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New York Knicks Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Speaks With Media About No-Trade Clause

New York Knicks trade rumors now have Carmelo Anthony speaking with the media about the increased level of chatter. Anthony has stated that he wasn’t aware some Knicks fans want to see him traded before the NBA trade deadline but also didn’t appreciate the news about a writer friend of team president Phil Jackson penning a derogatory article about him. A new report by NBA analyst Frank Isola paints an ugly picture of a situation that continues to deteriorate as the season progresses.

Amid a series of comments about the Knicks, team president Phil Jackson, and his own future with the team, Anthony made a shocking statement that has the internet buzzing. He alluded to a need to have a conversation with Jackson if the former coach doesn’t want him in New York. Isola noted how shocking this bit of information is as he discussed how badly the Knicks have been playing lately.

“The stunning comment marks the first time Anthony has ever hinted that he may not finish his career with the Knicks. However, Anthony also reiterated that he hasn’t considered waiving his no-trade clause, thus possibly setting the stage for a classic power struggle between All-Star player and Hall of Fame coach turned failing executive.”

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So what does it all mean? There have been dozens of New York Knicks trade rumors since the 2016-17 NBA season began, with that number steadily increasing as the team slumps further down the Eastern Conference standings. Following the ugly 116-101 loss against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday (Jan. 15), the Knicks are just 18-23 on the season, putting them as the No. 11 team in the East. The Knicks are now two and a half games behind the Chicago Bulls (21-21) for the No. 8 spot. The Bulls have also won two straight games and could be pulling away.

Carmelo Anthony said much more that has perked up the ears of fans on social media. During his post-game interview, Anthony addressed an article that Charley Rosen, a former assistant coach and friend of Phil Jackson, wrote for FanRag. The piece was extremely unkind to Anthony, suggesting that it was time for the franchise to move in a different direction. Anthony’s comments made it seem like he believes that Rosen may have written the article at the behest of Jackson. That could be a very bad sign and increase tensions between the players and the front office.

“Listen, if that’s what they feel…if that’s what’s coming from that side that’s what’s coming from that side. I haven’t thought once about that to be honest with you. I hear it. I hear all the rhetoric that’s going on out there and I still come to work every day and play and bust my ass and try not to worry about it.”

Carmelo Anthony Plays Defense Against Chicago Bulls
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The New York Knicks have found very little success since acquiring Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets, and the team doesn’t appear close to rounding a corner this season. A number of veteran players like Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings, and Joakim Noah were brought to play with him this season, but even the influx of talent hasn’t improved the basketball being played at Madison Square Garden. Again, the team appears to be heading in the wrong direction, with a lottery pick more likely than the Knicks making it back to the NBA Playoffs.

Phil Jackson even hired a new coach in Jeff Hornacek to try to turn the franchise around, but Hornacek hasn’t been able to get Anthony on the right page. Some NBA analysts feel that Anthony simply cannot lead a team to a title, while others feel that he needs a change of scenery. Previous NBA trade rumors have even linked him to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. With an increase in the level of perceived drama between Anthony and Jackson, fans should continue to expect an increase in the number of New York Knicks trade rumors.

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