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Martin Luther King’s Wife Said FBI Sent Her Sex Tapes Of King With Other Women In ‘Smear’ Bid

Martin Luther King’s wife Coretta Scott King says that despite the best attempts by FBI agents to destroy her marriage, she believed until the day she died that her husband was faithful to her throughout their marriage. She also believed that King’s death was the result of efforts by the FBI, Memphis police and the mafia. Coretta told long-time friend Dr. Barbara Reynolds in a series of interviews which will be featured in the book My Life, My Love, My Legacy, which is slated for release in the United States on Tuesday, that rumors of infidelity were just a smear campaign by the FBI.

The Daily Mail reports that a new series of interviews with Coretta Scott King will be revealed in the book My Life, My Love, My Legacy by Dr. Barbara Reynolds. The book details how Coretta Scott King handled information provided to her by the FBI prior to her husband’s death. Coretta notes that the FBI placed the civil rights leader under heavy surveillance and had recording devices in his hotel rooms. The FBI reportedly then sent Coretta audio recordings of King having sex with other women in his hotel room, an action that Coretta says was meant to destroy his life and marriage.

James Earl Ray Day is a name that racists often use in place of Martin Luther King Jr Day.
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However, the trusting wife says that she has no reason to believe that King ever cheated on her and that she believes he was faithful. In fact, she notes that she doesn’t believe he could have kept the affairs a secret due to Martin’s “guilt complex.” She said that a “gut feeling” told her not to believe the FBI.

As a result, Coretta says she continues to believe to this day that Martin Luther King was a faithful husband and that his untimely death was all part of an FBI campaign. The wife, who died in 2006 after giving the exclusive interviews, says she believes that Martin Luther King’s death was a joint effort by the FBI, Memphis police and mafia. However, the official report into King’s death notes that James Earl Ray shot and killed King and acted alone.

The FBI made it known during King’s lifetime that they did not care for the civil rights leader. In fact, the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover blasted King as the”most notorious liar in the country” during a press conference in 1964. However, it didn’t end there. Just a few days after the bold public statement by Hoover, an alleged FBI agent gave Martin what would be considered a “suicide letter” in which he called the civil rights leader “abnormal” and “filthy.” The note called for King to kill himself.

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As the New York Times previously reported, the uncensored letter was highly disturbing with the word “evil” used numerous times throughout the letter while detailing supposed sexual exploits of the civil rights leader. The letter ended by telling King that his real life would be exposed and that there was only “one thing left to do.” King would later inform friends of the letter noting that he believed the letter came from the FBI.

Interestingly, the current FBI Directory James Comey keeps a copy of Martin Luther King’s wiretap request on his desk as a reminder of his bureau’s ability to do wrong.

What do you think of Coretta’s belief that Martin Luther King was not only faithful throughout his marriage but that the audio recordings were part of a larger bid by the FBI to smear the civil rights leader?

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