‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 852: Sanji Reveals Pudding’s Evil Nature And Plans To Reiju While Luffy Races To Fight Big Mom’s Army After Jinbei’s Successful Rescue Mission [Spoilers]

‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 852: Sanji Reveals Pudding’s Evil Nature And Plans To Reiju While Luffy Races To Fight Big Mom’s Army After Jinbei’s Successful Rescue Mission [Spoilers]

Chapter 852 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece was slightly delayed. However, given the large number of events happening simultaneously on Big Mom’s Whole Cake Island, it is apparent that mangaka Eiichiro Oda must be hard at work streamlining the series for a mega showdown.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 852 spoilers/recap ahead]

One Piece manga Chapter 851 was pivotal for Sanji and Luffy. Black Leg learned the true intentions and nature of the Lady Pudding. The chef, who was hereto head over heels in love with the Big Mom’s sweet and innocent-looking daughter, learned why Lady Pudding appeared so sincere and loving towards the prince of the Germa kingdom. The current chapter still doesn’t indicate what Sanji plans to do, but he is now free from Pudding’s emotional clutches.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Nami were busted out of Big Mom’s Prisoner Library by Jinbei. The two had been languishing for quite some in the prison, and despite desperate efforts by Luffy, they remained immobilized, until Jinbei got wind of their troubles. Although the Sun Pirates are effectively under Big Mom’s stewardship, Jinbei decided to rebel against the Yonko and help his friends.

On the other end of the Whole Cake Chateau, an injured Reiju is recuperating in the infirmary. Owing to the Germa’s rapid healing ability, she gains consciousness quickly, but is neither able to recall who shot at her or the devastating truths Lady Pudding shared with her. However, Sanji, who had been quietly listening to their one-sided conversation, fills her in about the dangerous plans outlining massacring of the entire Vinsmoke clan. He adds that Big Mom is merely interested in gaining the “science and technology” of the “Clonable Army,” and won’t hesitate to kill the last of the Vinsmoke family to get hold of the same.

Surprisingly, despite being made aware of Big Mom’s intentions and plans, Reiju refuses to alert her father and brothers. She reveals a little more history about their childhood. Apparently, it was Vinsmoke brothers’ mother who tried to prevent horrific experimentation on the kids. However, adamant Judge Vinsmoke forced his wife to keep mum. Still Sanji’s mother attempted to interfere with the experiments. She consumed a potent drug meant to counter the effect of the experiments. Incidentally, the drug partially disrupted procedures being carried out on Reiju as well.


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Hence, Sanji and Reiju have some semblance of compassion, morality and integrity, while their brothers Ichji, Niji and Yonji developed the same inhumane cruelty as their father possessed. The brothers became efficient mercenaries just as their father desired, but the experiment failed on Sanji, and only succeeded partially on Reiju. She adds that their mother died of the drug’s side effects, but ensured that her sacrifices resulted in Sanji becoming human. As expected, the Judge still blames his wife for Sanji turning out to be a “failure.”

Having revealed the past, Reiju feels she must keep quiet and accept her fate. When Sanji insists that Reiju must accompany him, the latter insists that she has always been an accomplice, born to follow the orders of their father, and Sanji must not waste time saving her. She urges Sanji to escape. When Sanji interjects, pointing out the bracelets that Big Mom had placed on him, Reiju reassures him. She reveals the bracelet will not explode because she had replaced them with dummy ones. As a final attempt to get Sanji to leave, Reiju reminds him that he won’t be able to see that great bunch of people anymore if he stays put. Needless to add, Reiju was referring to the Straw Hats gang.

Meanwhile, Luffy is seen battling dozens of Big Mom’s henchmen and soldiers with a renewed vigor despite feeling very hungry. Since he made a promise that he won’t eat unless Sanji prepares something for him, Luffy continues to stay hungry, and the aggression born from hunger is apparent in his crazed attacks.

In the previous chapter, Carrot and Chopper had begun to understand how Brulee’s Magic Mirror World works, but haven’t located the entire Straw Hats gang currently scattered across the Whole Cake Chateau. Meanwhile, Pedro was facing his nemesis, Baron Tamago, in the courtyards, and Brook was bravely confronting Charlotte Linlin herself.

Mangaka Oda confirmed at the end of Chapter 852 that One Piece manga Chapter 853 will be delayed. Hence fans of the manga will have to wait to see if the Straw Hats members are able to win their individual battles, before uniting and escaping the Whole Cake Island.

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