John Cena of the WWE wrestles A.J. Styles at a PPV in 2016.

WWE Royal Rumble: John Cena Will Win WWE Championship

The WWE Royal Rumble is two weeks away, and the WWE Championship match between champion A.J. Styles and challenger John Cena has a very high potential to steal the show like they have at past pay-per-views.

With all that is on the line, and how it is obvious that the WWE is putting all their chips in part-time former champions and big draws, it is evident that Cena will tie the record set by the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and become a 16-time world champion at the WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday, Jan. 29.

Styles has been a fine champion for the WWE as they are slowly transitioning to a company led by a new era of superstars, but when it comes to the big four pay-per-views, that hasn’t been the case. The WWE always seems to go back to the past to gain viewership, draw interest, and increase WWE Network buy rates. Having Cena win the WWE championship at the Royal Rumble and guaranteeing a spot in the main event at WrestleMania is a good way to promote the biggest event of the WWE year.

Want proof that the WWE uses their past champions to promote the present? Take a look at the official Royal Rumble poster:

A quick look at that WWE Royal Rumble poster shows Cena front and center with the likes of Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker, and Goldberg. The WWE champion Styles is all the way in the back row, barely noticeable. That could be a sign of things to come for a prediction in the WWE championship match at the Royal Rumble.

The WWE has shown in the past that they don’t need to have their champion available every week on TV programs. Remember when Lesnar and The Rock won their most recent WWE championships? They weren’t on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live each week, and the company did just fine. Even at Survivor Series this past November, the main event was Lesnar and Goldberg, again, the past of the WWE highlighting one of the big four PPVs.

Plus, with a Cena win, it would finally put a end to this exciting feud between the two WWE Superstars. The last time these two faced each other on a PPV was SummerSlam in August when Styles won over Cena in one of the best matches of 2016. Now with what might be their final battle for quite some time, doesn’t it make sense for Cena to go to WrestleMania as the WWE champion, based on what they’ve done in recent memory?

Styles is the top wrestler in the company in terms of in-ring ability, but Cena still draws ratings and some sort of reaction from fans — whether it be a cheer or boo, all pro wrestling fans have an opinion on the 15-time WWE champion.

Also with Cena being the “face” of the WWE going into WrestleMania season, he has the appeal of not just wrestling fans, but Hollywood as well. Cena has had roles in movies, hosted reality shows, and made an appearance on Saturday Night Live and television commercials, meaning more eyes on the product, and for the WWE, that equals higher ratings for Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live and PPVs.

For Cena to win the WWE championship, it would be a business decision that could bring in higher revenue than having Styles as the champion going to WrestleMania. In saying that, Styles, again, is still the best wrestler in the WWE. Cena is what the WWE would call “best for business,” as WrestleMania season really kicks into gear at the Royal Rumble.

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