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Clinton News: Hillary Operatives Setting Out To Undermine Trump Presidency?

Hillary Clinton lost the most bitter and divisive presidential election campaign in many years to Republican rival Donald Trump. During the campaign, Clinton and Trump exchanged insults on a regular basis, but the damage to both campaigns was largely self-inflicted. Trump’s comments about women, Muslims and Mexicans seemed to have killed his campaign when Clinton surged in the polls. Of course, Hillary had more than a few skeletons in her own closet. In the end, it was arguably the Clinton email scandal and concerns about her health that cost Clinton the election.

Going into polling day, most pundits were predicting that Trump had very little chance of securing the presidency. In the end, it seems that the American people trusted Trump to deliver change more than they did Clinton.

Doubtless, Clinton was shocked, bitter and devastated to lose the election to Trump. With the benefit of hindsight, Clinton’s failure to make her concession speech as soon as it became clear that Donald Trump had won the election hinted that the bitterness was far from over.

Hillary Clinton News
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Since the election result was announced, Clinton’s team, and even Barack Obama, have blamed the Russians, WikiLeaks, FBI Director James Comey, and the hacking of John Podesta and the DNC’s emails for Clinton’s defeat. On the international stage, Obama has expelled Russian diplomats, leaving president Trump to deal with a very difficult situation once he takes office.

The peaceful transition of power is a cornerstone of U.S. democracy, but as we head towards President-elect Trump’s inauguration, the bitterness and the war of words continues. The Washington Times argues that Clinton “operatives” are intent on wrecking Trump’s presidency, something that would set a very dangerous precedent.

Clinton Backers Seek To Delegitimize Trump

It is claimed that, Clinton campaign operatives are attempting to delegitimize Trump’s presidency by claiming that he was “complicit” with Russian hackers. Members of the Clinton team are even trying to boost support for anti-Trump protests on Inauguration Day.

Members of the Clinton team have accused Trump of colluding with Russian spies to rig the election, and they have circulated maps of planned protest sites. Democrat and civil rights campaigner John Lewis has entered the war of words, calling Trump “an illegitimate president.” Lewis’s comments sparked a Twitter tirade from Trump over the weekend. As was reported in the Inquisitr last week, claims about Trump engaging in “golden shower” sex with Russian prostitutes serve to cast further doubts about Trump’s suitability to be president.

Independent Journal Review even claims that Clinton supporters are refusing to rent rooms to Trump supporters who are traveling to Washington for Trump’s inauguration. The Clinton campaign has been accused of being “sore losers,” and their behavior is a direct contradiction of Clinton’s words during her campaign. When Clinton was miles ahead in the polls, she challenged Trump to “respect” the election result and claimed that challenging the outcome of a democratic election was “a direct threat to our democracy.”

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In the end, it was probably the Clinton and Podesta email scandals that have proved most damaging to Hillary Clinton, and that is a scandal that rumbles on.

So, What Did Podesta Say About Hillary Clinton?

As Clinton’s campaign chief, John Podesta had a major role to play in attempting to get Hillary elected president. As Fox News reported, Podesta’s Google email account was hacked when he gave away his password after a phishing attack. The content of Podesta’s emails may not have been directly damaging to Clinton, but those leaks allowed the drip-feeding of negative news as the election approached.

The Podesta emails led to the so-called Pizzagate scandal, where it was claimed that Clinton was involved in satanic and ritualized abuse of children. The legitimacy of the Clinton Global Foundation was called into question, and the refusal of Podesta and the DNC to allow the FBI access to their servers allowed Donald Trump to level accusations that Clinton was “crooked.”

All of these things, combined with complacency in the Clinton camp, helped Trump to secure the presidency. Trump is a political outsider and how his presidency will work is an unknown at present. What we do know, with absolute certainty, is that Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the U.S. later this week. It is also safe to assume that, if Hillary Clinton’s team and the Democrats continue to publicly undermine Trump, then the U.S. will be undermined in the eyes of the wider world.

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