Atif Aslam stops a female from being harassed at his concert.

Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam Stops Concert To Rescue Harassed Female In Audience

Fans of Pakistani singer Atif Aslam are applauding him on social media after he stopped a concert on Saturday at the DHA Sports Club in Karachi to rescue a harassed female that was in the audience. In footage of Atif Aslam’s Karachi Eat 2017 concert, he stops singing in the middle of a song and asks his fellow band members to bring the girl up on stage to stop the harassment.

33-year-old Atif Aslam is a very popular singer and has previously made headlines as the first Pakistani artist to perform at the O2 Arena, which is something he did in April 2012. The Karachi Eat 2017 concert also featured Abida Parveen, another veteran singer, as NDTV report, and was held on January 14. It was organized by IBA as part of the Model United Nations.

During Atif Aslam’s concert on Saturday night, he made certain that the female fan he pulled up on stage was safe, and then he reprimanded the men who were harassing her and told them that they needed to learn to “act like a human being,” according to the Daily Mail. He also remarked that they were behaving as if they had never seen a girl before.

“Haven’t you seen a girl? Your mother or sister could be here as well.”

After Aslam had rescued the woman from the audience and warned the rowdy men to start behaving, he asked the organizers of his concert to find someplace safe for the girl, and the bouncers present escorted the female to safety. The Pakistani singer also is reported to have made certain that all other female audience members were safe as well before he continued singing at the concert.

The crowd at Atif Aslam’s DHA Sports Club concert voiced their approval by shouting his name repeatedly once be began singing again, and fans took to social media immediately afterward to thank Atif for protecting the female fan.

One Twitter poster wrote, “I respect Atif Aslam for saving a girl from harassment. Thank you for letting the world know celebrities do possess social responsibility. Kudos.”

The second poster on Twitter tweeted, “Dude, u r amazing! I mean the respect for u is up the sky for saving a girl from harassment! God bless.”

And a third poster thanked Atif Aslam for reprimanding the men in his audience who were harassing the female. “Bravo for rescuing women & telling men off. They should never take women’s presence 4 granted and treat them as objects. #Respect.”

While a versatile singer, Atif Aslam is also well known for his film roles in Pakistan. He is married to Sara Bharwana, who is an educationist, and the couple has a son together.

Before the Karachi Eat 2017 concert, there had been some complaints on social media because the concert had been declared a “family only event.” NDTV note that as of yet, the organizers of the concert have not made any public comments on the events of the evening.

Atif Aslam has stopped a girl from being harassed at one of his concerts. Here, fans are receiving concert wristbands in 2015.
Atif Aslam has stopped a girl from being harassed at one of his concerts. Here, fans are receiving concert wristbands in 2015. [Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]

Images have made mention of the fact that the Atif Aslam concert was mismanaged, and because of this many of those in attendance were there because they ended up gatecrashing the show as they didn’t have tickets to begin with. They note that up until the time that Aslam stepped up to gain control of the crowd that some women in the audience were being harassed and molested by those in the crowd. Others who were in attendance wrote on Facebook that they had never felt so “threatened” at a concert before and that tickets weren’t being properly checked before the event.

What did you think of the video of Atif Aslam and are you happy to see men speaking out on behalf of women who are being harassed at concerts like this?

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