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NeNe Leakes Seemingly Slams Marlo Hampton, Marlo Hints Kenya Moore Went On Lavish Trip Paid For By ‘Old Arab Man’

What does NeNe Leakes think of how Marlo Hampton referenced her on the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode? Apparently, NeNe thinks that it just shows how desperate Marlo is. After the episode aired on Sunday night, NeNe put up a very telling post to her Instagram page. Marlo, meanwhile, shared a tweet that accused Kenya Moore of going on a lavish trip courtesy of an “old Arab man.”

NeNe posted a photo of herself, seemingly on a TV set, laughing hard. For her caption, NeNe wrote that “the thirst is still real.”

Say what now???????????????? chileeeeee the thirst is still real

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Many people left comments that criticized Marlo. They agreed with NeNe that Marlo is so desperate to be on the show that she’ll bring up NeNe whenever she can and try to start trouble just for a story line. Many people also told NeNe that despite the fact that she’s not even on the show anymore, her name is still being brought up on it constantly by others who have nothing else to talk about.

What did Marlo say about NeNe? The episode showed Marlo, who has frequently appeared on the show throughout the seasons as one of the housewives’ friends, hanging out with Sheree Whitfield. When Sheree asks Marlo where she has been, referencing the fact that she hasn’t seen her at any of Kenya’s events, Marlo reveals that she and Kenya aren’t friends anymore. Marlo basically accused Kenya of dumping her in favor of NeNe, telling Sheree that she never got an invite to Kenya’s birthday party and Moore Manor housewarming party because Kenya wanted NeNe there instead.

“Before I was just like, ‘Oh Kenya is so sweet. People don’t understand her. She’s the rebel like me. But now I don’t want to deal with you Kenya. I don’t trust you. I think you’re crazy, a fake, a phony, you’re miserable, you’re not happy’…When I got a text one day like what, about five days before her birthday, she’s like, ‘Hey diva. I want to make my birthday fabulous. What do you recommend?’ I said, ‘Kenya, whatever you do, I need flowers and candles there.’ Girl, I saw on Instagram and on the blogs, she had a birthday party, I didn’t get an invite. But then I looked on the picture and I’m like, ‘Oh okay, so maybe this is why I didn’t get an invite’…I guess she just wants to go by status level of friends. It’s like, ‘Ooh NeNe’s talking to me so now I’m gonna be being her friend. I’m happy and I can’t be Marlo’s friend.'”

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Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore later came face-to-face Phaedra Parks’ charity event. Kenya immediately apologized to Marlo for not inviting her to her housewarming party. Marlo lashed out at Kenya for not inviting her to her birthday party either. Marlo pointed out that NeNe Leakes was there.

“It still is unacceptable — a friend you don’t do that to…If you could have NeNe sitting next to you but not a friend of three years, wow!”

Kenya admitted that she had no excuse. She conceded that Marlo has been a good friend to her for three years and insisted that they were still friends. Marlo retorted that Kenya’s actions showed that wasn’t true. Marlo called Kenya out on her “BS” and even called her a “b**ch” before stomping off.

Marlo was first introduced to The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers as NeNe’s friend. Marlo was so close to NeNe that she took part in NeNe’s wedding spin-off and served as a bridesmaid at her wedding to Gregg Leakes. Yet the two later had a falling out. In Season 6, Marlo yelled that NeNe had a problem with her being friends with Kenya and that NeNe doesn’t know the definition of being a friend.

In an interview with Essence in 2014, NeNe said that Kenya, with whom she was feuding with at the time, wasn’t the only reason for the demise of her friendship with Marlo.

“Our stuff is deeper than Kenya Moore. If you watched my wedding show, you saw we had issues there. I felt like Marlo came in and caused a big divide among the girls…From there other things happened…She knows, I know, Cynthia Bailey knows what happened between me and Marlo is way deeper.”

To viewers’ surprise, since Kenya and Marlo were shown as good friends last season, during Kenya’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live talk show two weeks ago, Marlo sent in a tweet asking Andy to ask Kenya about her fake butt. Clearly not impressed by Marlo’s tweet, Kenya pretended to not know Marlo.

Obviously, Kenya and Marlo are still on the outs. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kenya last week tweeted that Marlo will never have a starring role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, to which Marlo responded by making fun of Kenya’s skin.

After the latest episode aired on Sunday night, Marlo re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that accused Kenya Moore of going on a lavish trip a few years ago that was paid for an “old Arab man.”

Judging by NeNe Leakes’ latest Instagram post, it seems that she and Marlo Hampton are also still on the outs.

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