanding this kind of thing.

  9. Kim Arens

    I hope while in prison, they get bullied and their food taken by other prisoners.

  10. Jeanne Dulaney Andrus

    The word "ADOPTED" was used SEVEN times in this article. Could someone please explain to me how this is different than showing this same cruelty to a biologically-related child? The law states that adopted children are no different once the decree is final. So, excuse me if I don't understand why adoption is mentioned 7 times.

  11. Angie N Robert Cole

    This story is just like those books, " A child called it." Those "parents" should be beat and starved! Give those babies to to someone that will love them like they need to be. ME! :)

  12. George Mcdonald

    When are we going to realize that some people just deserve to have the same thing happen to them for some of the absolute most inhumane crimes. This couple should suffer the same fate they dished out to this young boy. In my opinion these people are considered molesters and abusers and in a country where people get more time for less, I think life in prison fits the crimes here.

  13. Anonymous

    Why do I have the sneaking suspicion these so called parents are overweight themselves?

  14. Jennifer Lutz

    Well, maybe because they didn't do the same to their own BIOLOGICAL children. And they allowed their BIOLOGICAL children to participate in his torture. I'm thinking it's because they were distinguishing their behavior as being different towards their BIOLOGICAL children versus their ADOPTED child.

  15. Debbie Bailey Johns

    How cruel. Hopefully all of the children will be removed from the home, never to return. How in the world do you starve ANYONE, much less a child. My first question is was he in school? And if he was why was authorities not informed before this? And if he was not in school then why were the authorities not alerted? How in the world do these children fall thru the cracks.

  16. Stephan Flay Jakovljevic

    Death sentence. Worth ****bags. Its not even up for discussion. We'll get along fine without them. I hope their bio's are never allowed to adopt.

  17. T-bo Brown

    They should be put to death. That is horrible to treat any living creature, especially a little boy that has already been dealt a raw hand. A lingering death is due those two monsters. And for the love of God get those other kids out of their care. This just sickens me.

  18. Jeanne Dulaney Andrus

    By continuing to focus on this distinguish between children on the basis of their birth status, the media is maintaining a bias against adopted people. This is something that adoptees of all ages need to fight against. For example, if you adopt a child internationally and do it outside of the US, you must apply for an IMMIGRANT visa for your child to return to the US. If you birth a baby outside the US, that child does NOT receive an immigrant visa. In other words, the law sees the status of the adopted child differently than a biological child.

    This family has other adopted children (states birth-sibs of boy participated in the beatings)… there actually is no evidence in the article of biological children.

  19. Laura Murphy

    The parents should be beaten, bathed with a cold garden hose and starved to within an inch of their lives. They are disgusting, horrible, cruel horrendous people. I'd like to know how old the siblings are, whether adopted or not. How could they sit by and let their brother starve? Couldn't they approach a neighbor or tell a teacher at school? This is an outrage. May the parents rot in prison for the rest of their lives and then head directly to hell.

  20. Charlene Hardy

    That fact that he was adopted in nothing more than a fact. It doesn't distinguish him except to state a fact. The "parents" should be starved to death.

  21. Avey Owyns

    Which 'most humans?'

    "If it were not the case, stories such as this would not generate such horror…"
    No, it is because we still have a decent idea of right and wrong why these stories generate such horror. How can you be so sure that if you were not one of the children, that you would not have participated in hosing the boy down? How can you be so sure that you would not have happily eaten your food and slept in your bed despite knowing someone was starving and suffering in the basement?

    "Most humans are good."
    No, Most humans simply have no had the opportunity to partake in evil. Are we to say that 'most Germans' in 1940 were bad? What would've allowed for such an anomaly than an entire country would support the slaughter of the Jews?

    "Would you do something like this to a child?"
    No, because I don't have the propensity to do such a thing. That does not mean I don't have the propensity to do other evil things. I've been a part of the crowed who bullied the defenceless, as most of us have. Hate is hate. Just because we've never managed to hate someone enough to torture them, doesn't mean we don't have the capacity to do so.

    "Are you basically a good person?"
    No, I am not. As a Christian, that's the number one thing you come to accept about yourself. We are not basically good.

  22. Ryan Muldowney

    I hope the inmates beat them and take there food away when they go to jail.

  23. Crystal Lynn Turner

    those monsters should get life in prison and be on the same liquid diet he was on! while they are in prison I hope the other prisoners beat the crap out of those monsters and show them NO MERCY!

  24. Carol L. Williams

    How in the Hell did this go un-noticed for so long…when someone saw him heating from a compost pile where was the police? Our system is so broke.

  25. Kristine Suber Hanchar

    These people need to be sterilized and locked away. Some people were just never meant to have children as they are a gift from God. This lady should have gotten help a lot sooner if things were out of control with this kid. I hope they both rot in prison.

  26. Marjorie Blegen

    While I am an atheist, I still agree with you. These people should be tortured in the same manner they tortured this child. I cannot understand any form of cruelty, especially towards young children and animals.

  27. Katie Dutton

    My heart breaks reading this. I just want to give him a big hug. This reminds me of the book "A Child Called It" – similar types of abuse. The parents need to be put away for life and all those kids need to be placed in a loving caring home.

  28. Anonymous

    As an adoptive mother of two this only makes it more difficult for those who truly want to love a child, adopted or otherwise there's no difference. The authorities are to blame for not thoroughly investigating the parents who should have a lengthy jail sentence and have all the chldren removed.

  29. Anonymous

    This is sickening. These people promised to love and protect this boy and do him no harm. Obviously, they are heartless monsters. It is stories like this that truly get me sick to my stomach. They should be thrown in a cold cell, beaten with broom sticks, and never given a meal again! Let's see how these asses would like it!

  30. Gaynell Howard

    I tell myself everyday I don't want to believe in the death penalty but when I see news such as this, that's exactly where my mind goes. Why do we have to go through trials, to know these people have done something wrong? Why do we give them a slap on the wrist by sending them to jail? They will eat, they will get medical help, even education if they want to…this child will have to go through life asking questions of why me, and he might even have a eating disorder afterwards, and the other kids might grow to be abuse others as they grow older…

  31. Georgette Hellwig

    So, Sad and horrible, That poor boy…. My question is: What makes someone capable of doing such wrongful acts of crime? I feel the adoptive parents should be straved to death, give them a bucket to pee in and pooh in, a liquid diet, and let's not forget they need to be beaten with a broom stick and given baths by the garden hose, three times a week too. Jail is just too good for people, who choose to commit unethical wrongful acts. They need to feel the pain that they have endured on the innocent victims… What do you think?

  32. Larry Lord

    his condition was discovered when he was taken to a hospital? wth? no NEIGHBORS? he's old enough to be in school…why wasnt it reported when he showed up for class? if he didn't go to school, why werent the authorities on that? it wasnt just these sicko parents was the fault of everyone who came in contact or should have been in contact with him.that poor child!

  33. Sarah Beaman Thompson

    that is just so sad hopfully there's a special place in hell for people like that.

