Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and Suri Cruise formed an adorable family before the divorce.

Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Ready For Wedded Bliss And Family With Tom Cruise’s Daughter Suri?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been linked together as a couple since 2013. Spotted on dates throughout the years, Holmes and Foxx have succeeded in keeping their blossoming romance as private as possible in an age where the paparazzi tend to pop up in the most unexpected (and often inconvenient) places. Is Katie ready to make her romance with Jamie official, forming a new family unit that includes her daughter Suri, whose father is Tom Cruise?

Foxx recently offered an indication of what Suri Cruise could expect if he becomes her stepfather by marrying Holmes. Already a dad to Corrine, 22, and Annalise, 7, Jamie revealed how he copes with his oldest daughter going on dates, reported Woman’s Day.

“[I’m] papa bear.”

The protective father clarified that he’s not seeking a “softie” for his daughter, however, but admitted he’s cautious based on his own experience.

“I know there’s guys out there. I used to be on the other side,” joked the actor.

But the 49-year-old also got serious, revealing that he teaches his daughters not to take the “back seat” to anyone. And he finished with heart-melting guidance for his girl.

“When she does go out and she finds the guy that she’s with now, they understand that and uplift each other,” summed up the devoted dad.

The publication noted that although the actor “shares his two girls with former flames,” there are rumors “that he may soon assume the role as step-father to girlfriend Katie Holmes’ mini-me Suri.” Foxx, as well as his daughters, have met Katie’s daughter, according to the media outlet.

Holmes and her daughter were seen Sunday viewing the Detroit Pistons challenge the Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles, reported People.

Katie Holmes looks chic in a sheer top as she chats with Suri Cruise, pretty in pink, during an NBA basketball game on January 15.
Katie Holmes looks chic in a sheer top as she chats with Suri Cruise, pretty in pink, during an NBA basketball game on January 15. [Image by Mark J. Terrill/AP Images]

The actress, 38, sported a sheer black blouse and blue jeans, while her 10-year-old glowed in a purple frock and pink cardigan. She and Suri resemble each other physically and also have some of the same passions, including fashion and confetti.

“My patience has grown, but between 4 and 6 p.m. I mean, wow,” admitted Katie. “Between tickle fights and glitter art, I try to throw in some manners along the way.”

Last month, to celebrate her birthday, Holmes and Foxx flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a private weekend getaway, according to Us Weekly.

“Katie and Jamie took a private jet to Cabo on Friday morning from Van Nuys Airport [in Los Angeles],” an insider told Us. “It was a quick trip in honor of Katie’s birthday. It was only them and two pilots on the plane.”

The couple rode in a limousine to the deluxe Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a Rosewood Resort. They reportedly sought to keep their getaway as private as possible, spending their time “in one of the most private suites at the hotel, separate from other guests,” which was accessed via the little pathway, according to the source.

“[Holmes and Foxx] wanted to be very discreet and had everything delivered to their room and taken care of by a personal butler.”

Also, the insider revealed that Suri Cruise was not with her mom and Jamie.

Katie Holmes' daughter Suri Cruise has become her mom's mini-me since Katie's divorce from Tom Cruise.
Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri Cruise has become her mom’s mini-me since Katie’s divorce from Tom Cruise. [Image by Chris Carlson/AP Images]

However, Hollywood Life reported that Suri is happy with her life and with Holmes’ boyfriend, citing a source’s insights about Jamie, Katie, and her daughter. The source compared Holmes’ life now with Foxx to her life when she was married to Tom Cruise, revealing that it is a “night and day” difference and describing the actress as “so much happier.” The insider also described how Suri reportedly has reacted to Jamie.

“Suri loves Jamie, she loves living a simple, regular life, and she and Katie are super super close.”

Moreover, Holmes reportedly has made a vow that may offer a hint as to why she and her boyfriend have sought to keep their romance under the radar.

“She has vowed never to allow her life to be lived under the media spotlight again,” said the source, noting that Foxx “is very happy with the way things are too.”

And that raises the question of whether wedding bells will be ringing for the two soon, with everyone so reportedly happy with the romance. According to the insider’s analysis, apparently, the actor will need to be the one to suggest that it’s time to tie the knot.

“As far as Katie is concerned, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” summed up the source.

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