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Seven Delicious Snacks That Are Healthy For Weight Loss

Dieting or lifestyle changes, as many endearingly call it, comes with a wave of don’ts. Don’t have too many calories; don’t have too many carbs. Don’t eat this; don’t eat that. And, definitely don’t do that. With all of the dont’s, it becomes hard to think of ever enjoying a meal again. But, thankfully there are healthy snacks out there that support your weight loss and taste good. Try a few and see if they help you cut your cravings on those bingeworthy days.

First, there are squash chips. These chips have the perfect balance of salty and sweet and the best news is they don’t come with all of the grease, bloating, or hunger that regular chips leave you with. Feel better about eating because these chips don’t require a limited intake have you ever tried to limit yourself to eating 11 potato chips? To make these, slice a squash really thin and drizzle with a tablespoon of olive oil and sea salt. For more details, check out the full squash chip recipe on Dr. Oz.

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Swap out the buttery movie theater flavored popcorn for cauliflower kettle corn. Popcorn can have a lot of calories, sodium, and fat. Not to mention, buying the large bag or tub can be costly. Cauliflower is a healthy alternative that also has a great taste that will leave you satisfied. This is another one from Dr. Oz.

If you’re not convinced by the alternative popcorn and chips, there are more filling snacks, like miso-glazed tofu. The snack is perfect for those who have transitioned to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, as it offers a whopping 12 grams of protein and three grams of fiber. For the full recipe or dietary benefits, take a look at Health.

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As a standalone snack or to accompany your tofu, edamame is always a good snack choice. The soybeans can be served hot or cold and is even better with a pinch of sea salt. Edamame offers high protein and fiber with low calories.

If talk of soy frightens you, there are snacks without it. Fiesta Corn and Black Bean Salad is a go-to snack for something filling, fun, and easy to make. The black beans not only provide protein, but they also are powered with inflammation-reducing starch. Add avocado, with its potassium, fiber and heart-healthy fatty acids. And, finish off with red onion, tomatoes, lime juice, and corn to set off a taste explosion.

Tomato and cucumber salad proves to be a safe snack you can overeat. Both of the vegetables are high in water content, which helps you reach that full feeling. It is also a quick fix. Combine an equal measure of chopped cucumbers and tomatoes. For an added kick, douse with red wine vinegar. If you feel really dangerous, add red onion and avocado to the mix.

Finally, no list would be complete without hummus. Hummus is a Mediterranean wonder food that has numerous benefits. In a Huffington Post report, the 10 reasons people should eat the chickpea snack were outlined. The snack is rich in protein – two tablespoons offer around 48 grams – and iron, which boosts energy. It helps lower cholesterol and possibly the risk for cancer. Quite possibly the best reason, it is easy to make at home. You simply need a food processor along with a can of chickpeas, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, tahini, and lemon juice.

What are your thoughts? Has consciously healthy eating helped you achieve and maintain weight loss? Or, is it all about portion control?

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