Celine Haga and Amy Montenegro

Celine Haga Chokes Out Amy Montenegro In The Last Round But Still Loses At ‘Invicta FC 21: Anderson Vs. Tweet’ [Video]

Amy Montenegro and Celine Haga went one-on-one in the cage at Invicta FC 21: Anderson vs. Tweet and in the final round, Haga choked out Montenegro. However, Montenegro still won.

According to a written article by Bleacher Report, Celine Haga locked in a rear-naked choke on Amy Montenegro near the end of the third and final round at Invicta FC 21 on Saturday night in Kansas City. Reportedly, Montenegro went unconscious but Greg Franklin, the referee during the fight, did not know she did until after the bell sounded and he separated the two. It would only make sense for Franklin to recognize his blunder and grant the submission win victory to Haga, but he decided to leave the decision to the judges. With the scorecards reading 29-28 on all three, Montenegro won the fight by unanimous decision.

The controversial victory resulted in MMA social circles on the internet to explode with personal opinions and critiques. Apparently, there are those calling out Greg Franklin for not noticing that Amy Montenegro was out. Certain people even went a far to say that such incompetence will lead to someone getting killed in an MMA fight or that Celine Haga should have won simply because Montenegro could not “return to her corner on her own two feet.”

Apparently, Greg Franklin did not even do his job correctly when it comes to making the call for the fight. According to a written article by MMA Fighting, it reports that John McCarthy told them what the call should be if a fight finishes with an athlete unconscious in a submission. The result of such a finish would be a submission victor for the athlete applying the submission. Ergo, Celine Haga should have won her fight.

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Right now, there is no word of Invicta FC revisiting the decision analyzing the fight seeing if Amy Montenegro really lost and Celine Haga really won. If they do not revisit the decision, many MMA fans have called for a rematch to prove once and for all if Montenegro “deserved” the victory or if Haga is the true winner.

We can at least say that Celine Haga will never forget her debut in Invicta FC. She’ll go down in the MMA history books as a female MMA fighter who choked her opponent out in her debut fight for the promotion and for some reason, still lost.

[Featured Image by Scott Hirano/Invicta FC]