  34. Mindi Barnes

    As citizens, family members, neighbors, teachers, friends, we can get involved by blowing the whistle when we see something that doesn't look right. The phone number here in Tampa is 1-800-96ABUSE. You can volunteer to be a Guardian ad Litem, foster parent, child mentor, etc. Everyone benefits.

  35. Ladona Blair

    These children yjat took place in this need counseling to make to help them recover and hope that they never carry out this sick act themselves.

  36. Debbie Knight

    My gut reaction is to put them in jail and give them a liquid diet until they are so sick they vomit blood; and then execute them.

  37. Amy M Lake

    I think the reason they are highlighting the fact that the boy is adopted is because when you adopt a child you are inviting and accepting responsibility to give that child a better life than what they could have had. Imagine if you were the birth mother of this boy. The guilt you would feel. They are highlighting this not because the adopted child deserves lower treatment, it's because since he is adopted this story is so much more tragic. All that aside, legally they have to say adopted before they use the word 'son', if they didn't someone could sue. It's like the word 'allegedly'.

  38. Amy M Lake

    Jeanne Dulaney Andrus no one is maintaining any bias towards adopted children, and I highly doubt there is a media conspiracy to beat them down to a lowly station. As I said above, legally they have to distinguish the fact that the child was adopted, because if they refereed to the child as their son, they would be inaccurate and open for a lawsuit from the parents. I really think your attitude is absurd.

  39. Melissa Vazsonyi

    They could not tell any one because they were all home schooled.

  40. Paula Wallwash Kraber-Hunter

    I think the distinction is made here because, while all abuse is baffling, why go out of your way to adopt a child just to torture him/her?
    And I believe if you read the article again his siblings were a mixture of his own biological siblings and others,though the article is not very clearly written.
    (BTW I like having the distinction. If parents have biological kids they are just stuck with whatever shoots out of the womb. I was chosen.)

  41. Amy M Lake

    you have not heard of home schooling? thanks to religious freedom invading our government processes it is getting harder and harder to track this sort of thing. You can claim religious reasons for keeping kids home, off medication, from dr's visits and even from services who might otherwise have checked in on the family. I'm not saying that is precisely what happened here, but it has happened in other cases and could be the reason here.

  42. Amy M Lake

    where was god while it was going on? Why didn't god save him sooner? Did he deserve it? Any definition of a God that can heal and help only when he so chooses is cruel. I can't imagine why people would worship someone so cruel.

  43. Anonymous

    Why does this happen and how? I have friends that have attempted to adopt children in the US and can't. Between red tape and cost, so they go outside the country. The so called parent's should receive the same treatment. What about the other children? Hopefully, they are receiving help, I would hate to see that they do the same thing to there future children thinking this is how you teach your child. God help those kids.

  44. Anonymous

    One of the best possible punishments would be to put these two in prison with the general population. Even violent criminals have their own brand of justice, and those who abuse children are not looked upon kindly.

  45. Anonymous

    And those kids who witnessed all this abuse and torture…how twisted and skewed THEIR emotional health will be because of this! This is so wrong!

  46. Amanda Smith Scotten

    if you want to think that way feel free it is your right. but then i can only assume that you dont think god was there on 9/11, or for katrina, sandy or any other tragedy that our nation has seen…let alone the world. while i know god is always with us and everything in life happens for a reason unbeknownst to us through him. these people should burn in hell for the pain they inflicted on this child but we as a society in general are also part of the problem unfortunately. we made a world full of drugs, abuse, neglect, child mothers and child molesters, took god out of our schools and courts and now we wonder why our world is going to crap

  47. Arlene Labella

    Those parents should be tortured in the exact same way they did to the child. Also, they should get a lifetime sentence in jail never to see the outside again. Adoption agencies should perform more stricter background checks before turning over a child to anyone. There is always hidden skeletins in closets that agencies never hear about.

  48. Darcie Kleino

    The article clearly states it was the CHILD'S biological siblings, not the biological children of the parents. Maybe you should learn to read before commenting.

  49. Justina Goralski

    It's because these people already had biological children. Why did they need to adopt another child? Just to torture him? I'm assuming they've used the word not to distinguish between biological or adopted, but to get the 'premeditated' part of the story in there. Why would you adopt a child you don't want. There is the difference. Because you can get pregnant 'by accident' or 'not planned' but you have to physically, financially, emotionally PLAN an adoption. These people are freaking sick. The trauma they've caused this poor child and their biological children is immense.

  50. Christopher Lewis

    All they need to do is put these people in general population in the Minnesota State Correction System. Make sure the inmates know what they did, and the rest will take care of itself.

  51. Carol Denny

    Sad for you Avey. Of course we all have the 'capacity' to do bad, to be evil. It is our moral compass that we use to turn away from the evil and to work at being kind and accepting and thoughtful that nudges us towards the 'good' side of the meter. Don't confuse what I am saying, no one of us is perfect and I accept my imperfections. But, I know that I have a good heart. What on earth does "As a Christian, that's the number one thing you come to accept about yourself. We are not basically good." mean anyway? Another sick religious reference?

  52. Paula Wallwash Kraber-Hunter

    "The child’s brothers and sisters — including his own biological siblings — would bathe him with a garden hose two or three times a week."
    No the article DOESN't clearly state that as fact. It implies his biological siblings as well as other siblings were involved!

  53. Stephanie Farrar

    I say tie these monsters to a pole, shoot their knee caps off and let mountain lions eat them alive. OMG this poor child. My heart aches for him soooo…I doubt he will make a full recovery and how sad.

  54. Cori Camper

    Do the same thing to the parents for the same length of time. If they live, they can the spend the rest of their lives in prison, if not, it saves the taxpayers money.

  55. Kay Culver

    I didn't get that at all Jeanne. My first thought was to the system that allowed an adoption to go through. I thought it was quite difficult to adopt a child, yet these people made it through 'the system'. I did not at any point think of the child any less or more than if he was a biological child. In fact I felt more strongly about how he should have been treated as a child regardless of biological, adopted, related, or not.

    As for the Visa issue that is government policy, but how does that translate to a bias against adopted people? And, I think some of the laws that may seem like a bias are actually in place to protect the rights of the adopted child, their own biological parents, and country policies that we (the USA) can't dictate, change, or control.

  56. Jeanne Dulaney Andrus

    Amy M Lake – If (and I truly doubt this is true) that you MUST distinguish between adopted and biological, that DOES imply second-class citizenship. According to the law, there should be no distinction and I would sue someone for publishing my birth status in an article about my relationship with my parents.

    I can see this in referring to FOSTER children, but I am the child of my legal parents, and have no legal reference to my birth parents.

  57. Avey Owyns

    I don't need you to feel sad for me, thanks.

    "I know that I have a good heart…"

    "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" Jeremiah 17:9 I would much rather serve under a man who admitted that he was basically evil (like the founding Fathers) than a man who thought he was basically good – like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and the countless other dictators who slaughtered millions with a clear conscience.

