Shinobia Montoria Wright Photos: 26-Year-Old Woman Crashed Into T-Mobile Store, Hurt Employees [Video]

Shinobia Montoria Wright Photos: 26-Year-Old Woman Crashed Into T-Mobile Store, Hurt Employees [Video]

The below videos contain photos of Shinobia Montoria Wright, a 26-year-old woman who blamed her heinous act of crashing her SUV into a T-Mobile store in Palm Springs, Florida, on the fact that Shinobia was having a “bad day.” In fact, it was reportedly the day after Wright’s birthday when Shinobia returned to the T-Mobile store and caused the below damage.

As noted in the updated below and above news reports by WPBF, Wright could’ve hit two children who were near the glass window prior to Shinobia driving her SUV through the T-Mobile store. Fortunately, the children moved out of the way. In the video Shinobia can be seen walking about the T-Mobile store after crashing her SUV through the T-Mobile window, causing glass to land on one man’s leg and injure him. Wright walked around and opened the door to a room wherein female T-Mobile employees were hiding away from Shinobia.

As reported by The Palm Beach Post, Shinobia is from Wellington, Florida. Wright was supposed to face a bond hearing on Sunday for driving her SUV into the T-Mobile store in Palm Springs, but Shinobia had her bond hearing rescheduled to Monday. The above news report from WPBF says that Shinobia was well enough to return to the scene of Montoria Wright’s crime, during which time Wright cried and apologized for her actions.

Shinobia’s lawyer, Leonard Feuer, showed up in Wright’s stead in court, but didn’t produce a statement about Wright’s long list of crimes that Shinobia is now facing due to losing her temper that day. For crashing her SUV into the T-Mobile store, Wright is facing reckless driving charges — along with aggravated battery, battery, burglary, and criminal mischief over $1,000 charges.

Wright crashed into the T-Mobile store on Thursday, and by Sunday, Shinobia was reportedly in the hospital — and that’s why Wright couldn’t appear in court.

The melee began when Wright had not been acting like herself as of late, said Shinobia’s mother, who is a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy. Shinobia’s mother said her daughter was stressed out recently. Apparently, something about Wright not being able to replace her cracked phone at the T-Mobile store on South Congress Avenue and 10th Avenue North on Wednesday set her off. Shinobia returned the next day, after not beign able to exchange her cracked iPhone without having to pay an additional fee, even though Wright had purchased insurance. Shinobia reportedly told the manager that it was Wright’s birthday and that Shinobia would “bug out” — a term meaning she’d go crazy — if she couldn’t get her phone replaced.

When Wright came back to the T-Mobile store the next day, Shinobia definitely made her presence known. Instead of Shinobia getting out of her 2005 Nissan Armada SUV and calmly walking into the T-Mobile store, she used it as a weapon to try and ram into the T-Mobile store the first time. That first attempt gave T-Mobile customers sufficient warning to get out of Wright’s way as she backed up and rammed her SUV into the T-Mobile store once more, that time successfully, smashing her vehicle through the T-Mobile store. Shinobia exited her SUV and used her hands to hit one man in the T-Mobile store on his neck, injuring him. Shinobia used some of the felled material to smash other items in the T-Mobile store. Screams can be heard in the video, coming from within the T-Mobile store.

According to authorities, the T-Mobile store suffered approximately $30,000 or more in damages. The T-Mobile store was declared unsafe by city officials. It isn’t known if Shinobia had consumed any alcohol or drugs prior to driving her SUV into the T-Mobile store. More photos of Wright are allegedly included in this video, (Warning: Offensive language), although they have not been confirmed.

[Featured Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]