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Tabloid Claims Joy Anna Duggar Is Having Sex Outside-Of-Wedlock, Friend Says False [Rumor]

A tabloid publication has caused a rumor to begin to spread across the web that 19-year-old Joy Anna Duggar is having sex outside-of-wedlock. The rumor began when Star Magazine made the bold claims by citing an unnamed “inside source.” Following the tabloid headline, numerous online gossip magazines picked up the story with many using headlines that Joy Anna Duggar may be pregnant despite having yet to walk down the aisle. However, there is literally no evidence to back up the claims and at least one of Joy Anna’s friends has openly denied the rumors.

Hollywood Life reported that Joy Anna Duggar may have ditched all Duggar family courtship rules by deciding to have sexual relations with long-time friend Austin Forsyth. The 23-year-old Forsyth recently asked Joy Anna Duggar to enter into a courtship with him which the family subsequently announced to eagerly awaiting Duggar fans. Many were shocked that Joy Anna was courting at such a young age, but the family noted that Joy Anna has known Austin since they were children and that they had made the decision to see if marriage may be in their future together.

Joy-Anna Duggar's courtship kept secret for ratings?
Joy Anna Duggar announcing her courtship to Austin Forsyth. [Image by TLC/YouTube]

With the courtship now public, The Stir notes that things may be heating up for the young Duggar. The unnamed source told the tabloid that Joy Anna has been having sex with Austin for a year.

“Despite this ‘courting’ nonsense, Joy-Anna and Austin have actually been having sex together for a year! Jim Bob and Michelle can preach all they want about their children’s chastity. She [Joy-Anna] and Austin went way past hand-holding stage a long time ago — and it led to them getting the fright of their young lives.”

The individual went on to claim that Joy Anna’s “fright” was a pregnancy scare which resulted in informing her ultra-conservative parents of her premarital transgressions.

“It didn’t erase the horror for Jim Bob and Michelle that they had come closer than close to having another family sex scandal on their hands!”

News that Joy Anna Duggar was engaging in premarital sex would likely be too much for many Duggar fans to handle. Fortunately for Duggar faithfuls, there seems to be no reason for alarm. Despite the reports from the unnamed source, there seems to be no evidence that Joy Anna is not following Duggar courtship rules.

In fact, at least one Duggar family friend is stepping up to call out the rumor as unfounded. As Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray first reported, Joy Anna’s friend went so far as to call those spreading the rumors “idiots” noting that real insiders would not spread these salacious lies.

Therefore, there seems to be no reason for any Duggar fans to worry that Joy Anna may become pregnant outside of marriage. Instead, all signs point to a traditional Duggar courtship with the first kiss saved for a televised wedding and subsequent Instagram posts.

Meanwhile, in other Duggar news, the newest season of Counting On is slated to premier tomorrow (January 16, 2017) at 9:00 EST. Despite TLC already airing Jinger Duggar’s wedding special, the new season will follow Jinger Duggar’s wedding planning, Jessa Seewald’s pregnancy, Joy Anna Duggar’s courtship and Jill Dillards recently announced pregnancy will also likely be featured. The Duggars have noted that the new season is full of lots of surprises and many are wondering if yet another Duggar courtship will be announced, this time possible one of the Duggar sons.

What do you think about the latest Duggar family rumors? Who do you think the “family insider” is that keeps spilling these false Duggar stories to the tabloids?

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