  58. Avey Owyns

    I don't need you to feel sad for me, thanks.

    "I know that I have a good heart…"

    "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" Jeremiah 17:9 I would much rather serve under a man who admitted that he was basically evil (like the founding Fathers) than a man who thought he was basically good – like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and the countless other dictators who slaughtered millions with a clear conscience.

  59. Katherine Chapman

    Those two, I can't call them parents, should be put in jail period! I was adopted at age 4, wonderful family. This story is so sad, he was given up by birth mom or taken away, what ever the reason, an adoption is suppose to be loving; caring; safe; fun; teaching you great things, not harming you; abusing you; hurting you, ect…. I hope that boy will be ok, I'm sure he is scared for life tho, its hard to heal your soul once someone has broken it from outside in, but I hope he gets healthy in body and can find a real loving; caring; nuturing home that can help him heal his heart and soul, there's no medicine for that though.

  60. Katherine Chapman

    Ya, I wish it was an eye for an eye, the punishment should fit the crime, then they could get a taste of there own medicine, ect….. why do too others that you don't want to be done to you????????? sad world we live in, so sad.

  61. Bertha Manis

    What difference does it make if he was adopted, He was still their child…And IMAO, They should be treated the same way…and should serve the rest of their life in PRISON…..

  62. Jeanne Dulaney Andrus

    Kay Culver – I was actually looking for a reference to a case several years ago where a young man who was adopted as an infant from the Phillipines was deported at age 18, because his parents (US citizens) did not file naturalization papers for him. Here is a clear case where the child did NOT get his citizenship from his legal parents. Once we are adopted, we have NO legal rights to our biological parents, including our own medical information or access to our birth certificates in a closed adoption.

  63. Avey Owyns

    Oh please, don't take the moral high ground NOW.

    "Believe as you wish, and I will do the same…"

    Realize, YOU CHALLENGED ME! YOU weren't the one willing to let ME believe as I believe. Good day to you.

  64. Naomi Homrighausen

    They were obviously dealing with a child with Attachment Disorder and didn't handle it well at all. Shame on not only them, but shame on the adoption agency for not providing the support they needed or ensuring they got help. It's and extremely difficult situation to deal with.

  65. AAug UUst

    Lord…What is this world coming to? If it was me I would lock them up and LITERALLY throw the key away.

  66. Lee Ann Baranyar

    Iam with you Iam also adopted and dont think it matters but i do have a concern with if these parents were completely checked out by whoever approved the adoption,? and these parents need to be locked in a cold basement and starved oh yeah and then hose them down with cold water twice a week for their bath!!! my heart goes out to this child and I hope athuroitys are getting the proper help for this child.

  67. Jeanne Dulaney Andrus

    BTW – I have no problem with it being stated ONCE that this child was adopted. It will probably be relevant in the prosecution of this case, but it is the continual use of the word that bothers me.

  68. Peggy Henson Shanklin Johnson

    Adopting a child usually means a child is wanted and not an accident of birth, therefore most people exceptan adopted child to be well treated.

  69. Katherine Chapman

    True, but the fact that these people adopted a child that wasn't/isn't there biological child is supposed to be proof of loving; kind; people to love your own biological child is one thing but there is greater love in someone wanting to love and take another child as there own, even if there not yours biological, love has no boundaries; no rule that you can only love your own biological child, my parents who adopted me, love me as if they gave birth to me; but the fact that they adopted a child to bring into there home, they were supposed to love; protect; and be kind too not abuse or starve or treat him worse then a dog, kill his spirit and harm to his body; is worse and should be an example to carefully check out families that adopt children, or want too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Patrick Nowak

    Amy M Lake God has a plan for each of us and loves us all individually, unconditionally and very intensely even when we sin or do evil things. I know it is difficult and often impossible to comprehend and understand. If the parents ever become truly sorry, God will forgive them. I hope all the children will be well taken care of and that the starving boy recovers.

  71. Katherine Chapman

    PEOPLE LIKE THEM, make it hard for real kind and loving couples or families that want to adopt; they should check up on those families, what about the school system, was the boy in school????? my kids school remind me everytime my kids miss school, it gets on my nerves but atleast my school system care about my kids missing school ect……. Just wondering.

  72. Alison Pike

    Amy: You should read the Bible before making statements like that. God allows free will. These abusers made a poor choice. I believe God was with that little boy through the abuse, which is why he survived. God isn't cruel, PEOPLE are.

  73. Roe Collins

    I hope all the children get good counseling. Their minds have to be so messed up from seeing and participating in this. If they don't, it's going to keep happening. Prayers going out for all the children.

  74. Kathleen Dempsey Bailey

    I was adopted and abused and my sister who is biological wasn't. Mental illness is mental illness, but this author needs to get a freaking clue!!!

  75. Alison Pike

    Religious freedom has nothing to do with home schooling. By the way, since you are obviously against God, you can ask these parents why they abused this precious child while you're spending your afterlife with them. Open your eyes before it's too late.

  76. Katherine Chapman

    Amy M Lake, that is what I wonder all the time; why would a god allow so much pain and suffering, especially to a child who is defensless?????????????? God has a plan, but why would it include us being beat; starved; abused???? where is the love and lesson in that??? I too am confused in to which why god if there is such a thing; would allow people to harm; hurt; abuse children period??? the lesson, the kid learns that is not love or that is love?? doesn't make much sense to me either. its like he is sitting around just watching people be bad to others while those innocent get hurt and killed ect… and he does nothing; I just don't know.

  77. Katherine Chapman

    oh they will get a taste of there own medicine in prision, I'm sure.

  78. Meg N Chris Storey

    This is heart breaking. I will never understand how someone can treat a child in this manner, whether they are biological or adopted. Why adopt a child in the first place? These people deserve to be treated in the same manner that they treated their adopted son. Prison is too good for them.

  79. Alyce Silva


  80. Anonymous

    Well they could release the parents in my care….I would make sure they had just a much love and attention and nurturing as the child did. Let's see they would get a daily beating with a broom handle, sprayed off once a month with the garden hose, and for their meals I most defiantly can dig something out of my compose pile. Don't worry about a basement for them to sleep in I have an empty pool outside that has about 1/2 inch of water in it. As far as the comment of the child “gotten his way.” REALLY what is wrong with these people?

  81. Alyce Silva


  82. Amanda Madden

    Anyone can get knocked up and have a baby, but there are supposed to be safeguards in place to keep children from being adopted by monsters like this. I do not think it was to say that adopted children are different. I think the point is that any abusive maniac can biologically have a child and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop them but we do have a system in place to try and keep animals like these people from getting their monstrous hands on any child. Perhaps the author is as horrified as I am that this boy was given to this couple and that it went so long before anyone noticed.

  83. Bob Hinde

    I can't see how the parents got to adopt a mouse let alone an innocent defenceless child. I don't beleive in two wrongs but perhaps we should consider giving these monster parents a free plane ride to say muslim Afghanistan and tell them to handle the punnishment. I am from England originally were they would never have been able to adopt!

