Rapunzel and Prince Eugene from Tangled

‘Tangled Before Ever After’: Rapunzel Gets Her Hair Back In New Trailer

The trailer for Tangled: Before Ever After, the made for TV sequel to Tangled and lead-in for Tangled The Series, just made it’s way online and so much has changed!

Last time we saw Tangled’s star, Rapunzel, she had finally reunited with her parents, the King and Queen. She had also traded in her long, signature blonde locks for a short brown bob. It wasn’t a stylistic choice to fit in; rather, Eugene had chopped off Rapunzel’s hair to keep Mother Gothel away from its magical healing abilities.

We knew that Rapunzel and Eugene eventually wed, and in 2012’s short, Tangled Ever After, we actually got to witness the ceremony between the love birds.

Tangled: Before Ever After, which takes place between the animated movie and short film, brings viewers up to speed on how Rapunzel has fared, post-film. She and Eugene are still together, though not yet married and, by the looks of it, they’ve kept Pascal and Maximus around. One thing that’s noticeably different is the fact that Rapunzel has her hair back. When running through the woods with another woman, we can see Rapunzel’s short brown locks, glow and grow “70-feet,” within seconds.

If you’ve seen Tangled, then you know that once Rapunzel’s hair is cut, the magic dies, which is why it turned brown in the original movie. Tangled: Before Ever After’s one-minute trailer doesn’t tell us how Rapunzel got her hair back, but at least we’re not the only ones confused! Flynn, known now as Eugene, is also in the dark about how his eventual wife got back her signature locks.

He says, “I won’t ask how it grew back. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation that you’ll share when you’re ready.”

For the time being, Rapunzel wants to keep the “how, what, or when” a secret. Either that or the answer is lost on even her. When his prompting doesn’t work, Eugene adds, “Oh, come on really?”

You’ve probably peeped the fact that the animation style looks nothing like the original film. There’s a reason for that. The original film’s 3D animation, though lauded for being mesmerizing to look at, made Tangled the most expensive animated film of all time. Unlike the nationwide theater release that allowed Disney to recoup its production budget and more, this Disney Channel Movie, Tangled: Before Ever After, has no chance of returning that staggering a sum. This 2-D animation style that Tangled: Before Ever After has adopted is far more sustainable for a one-off television movie.

On aspect of the original film that has remained unchanged, however, is the main cast. Tangled stars, Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi both reprise their roles and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, respectively. In addition, Broadway star, Eden Espinosa, has joined the cast as Cassandra, a kick-butt handmaiden, according to Entertainment Weekly.

As stated above, Tangled: Before Ever After, serves as a lead-in to Tangled The Series. The series, not unlike the original film, will show Rapunzel’s curiosity getting the best of her. Instead of sitting around her kingdom, Rapunzel opts to put her royal duties and impending marriage to Eugene on hold in order to go on adventures and explore the world around her. Okay, so not everything has changed.

You can check out the trailer below! Tangled: Before Ever After premieres this March on Disney Channel.

[Image by Josh Hallet| Flickr |Cropped And Resized|CC BY-SA 2.0]