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WWE News: Pro Wrestling Legends React To The Death Of ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka

It was recently announced by many media outlets that WWE Hall of Famer and professional wrestling legend “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka has passed away. This was just less than two weeks after his homicide case that resurfaced from the early 1980s was dropped due to Snuka being mentally incompetent to stand trial. According to CNN, Judge Kelly Banach made this determination based on medical records and testimony provided by the defense attorney. The records, which showed that Snuka had been diagnosed with dementia and showed signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (brain disorder), was enough evidence to no longer resume the charges. While many were outraged at this ruling, Snuka was physically experiencing his last days, and his passing showed how long he survived after the ruling, which ultimately validated it.

Despite the very serious charges against him, the pro wrestling community still rallied behind Snuka after his passing was announced. Snuka was a legend in the business and was one of the most popular stars in the WWE during the 80s.

His daughter, Tamina, posted a poignant picture of her holding Jimmy’s hand as he was experiencing his last moments here on earth.

Many fellow pro wrestling legends also showed their deepest condolences for Snuka.

The Rock, who stated that Tamina asked him to share the news, commented on the passing, “Alofa atu i le aiga atoa.” This roughly translates to English as, “love the whole family.”

Former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sid Vicious stated that there will never be another like him. WWE Hall of Famer Michael “P.S. Hayes” called Snuka “one of a kind, and a pioneer,” and fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts stated that “[Snuka] will fly all the way to heaven. What a sweet man. Love you brother!”

Current and former WWE talent also commented on Snuka’s passing. Goldust stated that he was sad to hear about Snuka’s passing, but he now gets to rest easy, because “[God’s] got you now.” Curtis Axel admitted that he was affected by the loss, stating that he could not help but to shed a tear while thinking of him. In sending his condolences, Chavo Guerrero coined him the “master of the splash.”

Guerrero is not the only person who gave him that title. WWE Hall of Famer and current Raw General Manager Mick Foley has always been vocal about his fondness for Snuka, and how his “Dude Love” character was based off of Snuka performing his Superfly Splash finishing move to Don Muraco at the conclusion of a steel cage match between the two at Madison Square Garden.

Foley also wrote the introduction to Snuka’s autobiography, Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story, and shared how emotionally invested he was in Snuka growing up.

“A couple of months before that infamous cage match in 1983, I attended my first live wrestling show at Madison Square Garden. I watched the first match in the Don Muraco/Jimmy Snuka trilogy. I just remember Jimmy’s great words: ‘I’m not through with you yet, Don Muraco.’ I was glued. And that cage match with Muraco, which I wrote about in my own autobiography, was the moment I really felt like I wanted to make people feel the way Snuka had made me feel.”

From the emotional theme music, to the “I love you” hand gesture, Jimmy Snuka was the epitome of a good guy during his WWE tenure. While he would also find success competing for NWA, AJPW, and ECW, his time in the WWE really gave him an opportunity to stand out as a top star. Oddly, Snuka never won a championship while he was in WWE. However, he was a champion to the fans during his time competing for the company.

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