  84. Cindi Fry

    I am so sorry that this happened to this young boy.His parents are unbelievably cruel.I hope they get what they deserve.

  85. TaNisha Burks

    To GOD be all the honor and glory! America turn back to GOD! We wonder why these type of things are happening like this and want to blame GOD! He give us a choice to serve him or not too. As sad as this story is the truth of the matter is people need to know just how much we need GOD! Especially in situations like this and worse, to those that blame GOD look into your own heart. God cant be some place that we don't let him in! You can repent and ask him to forgive you accept him in your heart and be born again. Being adopted into the kingdom of GOD and not into the family of man that treats its children worse than animals. Why would people not want GOD because he is far more better than this! I take GOD any day!

  86. Danise Weaks Sullivan

    the sentence reads "his brothers and sisters INCLUDING biological siblings" that implies the presence of siblings who are NOT his biological siblings. Whether they were additional adoptees or biol. children of the parents in the article is not stated, only implied.

  87. Sue Arvin

    Because this child was no accident. They chose to take this child. And then they starved him. The fact that the child was adopted may not make a difference to the legal world, but it does mean something to me. They had the ways and means to feed this child and didn't. They are cruel and evil.

  88. Ellen Walton

    No, the Bible says to NOT take an eye for an eye. I'm not saying these people don't deserve to go to prison, I'm just saying that the Bible doesn't say to take an eye for an eye.

  89. Anonymous

    Jeanne Dulaney Andrus It seems to me the reason the article uses the word adopted is to state the point that these people sought out a child to torture. They didn't just have one on their own and found that child undesirable. Or oops, I didn't really want a child, now I'll let him starve to death. They actually went looking for one.

  90. Danise Weaks Sullivan

    Jeanne, I cant understand why anyone would do this to any child. Perhaps the writer found it more hideous that someone would take on a stranger's child, give them hope of a real family and abuse that in addition to doing such horrible things to anyone, period. There was no bias against adopted people that I read, but more a greater judgment against someone doing this to an adoptive child. Your problems with adoptive status have no place here where the focus should be on the plight of the child after torture, not what word was used to describe his place in this family.

  91. George Range

    They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; have their other children removed; and be barred against adopting any more. I would really like to tie them to a pillory and beat them senseless, but since that is not allowed the law will have to do.

  92. Martha Laramore Range

    They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; have their other children removed; and be barred against adopting any more. I would really like to tie them to a pillory and beat them senseless, but since that is not allowed the law will have to do.

  93. Donna Archer

    If you think about how hungary you are to miss A meal….think about the agony this child was forced to endure….I think the "parents" aka the wardens should have the same treatment as this child…of course that won't happen in this mamsy pamsy world but by god that's exactly what the bastards deserve….no mention of the other children and their reactions to this abuse and cruelty….all those children should be taken from these demons and never allowed to have children around or in their presence again for LIFE….

  94. Georgette Morse

    Fry them! I don't understand why people would adopt a child who needed love and affection only to do this to them. Maybe they need to feel starvation and beating. This poor baby. Hopefully he will get the help he needs to recover physically and mentally. Pray for this child and the other children.

  95. Nicole Elizabeth Mccormick

    how horrible my 9 year old 3 1/2 feet tall and weighs 41 pds perfect weight for her height I am only 5 ft tall lol I am constaly worried how small she is the doctor said she just small. so sad someone would do this to there child :(

  96. Melissa Fugh Leyes

    It is stories like this I believe is the reason why women, choose abortion rather than worrying if their child is being raised as an abused child. I am not for abortion and never have been, but a lot of women do worry about this kind of stuff, and choose to end their pregnancies.

  97. Anonymous

    The father states that by the child going to the hospital for treatment means "he won". What did he win? A chance to go back to that hell hole? WHY was this done? I couldn't find it in this article.

  98. Stephanie Starkey

    The couple has biological children in addition to this boy and his biological siblings. In cases like this it seems typical for an adopted child to be the one singled out, even if they are not the only adopted child. For one, children who are not adopted as babies often come with problems and end up abused for meeting the parents' expectations. For another, it's not a huge stretch to imagine that anyone who would mistreat a child so terribly also lacks the character to recognize an adopted child as equal in value.

  99. Lisa Lisa

    send them to jail without food and throw away the key…geez..what is with people hurting kids these days…it's so…so sad.

  100. Susan Salehi

    They should be starved and beaten also ! And should be put in prision the rest of their life !

  101. Melissa Bishop Allen

    This makes me so sick. another account of heinous cruelty toward a child, another human being in their own care. I don't understand as a society why we don't have physical punishment for crimes like this. This needs to stop! Children are obviously defenseless. I will gladly vote for such laws to be passed.

  102. Diane Hill

    Put them in seperate rooms & let them starve to death! Everytime they cry out, set off an alarm…

  103. Emily G. Shoemaker

    …and they're not currently in jail. I wanna see some mug shots!

  104. Bonnie Bartley

    Every child should be taken from them and they should never get another one. They almost killed the child and should be imprisoned from premeditated murder! That way they can never hurt another innocent child. Poor baby! I only hope his emotions heal as his little body does.

  105. Nikki Jensen

    I agree "An eye for an eye!" liquid diet for the rest of their life and no contact with anyone under 18 years old. At least 10 years in jail.

  106. Matt Anderson

    There is a special place in hell for people who do this type of thing to a child under their 'care'. How it's even possible for someone to act like that is simply beyond thought.

  107. Kevin Ashley

    This completely makes me sick! That poor baby :( How can people be so damn cruel? I hope those parents get what is coming to them. Many many years behind bars.

  108. Anonymous

    Well, they've got something terrible coming to them in prison. Anyone who hurts women, children, or elderly people are considered cowards and no doubt they will be raped, maybe even killed in prison. There are people locked up who would never dream of hurting their children or mother, so when they hear about someone hurting their own, they don't take very kindly to it.

  109. Rhonda Needham

    I think parents of adopted children should be checked on until child is at 16. These people are cruel human beings. They do need a dose of there on medicine, poor baby glad he is away from them thank God. They should all children remove and never come back. This is almost or is tempted murder 25 to life minimum.

  110. Candace Owen Geiser

    I tink it would be fine to starve and beat the parents, but, we are supposed to be bigger than that. Remember, Jesus finished that statement with "verily I say to you-if a man should strike your right cheek, turn unto him your left".
    I do hope they spend a long time in prison with hardend criminals, who will use them in unpleasant ways.

  111. Amy Kaye

    There seems to be some confusion. What I got from reading other articles was that there were BOTH the "parents" biological children and other adopted children (siblings of the abused child) in the house who were not abused.
    Does anyone know if this is correct? And I do agree with the poster who stated that people homeschool children so there is no other "eyes" on them. I truly beleive this. Not ALL homeschooled children are abused but MANY abused children are homeschooled.

