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Melania Trump And Her ‘Glam Team’ Have Takeover Plans To Create ‘Glam Room’ With Perfect Lighting

Well, sure, if Melania Trump, the soon to be First Lady, is going to be photographed in the White House, somebody better get cracking and work to make the lighting more friendly for a woman pushing fifty. But according to those closest to Melania Trump, her own personal “glam squad,” they are planning a “Glam Room” for all things make-up, hair, and wardrobe so that the process of getting Melania camera-ready each day can be simplified down to an hour and change each day.

Melania Knauss Trump, age 46, and mother of one, will be the first First Lady with breast implants, and also the first to allegedly have trouble finding designers to dress her, says the Inquisitr. Melania Trump, who was born to a humble family in Yugoslavia (now Slovenia), is almost never seen without a full face of make-up and dressed to the nines. Though Melania will be the First Lady, it is reported that the physical office of The First Lady will go to Donald Trump’s oldest daughter, Ivanka Trump.

According to Vanity Fair, Melania Trump’s make-up artist of over a decade, Nicole Bryl has big plans for revamping the White House to make styling the First Lady easier. Melania requires an uninterrupted one hour and fifteen minutes to get her daily make-up done just right.

“Melania wants a room with the most perfect lighting scenario, which will make our jobs as a creative team that much more efficient, since great lighting can make or break any look.”


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Rumors have surfaced that Melania Trump and Nicole Bryl have their eyes on the Lincoln bedroom, but there is no verification of which room in the family wing will be dedicated to the special task of make-up application. Ironically, much fuss was made when the outgoing First Lady, Michelle Obama modernized the dining room.

Bryl says that even though the public and designers are up in arms about whether certain designers should dress Melanie Trump, Melania herself remains oblivious.

“Thank goodness Melania doesn’t even in the slightest get upset about these things. She is impressively one of the most self-assured, self-confident women I have ever known, and the only one who gets flustered about this sort of talk is me and those who know her and care for her the most.”

Bryl believes the “Glam Room” will be critical in making Melania Trump one of the most iconic first ladies in terms of style and comportment, but who wouldn’t be with a team addressing your every beauty need?

Vogue shared some ideas of what the “Glam Room,” which is of the utmost importance to incoming First Lady Melania Trump. They suggest that most first ladies had an area of the house that was their focus. Michelle Obama had the White House vegetable garden, Eleanor Roosevelt revamped the kitchen so that meals, sensitive to the Depression, could be easily created. And now, Melania Trump will be found in her “Glam Room” for at least an hour and fifteen minutes each day.

Vogue is suggesting that based on the design of other Trump residences, the “Glam Room” will have a variety of gold accents, and many mirrors of all shapes and sizes to see all angles. But they are crossing their fingers that after Melania’s daily blowout, she will be ready to “roll up her sleeves, and put her manicured fingers to work.”

Do you think it’s acceptable to change the decor of a room in the White House to create a “Glam Room” for First Lady Melania Trump?

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