Quora User, 17, Claims To Have Caught Dad Snooping In On Sex Story Call While Pleasuring Himself

A user of the Q&A website Quora shared a troubling, yet intriguing tale that altered the way she thought of her father forever.

Elite Daily has noted a now-viral post that was made by an anonymous 17-year-old girl who relayed what she says is the “creepiest moment” she ever witnessed from one of her parents, and boy, is it a doozy.

And also, very disturbing.

“I was 17 at the time, talking to my best friend [on the phone],” the Quora user starts. “She [asked] me about my sex life because she was still a virgin. I told her everything.”

It was at that moment during the call that the teenage poster heard someone moan through the other end of the phone receiver — a man.

“[It] turns out my father was listening in on our phone call and masturbating,” the grossed-out girl explained. “Then the next day, he gets mad at me for being sexually active!”

“[All I could think about is, “You sick f**k!” I never told my friend about it either because she told me her fantasies and I didn’t know how she’d react.”

Understandably, some who came across the first part of this story were a bit skeptical, and asked the young woman outright just how she knew that her dad had been diddling himself.

“Well, during [the] convo,” the Quora girl responded, “there was more than one moan. There were a couple times when [my friend and I] both asked each other what that noise was, [and] being young and careless, we kept talking and talking [and ignored it].”

“I don’t have a 100% way to know for sure,” she additionally remarked, “but sometimes when you have a strong gut feeling about something, you go with it.”

Even worse, as it soon turned out, the 17-year-old wasn’t the only victim of her father’s strange actions. While visiting home sometime after she moved out to attend college, the daughter said that she quickly caught a glimpse of the flashing light inside of a bathroom vent. When she went to explore, she discovered that the light was attached to a camera lens.

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“I saw a red light in the air vent and decided to open it,” she states in her Quora answer. “There was a small camera connected to a 9-volt battery and a chip. I was unsure what it was, but [I] figured it was a video camera. It was the size of my thumb. I told my mom about it and she freaked out.”

When confronted by his wife about the hidden capture device, the husband expressed that he had actually installed it to uncover if their youngest child, then 14, was a drug abuser.

“I know for a fact she was never doing drugs,” the elder girl writes, “[and] she never has to this day, 11 years later. There was a VCR that was recording the videos hidden in his computer room.”

Despite the mountain of evidence that would’ve easily led to an arrest, it seems that the perverted patriarch was never charged with a crime. Additionally, the Quora user’s mother chose to forgive her husband and remained with for several years after the shocking events, only divorcing him recently.

“We never told my sister about [any of it],” the girl says in closing.

Since been shared to Quora last Monday, January 16, the girl’s story has been taken in by more than 350,000 viewers. More than 30 others also responded to the main query regarding their parents’ strangest moments, but it’s probably safe to say that none of them are as startling as the one that’s currently gaining all of this attention.

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