  112. Nancy Hill

    jeanne—-youre off the subject! abuse should be punished w/abuse.

  113. Anonymous

    I don't care if the child was biological or adopted; he was in their care. And as the other children in the home were witness to the atrocity, where are they at mentally? do they see this as wrong? what a sad story. These adults should NEVER be in free society again!

  114. Lana Savin

    Prison is too good for them and so is death..I would like to see them starved and beaten every day until they died from the abuse and neglect. I defintely want want it too be very slow and very painful. But since I can't have my way with them I will setttle for the death penalty.

  115. David Nuckols

    They should have a law, that home school children meet with a social worker each year.

  116. Susan Jason Perkins

    just plain sick, they should rot in jail for these crimes…

  117. Michael P. Haring

    I hope that the "parents" are prosecuted to the fullest extent, but moreover I hope the boy moves to a loving home and recovers. No one deserves what he's been through at any age.

  118. Jack-Jack Reid

    What do I think should happen to them? Why would they ask that, but since they did, I would love a dose of their own medicine done to them, but we know that won't happen in the courts, so they need to go to prison for life so in prison it can be done to them, we all know how prisoners treat people who are cruel and abuse children, so they will receive just punishment in prison.
    I hope this child also knows that not all adults will treat him as a piece of trash and that if he can allow he will be loved. I wish the best for this eight year old.

  119. Jason Allyn

    I can assure you, from experience, that these people will NOT be having a lovely time in prison. When you do something this fucked up, your not even safe in protective custody.

  120. Anonymous

    The child should be taken away from them (which I am sure he will be) and sent to a loving family. ALL parties involved should be heavily punished, a woman just got 99 years for gluing her child's hands to the wall. These people should get 199! And NEVER be allowed around children again.

  121. Lynette Stewart

    I would like to see a speedy trial and the parents get the same cruelty they opposed on the child! Might of fact, no trial is needed!

  122. Rachelle Laughlin

    ….They aren't breeders either, the children are adopted.

  123. Maria Carroccia

    As someone who was adopted I am sick and tired of the media constantly feeling the need to distinguish if someone's child is adopted or not. Aren't all children, children? Just because we were adopted doesn't make us any different then any one else out there. This poor child has suffered enough but to label him as "the ADOPTED" child, almost in a sense attempts to justify a difference in treatment. These people make me sick and they should be locked in a room and starved, beaten with a broom handle, and forgotten about by the rest of the world.

  124. Sarah Tulip Montgomery

    When people hurt innocent children, no punishment is to much…whatever they get, they deserve.

  125. Meredith Meadows

    I will take the little guy and he can be loved and fed along with my other 5 kids. Sounds like those parents should serve jail time and all of the prisioners should be told why they are there. NO FOOD for mom and dad. What horrible bitter people. I hope the child gets better and is taken to a new loving home.

  126. Carin Reynolds

    I say drop them both off via helicopter in the middle of the jungle of Africa and let them be eaten by cannibals in that nation. Forget a trial.

  127. Kevin Ross

    The parents belong in prison? How about also arresting the person at the agency who let them adopt the boy for not checking up on him. That boy will be affected for life.

  128. Beth Ann Bonavita-Nolan

    I am sick to my stomach over this story. How about all of us that feel that way get to slap the shit out of this couple and verbally chatise them? Anone else up for that!

  129. Robin Milligan

    Throw them in the prison and give them a bucket to use. Who reviewed this family anyway? This is what is so difficult about this system. It is hard to adopt a child and it costs so much money that average, normal people who would love and care for a child can't afford to get one and any tom dick or harry who pays all the fees and can afford to put on a normal face can adopt, then abuse the child. We need a little more Judge Judys out there running things.

  130. LeVeida Rae Tillery

    They should be put away for life! This was a slow death….they should also starve! But, they'll be in prison with 3 squares and a bed. The punishment should be stiff…he could not speak for himself. What a tragedy..

  131. Amelia Williams Braden

    I can hardly stand to read about this! Yes, the punishment should fit the crime! I know it is supposed to be wrong to hate someone but…………I HATE THESE PEOPLE!

  132. Judy Eichstedt

    we need to make law so harsh and strick when it comes to children being abused so to scare the half wits and crazy parents who hurt children. thier is nothing in the whole world greater then the gift of a child…. somebody tell me the parents are going to jail for ever and ever and ever…

  133. Anonymous

    Anyone who physically or mentally abuses and neglects a child/children.
    should be murdered because they have destroyed any chance of that child ever having a normal life as a teenager or an adult. Maybe more people sholuld stand up and fight for children and these sad things occuring instead of worrying about the stupid little things in the world like getting dumped or not having enough gas in thier car!

  134. Ashley Ziemba

    I want to kill both these people, SHAME SHAME. Starve them both to death. As an adopted child I can say I was lucky to be very loved. It is not a simple process to adopt a child. How could they go through all that work and time and then treat him like this? Throw them both into a 60 foot deep pit to starve out.

  135. Stuart Burkhart

    someone should give me the name and number to the agency that has this little boy. I'll be the dad this child could only dream of. Pisses me off to no end, these people are probably using the child for state funded money and not for the quality of life for this poor boy……

  136. Anonymous

    Do we really know what happened here though? Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge… If they were so uncaring why would they take the child to the hospital? The article doesn't state how long they had the child, what condition the child was in before he got there and whether the liquid diet was for a specific reason. No one really knows in the end. Obviously there are issues so instead of persecuting ignorant people I say Thank God the child will now get the help he needs.

  137. Nancy Sprouse

    I more than totally agree! Both parents deserve the exact same treatment as they gave the child and I don't understand how some people can be so cruel as to do this to any child and animals too Hopefully they will get what they deserve and if not Karma will succeed in taking her course and I don't understand why the siblings would bathe him with a garden hose (how cold would that be) and not say anything unless they were afraid of getting punished too Yes it is a very sad world and I don't see it getting any better any time soon.

  138. Catherine Teinbaumb

    Seriously! She is no mother… she is a cunt face… and the father a prick… They need to be starved to the brink of near death and then beaten to death… they have no purpose in this world…. Makes me want to vomit in my mouth…. that poor child……

  139. Kristie Miller

    Let them starve to see how it feels! This boy was tortured slowly & for them to say he "got his way" is sickening. They will have to be put in solitary because when the general population in jail finds out what they did, you know what will happen. Hopefully he will go to a loving home where he will get the love that he needs. I just hope in time he will get over what has happened to him even though he will never forget.

  140. Tasha Gasco

    What I don't understand is how people like this can hurt children intentionally? How did they even go through an adoption process…and PASS? Yet their are wonderful people who would love to adopt and raise children and they are the ones who seem to have a difficult time? Our laws need to be changed to deal with these crimes…i believe we should deal their punishement based on what they have done…why PAY for cruel people to eat, sleep, watch tv and live on our dollar? Serioulsy maybe some old fashioned justice would turn this world around.

