What happened to Aaliyah, Natalie Wood and Whitney Houston

Aaliyah, Natalie Wood, And Whitney Houston: A Look At The Controversies Surrounding Their Deaths

Aaliyah Dana Haughton, Natalie Wood, and Whitney Elizabeth Houston are three celebrities whose untimely deaths shocked the world. All outstanding performers in their respective fields, they left heartbroken fans with many questions unanswered. The following is an overview of the controversies surrounding their deaths.

Starting with Aaliyah, she was one of the most promising hip-hop artists of her time. That said, she died on August 25, 2001 following a plane crash. On the cause of the accident, the twin-engine Cessna 402B Aaliyah and her colleagues boarded was apparently overloaded, which led to the crash.


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According to numerous reports at the time, her crew was reported to have insisted on boarding the plane along with all the music equipment to avoid being late for a scheduled performance. Engine failure was also suspected to be one of the causes. The following is an excerpt from Fox News detailing this.

“A heated argument about the weight of equipment erupted between the pilot of the plane carrying singer Aaliyah and her video crew minutes before their tragic Bahamas crash, sources told The New York Post Sunday.”

“The pilot, who thought the plane was being dangerously overloaded, gave in, according to veteran Bahamian charter pilot Lewis Key, who said he overheard the dispute just before the plane took off and then crashed, killing all aboard.”

“‘With nine people and all the camera and sound equipment they were loading, the pilot kept saying, ‘There’s too much weight for a safe flight to Opa-Locka [Airport in Miami],’ Key told The Post.”


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Aaliyah’s parents apparently filed a negligence lawsuit against Blackhawk International Airways Corp, the airplane operator. They are said to have reached an undisclosed settlement.

On to Natalie Wood’s death. She died on November 29, 1981 after drowning in the middle of the ocean. To date, the circumstances surrounding her death are still a mystery. Apparently, Natalie Wood was found by a search helicopter floating in the water face down, clad in a red jacket and a nightgown. Natalie Wood’s death had lots of unanswered questions. The following is an excerpt of a report highlighting the questionable elements.

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“The location of her body was no less than one mile south of the Wagner yacht, off an isolated cove known as Blue Cavern Point. The missing dinghy was discovered on the shore, even farther to the south. The key in the ignition of the boat was turned to the off position, the gear was in neutral, and the oars were tied down.”

“Police were surprised, because the boat obviously had not been used. Even more startling was Natalie Wood’s clothing. She was clad only in a nightgown, knee-length wool socks and a down-filled jacket. It was apparent that she had not dressed for a boat ride — and yet police believed she must have untied the line which held the dinghy to the yacht. But why had she untied it if she didn’t intend to go out in the boat? That was only one of the mysteries surrounding her tragic death.”

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This is according to the Huffington Post. Although the cause of Natalie Wood’s death had initially been concluded to be “accidental drowning,” it was changed to “drowning and other undetermined factors” in 2012 after bruises were found on her body.

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Now on to Whitney Houston. The artist reportedly died from a heart attack after drowning in a hotel bathtub. Prolonged drug abuse was cited to have been the cause of the heart attack. Although some family members suggested foul play, that angle has yet to be proven. Along with a high dosage of cocaine, traces of marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril, and Benadryl were detected in Whitney Houston’s system.

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