Bachelor Nick Viall enjoys group date with the Backstreet Boys

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Week 3: Nick Sends Drunk Girl Home During Group Date, Corinne Has A Meltdown

It’s another round of dates and drama on Week 3 of The Bachelor, and the 18 girls who remain will all be trying to get Nick Viall’s attention during two group dates, a one-on-one date, and the pool party that takes place before the third rose ceremony of the season.

Who goes on a date with Nick, which three girls go dateless, and who does Nick send home on the episode that airs January 16 at 8 p.m. ET? Here’s the scoop on all of the Bachelor craziness that will take place on Monday night, including information about one girl who gets so drunk that she ends up getting eliminated before the rose ceremony.

[Warning: The Bachelor Season 22 spoilers ahead]

The show ended with the dreaded “to be continued” last week, so fans can expect Monday night’s episode to kick off with the Week 2 rose ceremony before this week’s dates get underway. Spoilers point to Nick sending Elizabeth W., Hailey, and Lacey home during the Week 2 rose ceremony (Liz was eliminated during group date).

Reality Steve reports that there are two group dates and a one-on-one date during Episode 3. Three girls won’t get a date (Josephine, Danielle M., and Raven) and will have to stay behind at the Bachelor Mansion.

ABC has been promoting the Backstreet Boys group dates on Twitter for days, so the date won’t be a big surprise to fans. Seven girls get up on stage with Nick and the guys from BSB including Christen, Corinne, Taylor, Danielle L., Whitney, Jasmine, and Kristina. Spoilers point to Danielle getting the group date rose, something that will undoubtedly annoy Corinne.

According to ABC, the second group date is a “track and field” date with three Olympic champions — Carl Lewis, Michelle Carter, and Allyson Felix. Seven girls are on the date including Dominique, Brittany, Rachel, Astrid, Alexis, Sarah, and Jaimi.

The group date after-party is the end of the road for one contestant. Before he hands out his group date rose to Rachel, Nick decides to eliminate Dominque. Although Reality Steve isn’t 100 percent certain why this happens, he thinks the reason why he didn’t wait until the rose ceremony to send Dominque home was because she was drunk.

The Bachelor Nick Viall during track and field group date Week 3
‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall competes with the ladies during track and field group date. [Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]

Nick will have his first one-on-one date with Vanessa Grimaldi on Monday night, but the teaser for this week’s episode shows the special education teacher from Canada getting sick during their time together. Although she needs a barf bag during the zero-gravity date, it doesn’t seem to bother Nick — he gives her a rose. See video above for a preview of their date.

Unlike last week, Corinne doesn’t get a group date rose this week, so she makes sure to take as much time as she can with Nick during the pool party. The preview for Episode 3 (video clip below) shows Corinne in a bouncy house with Nick, and he doesn’t seem to mind that she’s all over him while the other girls are nearby.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Corinne really pulls out all the stops this week and wears a whipped cream bikini during one portion of the pool party.

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that she will leave the pool party crying — a mini-meltdown of sorts — because Nick doesn’t give her all of his attention. As if her time in the bouncy house wasn’t enough.

Corinne reportedly cries herself to sleep on the couch and misses the rose ceremony, but that doesn’t keep Nick from saving a rose for her. He keeps her around for another week and the girls will continue to question Nick’s true intentions — is he just there for a good time?

Two girls will be eliminated during the Week 3 rose ceremony. Dominique is eliminated during a group date and two girls — Brittany and Christen — will head home after saying goodbye to Nick and the remaining girls.

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[Featured Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]