  141. Amy Christian Compton

    Who was the agency that allowed these people to adot a child! Thes people are not fit to have a dog much less children. This poor sweet boy!

  142. Theresa Peltier

    This is just horrible. They should be put in a dark, wet basement and left to die. No foo, no water, no bathroom, nothing. They don't deserve a trial…God bless that lil boy.

  143. Tracy Eilers

    This is so so sick. Why in the world adopt a child just to torture him? These people need to have all of their children taken away and locked up for life. There is no place for them in this world. I pray for the boys recovery, although I am sure an entire lifetime is not enough to heal the emotional damage that has been done. Just heartbreaking.

  144. Patricia Swaney

    Prison is too good, lock them in a room with nothing! Let them die rather than taxpayers keeping them alive at $37,000.00 dollars a year!

  145. Suzanne Patterson

    this is the most sad and discusting story. those "parents"? should get a taste of their own medicine. but that won't happen…it's too inhumane(not really).

  146. Dominique Moreno

    Get rid of them. These people are worthless, how dare they do this to a poor helpless child. I am so thankful he is at rest and is no longer suffering with these evil people. My heart breaks for this baby. I hope these %&$#@!*'s never have contact with another child again!

  147. Dominique Moreno

    Get rid of them. These people are worthless, how dare they do this to a poor helpless child. I am so thankful he is at rest and is no longer suffering with these evil people. My heart breaks for this baby. I hope these %&$#@!*'s never have contact with another child again!

  148. Melissa Carden

    This story reminds me of the book by Dave Pelzer, "The Child Called It", which is based on a true story. I believe the punishment should fit the crime, it's totally disgusting what they did. If you have never read the book I would recommend it, it's good but very sad…

  149. Patricia Murrin

    This poor child needs to be taken away from his adoptive "parents" and placed with a family who will provide him with unconditional love, proper food, hygiene, etc. As for the "parents", about 30 years of hard labor should teach them a lesson or two.

  150. Katie Madison-Frohriep

    I think they should both be sent to prison for life. Unfortunately we can fanticize about the punishments they SHOULD have, but in reality they won't be sentenced that way. It it were up to me though it should be an eye for an eye. But, is that even enough? They are adults and they put a child through so much, a child that needed someone to love him desperately because he had already been given up by parents who didn't want him. THis case is so different and I am not sure any of us has the capacity to determine what should be done to them. They should be put to death so they can live in Hell the rest of their lives…let the devil deal with them since that poor child was dealing with the devil ever since they adopted him. So sad!

  151. Katie Madison-Frohriep

    I think they should both be sent to prison for life. Unfortunately we can fanticize about the punishments they SHOULD have, but in reality they won't be sentenced that way. It it were up to me though it should be an eye for an eye. But, is that even enough? They are adults and they put a child through so much, a child that needed someone to love him desperately because he had already been given up by parents who didn't want him. THis case is so different and I am not sure any of us has the capacity to determine what should be done to them. They should be put to death so they can live in Hell the rest of their lives…let the devil deal with them since that poor child was dealing with the devil ever since they adopted him. So sad!

  152. Jane Adams

    Any "ADOPTED" children need love as same as flesh blood children.

  153. Anonymous

    I don't know about the parents, but I wish I could help that child in some way.

  154. DavidCasey-Motley DesireeCasey-Motley

    This sounds like the book "The boy called 'It'"! These people should have the crap beat out of them! Horrible! I would as soon starve myself then to let my child or anyone in my family including my dog starve!

  155. Chellie Rae J O

    I think the death penalty fits here…rimes against children should be that harsh.

  156. Mary Norris

    let them go to prison for life with only water and maybe some bread…..

  157. Bergmann Dolores

    Jail for life! Nothing less is acceptable for the wife or husband. The child has permanent brain damage along with other damage that is irreversible. To starve must be a terrible, terrible death. But to watch your family eating in front of you, to be locked up so that you cannot get food. I cannot begin to fathom the pain this poor child has endured in his short time here. And to think it was inflicted by those who were supposed to care for & love him.

  158. Melinda Morton

    The so-called "parents" should go to prison for a term to be determined based on the law and facts of the case and never be allowed to raise children, either biological or adopted, ever again. Looking beyond how they should be punished for such a horrible crime, I am concerned about how such evil behavior could have gone on for so long. Didn't the other children go to school and know children from other families who might have said something? Didn't they have any neighbors? Didn't anyone wonder about or suspect the situation? And if they did, why didn't they speak to authorities? Or were the authorities looking the other way, too?

  159. Melinda Morton

    The so-called "parents" should go to prison for a term to be determined based on the law and facts of the case and never be allowed to raise children, either biological or adopted, ever again. Looking beyond how they should be punished for such a horrible crime, I am concerned about how such evil behavior could have gone on for so long. Didn't the other children go to school and know children from other families who might have said something? Didn't they have any neighbors? Didn't anyone wonder about or suspect the situation? And if they did, why didn't they speak to authorities? Or were the authorities looking the other way, too?

  160. Evan Bernard

    this has got to be the most awful thing I have ever had the misfortune to have read. I seriously hope that the parents of this poor child recieve maximum punishment. They are sick, incredibly unintelligent, and have no regards for human life. How someone could do this to anyone, let alone a child, is beyond comprehension. I seriously hope that someone kidnaps the parents and does sedistic, ruthless things like this to them, that is the only justice. My heart goes out to people who have suffered this and survived.

  161. Anonymous

    Amy and everyone, God loves us all. He knows that we will always be human beings and we will never be perfect. Yet, at the same time, he sees us as someone that is precious to him. He does not like what people do that is wrong, but He is willing to love us. I think it is sad that parents who starve any child are not showing love to this child at all. They should not starve their child from food and abuse the child's needs. Obviously, we know God does not want any person to be abused and abusive and then call it "discipline". He also does not want us to look at circumstances that are bad and believe that God is cruel because of the imperfection of people. People are never going to be perfect! The whole world is never going to be perfect, but God still sees the world as something precious. Christ still showed forgiveness even after he was beaten, spat on, mocked, betrayed, and killed by people. He even graciously comforted His disciples who betrayed him, by still calling them friends because He forgave them. He says to a large crowd of people who were murderers, thieves, had bitterness and doubt, and so on to come to Him all who are weary and burdened and He will take care of us. He says in Psalms that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. The list of His graciousness goes on. A parent who loves a child will see imperfection of the child, but would still love the child anyways. God is as personal to us like a loving parent is to its family. Does that sound like cruelty to you? I disagree. Life is never going to be perfect, but at least we know who to trust when we need help.

  162. Pamela Bunting Lewis

    Clearly a family in need of professional help. This is criminal insaniety. We treat pets better than humans in this country and this is the most horrifying example of mental illness that I have read in a long time. Criminal prosecution with mental health evaluations for the entire family is my opinion. Pamela Bunting Lewis November 6th, 2012.

  163. Кеннетх Стут

    Solitary confinement in a cement cased room, seal the door, and forget about them.

