'General Hospital' stars Kirsten Storms and Ryan Paevey play Maxie and Nathan

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie And Nathan Take A Big Step, A Familiar Face Pops Up, Sam Has A Scare, And Elizabeth Worries About Franco

There are major highs and lows on the way during the week of January 16 on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Rudge’s mysterious boss will finally be revealed, and there’s a wedding on the way for Maxie and Nathan. Franco is missing, and Anna is determined to figure out the truth about her connection to Valentin, while Julian will be scrambling to protect his family. Sonny is still trying to handle the complicated situation with Nelle, and things may come to a head soon. What else can everybody expect?

As We Love Soaps details, Rudge will order a hit during Monday’s show. He is trying to deal with Jason and the snooping that he is doing, but it sounds as if things will not quite go according to plan. As this complicated situation progresses, General Hospital spoilers hint that Julian will be on the receiving end of a threat that leaves him shaken and SheKnows Soaps detail that he will soon have to face some of his demons.

Where is all of this headed? There has been a lot of speculation regarding the mysterious person behind the car bombing and Rudge’s moves, and according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the most prevalent theory is seemingly the right one. Many have suspected that it will turn out that Julian’s sister, Olivia Jerome, will turn out to still be alive and that she will be the one orchestrating all of this chaos.

CDL shared a photo of a cast list for a couple of upcoming shows, and indeed, “Olivia J.” is listed in conjunction with Rudge. It is known that Tonja Walker is heading back to the show, but it has not yet been confirmed whether she’ll step back into the role of Olivia or play someone else. She will first appear on Tuesday’s show, but it is said that this initial appearance will be a brief one. Did Olivia frame Julian for the car bombing as part of a plan to get back at him for trying to kill her years ago, or is Walker going to be playing someone else?

General Hospital spoilers share that Nelle will experience some second thoughts regarding her latest schemes, and Sonny will come close to finally admitting the truth to Carly. Is he finally going to come clean about what he thinks happened with Nelle, or will he chicken out as he talks with Carly? The week ahead brings more memories for Anna as she tries to figure out her connection to Valentin, and soon she will be wrapping her head around a key memory.

Franco has figured out that Alexis was with Tom the night he was murdered, but he has refused to say anything and now he is missing after being smacked across the head. General Hospital spoilers indicate that both Elizabeth and Kiki will be worried about Franco and are anxious to find him, and Elizabeth will turn to both Sam and Scott to try to find answers. Also ahead for Sam in the next few shows is a pregnancy scare, and fans are anxious for confirmation that this “JaSam” baby will ultimately arrive safe and sound soon.

There is more tension ahead between Jordan and Andre, and Griffin will be showing his temper as one situation plays out. Brad will be worried about Finn, and there is more drama ahead related to Lulu, Charlotte, and Valentin. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Valentin will be making an unwelcome appearance somewhere and people will briefly see a side of him he tries to keep hidden away.

Bree Williamson played Claudette on 'General Hospital'
Is Claudette really dead on ‘GH’ and what truly happened to her? [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

Claudette was supposedly found dead of a suicide, and while questions regarding her apparent death remain, Lulu will work on bonding with her daughter, Charlotte. Dante will be right by his wife’s side as she struggles with this process and a major battle over the little girl is on the way.

Maxie has been struggling with mixed emotions regarding marrying Nathan, and the news regarding Claudette, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that a wedding is on the way. Teasers note that she will be seeing someone familiar and an intervention of sorts turns things around, and Maxie and Nathan will be tying the knot in front of their loved ones.

Spinelli will be on hand to officiate the wedding between Maxie and Nathan, but viewers won’t be seeing Bradford Anderson in the role this time around. Due to a scheduling conflict with a guest arc he has on Homeland, Days of Our Lives vet Blake Berris will play Spinelli for a handful of episodes.

There is no new episode on Friday due to the presidential inauguration, but General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty of action on the way for the episodes that are airing during the week of January 16. From the sounds of things, the action will be generating a lot of buzz in Port Charles, and viewers won’t want to miss a minute of what lies ahead.

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