  164. Anonymous

    I myself was adopted at 3 and half years of age. I was taken away and had some malnourishment and I was told I had stunted growth as a result possibly. However, I was fortunate because I was put up for adoption. This story is the worst and appalling of an entire family, including the siblings. These parents need to be put away for life and to never ever, ever have again contact with any of their kids. I hope the kid finds a loving family and he can recover from this. These two are worse than the Nazi's starving the Jews to death. I can't even pray for these parents!

  165. Kat Mando

    They should be put in prison for attempted murder.then they should be starved till they are so thin they can't even hold their heads up!

  166. Louise Knight

    Put these two animals in a cage and starve them to death! What kind of screening were these people put thru to adopt a child? Seems like the same kind of pschy screenings they are giving cops lately……WORTHLESS!

  167. Tracey Ann Sevenich

    Sounds cruel but theses folks wrote a chapter for that book. I say – reverse the roles – let them suffer the same fate so they really "get" it. Lock them up & give them a liquid diet til their stomachs protrude & rib cages show – then beat them with a broom handle – oh yes – don't forget to give them a bucket to poop in. NO MERCY

  168. Anonymous

    In addition to the parents rotting in prison for life, the county and state people involved with the adoption process need to be held accountable and not given a free ride of "I didn't know"…And the prosecutor who does not hold everyone accountable with this horrific and unimaginable crime must pay a price, too.

  169. Brent Lackey

    Just for the record. Why don't you just turn these vermonous parents over to me. I will deal with them for all of you accordingly and then they can take it up with God once I'm thru. Listen, I am a grown 53 yr old man. I have 4 kids.I have seen and heard many things in life that have made me sick and have numbed my ears from pain. But when I read this, I broke into tears for this little child. I cannot think of anything more evil in this world than what I just read.Making this little child go without food as these vermon filled their bellies in front of him. GODDAM THESES PEOPLE! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! No more feeding these vermon. Instead FEED THEN TO THE SHARKS. This is unimaginable to me.I hope that they are put in a cell with the population. But rest assured, they time is coming soon.

  170. Anonymous

    Authorities should take from the boy, all the gruesome details that he can remember, and bestow those details upon BOTH of the parents…. right down to the letter. Let them get down to 35 pounds. DO NOT send them to prison where they will get three square meals a day, put them in a basement, liquid diet only, let them watch others eat steak & potatoes, and bathe them with a water-hose 2-3 times a week. Let them COMPLETELY STARVE TO DEATH!

  171. Janette Rodriguez

    they should at the least be charged with attemted murder!

  172. Anonymous

    Why haven't anyone from the school, family, doctor's office reported these people to Child Services? Doesn't adoption agency do regular re-visits? This couple should be starved while watching others eat! Why are these people allowed to adopt while many other nice couples who truly loves children and will take them into their homes are being scrutinized?

  173. Maida Villarreal

    My heart truly goes out to the little boy. It makes me happy to see that God is being loved and there are many on his side! Including myself. This little boy has suffered so much and I will pray my hardest for him. Please everyone do not blame God for things he didn't do.

  174. Candice Bertram

    I think they should be treated exactly as they treated him at least 10 times over! People like this make my skin crawl. There is a special place in hell for the likes of such human garbage.

  175. Katie Criscoe

    I think they should have to go through the same exact thing…But yet we need to pray for people like this maybe it will cure their stupidness…..

  176. Margaret Moyer

    I don't understand how they could adopt children when they already had their own. There are plenty of childless.
    couples who would give anything to have a child to love and FEED. that child has probably been marked for life. and
    those people should be punished for inhuman treatment of a child.

  177. Theresa Summerskill-Wiewel

    This makes me sick….children are a gift from God and these people don't deserve to ever get out of prison. I think the people in prison take care of people like that…

  178. Carolyn Hicks

    I have heard about these child abuse situations before. The parents specifcially target one child and focus all their hatred and rage on them. The other children have to witness the abuse and are therefore also tramautized. It is incredibly sad and disturbing. No child should have to endure this kind of horror show. I hope the little boy is able to recover and the children are placed in loving homes..

  179. Diane Ribbentrop

    Those people are What EVIL LOOKS LIKE! Hell is here on earth for that poor child.
    Why does GOD allow children to suffer so? That's the Age old question with NO real answer.

  180. Courtney Jo Davis

    I would gladly adopted the child and feed him every meal time and then some. poor lil guy. I hope the parents rot… as if this kid hasn't been through enough. this little boy deserves the world and I hope he is adopted by some kind, loving, gentle person who can help him forget all these bad memories.

  181. Sarah Rose

    What do I think should happen to these people? I can't post it here…'s nothing nice that's for sure!

  182. Heather Holland

    It blows me away that adopting an animal is sometimes harder than adopting a child! There needs to be a better system along with mental health testing or something! This makes me sick! They should never be allowed to see a child again! Lock them up and throw away the key!

  183. Amy Bishop Whiddon

    Give them a taste of their own medicine and throw them in jail FOR LIFE. People like this do not deserve children NOR their freedom.

  184. Anonymous

    I hope TPB get get this child and his siblings into a loving forever home the fastest way they know how.

  185. Laura Infante

    The couple should be put in jailed and starved, too. Their children should be taken away and placed in loving homes so that they may know that not all parents treat their children in that manner.

  186. Jane Cook

    When a child is given up for adoption , one would think they would have a better life. This is unacceptable, the punishment needs to send a message to other parents adopting. This is America! How can we condone and accept the people on Death row get better treatment than this little boy!

  187. Heather Metz

    THEY SHOULD BE LOCKED UP FOREVER! That is a horrible thing to do to a human being! a child! People are so sick out there. People need to stand my the motto Live and let live….Children, animals, the elderly. Leave them alone to live a good life!

  188. Lydia Duran

    this is sick beyond sick. how can you do this to a child? why are people beating, neglecting, killing and even starving their child? those people deserve death at the noose!

  189. Leslie Courtney Schuh

    OMG…This is sickening…. I hope they not only get prison but also abused and torchured while they are there. My heart goes out to that little boy…What a bunch of monsters! Pure Evil…

  190. Melissa Adams

    This completely disgusts me! I would starve myself before I would ever let my child (or any child in my care) go hungry. SHAME ON THESE PEOPLE! THe harshest of punishments due to them.

  191. Jim Platt

    I think they should be chained and only allowed to smell food for at least a month and hosed down with a garden hose twice a day in the cold Minn. winter.

  192. Kevin Torres

    what the fuck is wrong with people if I were to ever be able to meet them it would be the last thing they ever see.

    in the words of the punisher in certain extreme situations, the law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue… natural justice. This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it's an emotional response. No, not vengeance. Punishment.

  193. Tanya Terry

    I believe the little boys parents should be starved to death. My belief is they adopted this child so their family could have someone to torture, starve and murder. What a horrific family activity.

  194. Robert Stutler

    What a silly question to ask readers. You know the answers you're going to get. Very simple: you reap what you sow. Into a cage with them both. Lock them in, & forget them. If they have.
    family, collect the remains next year & allow the family to take for burial or whatever.

  195. Dawn Barber

    They should have all children removed from their care and only allowed supervised visits. Further, they should pay a 'fine' to the adoption center they used – force them to pay with their paychecks from their jobs. The pocket book hurts a lot of people the most.

  196. Sharon Wheeler

    I have to agree with every one they should get the same treatment as the child did until they lose 80% untill they look like the child needing treatment and then deny it…… Jail is too good eye for a eye is the answer to all crimes.

  197. Diane Culp

    The child was adopted!! Until we have severe penalties in place to deal with these types of people, there will never be an end insight for these children. And by severe, I mean life in prison so they have plenty of time to reflect on what is wrong with themselves. So many children who need love and cherishing do not deserve this. Sickening.

  198. Renee Vlna

    I agree an eye for an eye. My question is Why did they adopt him. Obviously they didn't want him or were all the children somehow related to them before they were adopted. Like the kids could be one of the parents sisters kids. Still such a shame he had to endure that.

  199. Nabori Cakeoverbroccoli Baez

    Let them eat dicks in prison forever and ever!!!

  200. Deborah Lucksted

    They do not deserve life. They have shown their utter lack of responsibility and logic. They should get the death penalty all right.

  201. Christine Levesque

    They don't deserve to die (no one does). It's not what our country is based on, but they need an eye for eye punishment. I would ''feed'' them with water for a month. No solid food what so ever. We'll see what happens then!

    By the way, the fact that the child has been adopted doesn't change anything. His new parents HAVE to take care of him as much as they take care of their biological children. An adopted child deserve the exact same treatment! WTF is wrong with them. They should have given the opportunity to another couple that really wanted to adopt a child in need!

    One of my sister is adopted and she's gotten the same treatment as we have. My parents always treated her very well. Of course, she is MY sister!

  202. Jacki Brockett

    There's no way I would beat them senseless I would stave before I let my children starve. There's no words to express how pissed I am to read this I just wanna cry for this little boy

  203. Angie Hernandez

    Through them in a room and without any food and a bucket to use the bathroom, let them feel what the poor little boy suffered… the systems really needs to do some background check on these people….seriously!

  204. Peg Lyons

    Realisticallly, they, of course, will not suffer in prison nearly to the extent that they abused this child, at least by the hands of the court. Prisoners are generally against child abuse, so they will be taken care of during their prison terms. I don't know what they face in terms of the 6 felonyl charges against them–neglect and malicious punishment for a child–whatever sentence is, it will not be sufficient, and because of overcrowded jails, if they behave, they could get early release or even shock probation. God forbid!

  205. Angie Hernandez

    Through them in a room and without any food and a bucket to use the bathroom, let them feel what the poor little boy suffered… the systems really needs to do some background check on these people….seriously!

  206. Irene Meece

    I feal so awful for the little boy in the Hands of Awful Adoptive Parents!! I pray he will pull through this..Those ppl need to go to prison!!!

  207. Johanna Marie

    Have u read a child called it I swear it described it exactly the same

  208. Donna Tarnef Pitzorella

    it is very hard to imagine,,but thankfully the little boy will get help now,,

  209. Jacki Brockett

    That's what I said and to sit there and feed everyone else and yourself in front of a child is screwed up

  210. Wendy Thomas

    The same thing that they did to the child should be done to them…"Eye for and Eye".

  211. Samantha Porcaro

    Exactly! The laws need to be a little less civilized in these cases. It's sick. I'm very pissed right now! No one had any clue what was going on??? Someone had to of noticed that something very wrong was going on in this household! The only thing EVIL needs to thrive in this world, is for good people to do NOTHING!

  212. Shari Kadas-Westberg

    Some people like to control other people and do not have a conscience at all after they do horrific things to other people. To me this is pure evil..those kind of people are heartless and do no have a soul cause they are evil. That poor child will be emotionally and physically affected for the rest of his life. :(

  213. Tracey Rauschenberger

    Did the kid not go to school? I cant believe the parents statement saying he got away with his eating habbits because he was allowed to go to hospital. I would of hauled off and beat her ass. F it. im all about revenge when it comes to children. They do not deserve abuse.

  214. Nicole Kemrer

    they should be given life in prison or the death penalty for doing that to that child! that is horrible! maybe they should go with out food to see what it feels like!

  215. Kay Travis

    All the children should be removed from the home and allowed to grow up in loving homes. They could become abusers themselves as adults having been exposed to this treatment and pushed to participate. The abused child should be even more carefully placed with parents who would tend to his physical, emotional, and intellectual recovery, as well as show love to him! He obviously has not had this sort of attention! God bless him!

  216. Dorothy Seniw

    Prison too good – death too fast – same torture for them that they put this poor child thru-how horrible – we hear these stories all too often – unfortunately

  217. Kim Layne-Ransom

    Evil sick doesnt even to begin lock them in a basement and let them starve to death…literally something needs to happen so people will stop mistreating and abusing children biological or otherwise

  218. Jacqueline Thoennes

    Anyone that does this to a child does not deserve to live. Lock up the parents and starve them to death. Even though this boy will now get nourishment, the damage is already done to his body and his brain.

  219. Fredericka Richter DeBerry

    How very sad. Really sad when you know that it could have been prevented.

  220. Rachael Riddle

    Those "parents" should get that child taken away that is wrong there are so many more couples out there that would treat that boy right

  221. Daina Osborn

    These disgusting poor Exuses for human beings deserve nothing but the worst these are the type of people who deserve prison in guantominal bay. Hell is where they belong but let them suffer first!!!

  222. Dennis Fox

    prison would be nice with the same liguid diet in solitary confiment, and take a primerib steak and let them smell it and let them watch while you eat it. And when they think they have it easy , chain them to a wall and whip thier ass until they can't stand up. Maybe then they will understand what they did wrong. If they don't , then repeat it until they do. How does that sound? any comments. pls reply

  223. Dale Watters

    I think they should be starved TO DEATH, while being forced to watch people on a video eating every delicious meal ever thought of. They should have to watch the people making jeering faces at them. And there should be a big photo of their son presiding over the entire event.

  224. Brandy Gray

    This disgusts me – There is not enough punishment to give these parents. I wish they could be locked up with no meal. Oh you cant do that because it is inhumane!

  225. Mindy Pearl

    These people should be starved and the world should be able to eat what the want while they watch them they should be hung.

  226. Mary Combs Lockner

    They need the exact same done to them plus alittle more then starve them to death!!!

  227. Teresa Sigler


  228. Jacqui Gritsch

    Throw them in prison for the rest of their lives, and be sure that they don't receive any solid food while they are there. And, be sure they are beaten while there too. They need to experience what this innocent child experienced.

  229. Leah Arielle Ogilvie

    Throw em in jail and throw away the key. I hope they both get sodomised with broom handles in jail twenty times a day.

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