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NFL Draft Rumors: Deshaun Watson On The Chicago Bears’ Draft Radar

The Chicago Bears need a franchise quarterback in the worst way and Deshaun Watson could wind up being the guy. The big question is will the Chicago Bears consider taking him with the No. 3 pick in the NFL Draft?

Strange things usually happen in the NFL Draft, as NFL teams will select for a position of need. The Chicago Bears may not be excluded this time out. Selecting with the No. 3 pick, the Bears have the luxury of choosing the best player available. But, there lies the realistic possibility that the Bears decide to go with their biggest need — the elusive franchise quarterback.

From helping the Clemson Tigers win the BCS National Title to helping the NFL’s chartered franchises. That could be the fate of Deshaun Watson, who is rumored to be on the Chicago Bears’ NFL draft radar.

Would the Chicago Bears take a risk by using their top pick on Deshaun Watson?

Chicago Bears’ general manager Ryan Pace was interviewed by CSN Chicago’s Chris Boden a few days ago. The Bears’ front office boss was asked about the quarterback position. Pace did not shy away the idea of taking a quarterback early.

“I think when you’re picking top five, you’re looking for an impact guy. Different positions will have different expectations, depending who you’re picking. The quarterback position’s one we talk a lot about, but sometimes playing a quarterback right away isn’t the best thing. So we just have to take a look at who it is, and what position it is.”

As usual, when the NFL draft draws closer, draft scouts take their time to access and breakdown each college player involved. The scouts at ESPN currently have the Clemson quarterback ranked as the No. 3 rated passer available. That ranking comes after Watson led the Tigers, who defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide in the BCS National Title game.

Watson is sitting behind North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky and DeShone Kizer, the junior quarterback at Notre Dame. In fairness, each of the three quarterbacks has flaws.

Trubisky is raw as a passer, which is due to the fact that he is a one-year starter. There is always a risk when it comes to taken a QB that does not have much experience taking snaps. A few advantages also come with the lack of experience.

There is not a lot of film on Mitch Trubisky, who is certain to garner some interest from the Chicago Bears, given his physical traits. Because no NFL scouts can point out flaws in Trubisky’s game, due to lack of film, he could turn out to be a franchise player.

More questions follow DeShone Kizer than the other two quarterbacks. Kizer has all of the tools to become a top NFL passer. This past season was one of regression for him. Where he goes will make all the difference in the world. It is uncertain if he is on the Chicago Bears’ radar. If he is, there could be a match, although the Bears run an offense similar to the West Coast offense. Kizer is likely better suited for a team that wants to run a pistol formation.

That leaves Deshaun Watson, who could be the best fit for the Chicago Bears if it were not for his penchant for throwing interceptions. The Bears have experienced a lot of that when Jay Cutler was throwing passes.

One of the experts judging the quarterback options had a particular take on Deshaun Watson. Current Bears’ QB Jay Cutler was also mentioned.

“Deshaun is NFL-ready. He is phenomenal off the field. He’s the anti-Jay Cutler. He would be a breath of fresh air for the Bears. He would come into that organization and people would just gravitate toward him. He’s a lot longer and more athletic than people think. He’s very gifted athletically, and I think he’s a smooth passer that makes every NFL throw. There will be a transition from their scheme at Clemson to the NFL level, but when Nick Saban says that preparing for Watson was as difficult as preparing for Cam Newton, people take notice.”

The difference between Deshaun Watson and the other quarterbacks whom the Chicago Bears could be looking at is pedigree. Watson has led the Clemson Tigers to two consecutive title games against Alabama Crimson Tide. In both of those games, Watson has dazzled, which has caught the Bears’ attention, along with other NFL teams.

He does not have the ideal size that NFL teams look for in a franchise QB, but listed at 6-2, Deshaun Watson is taller than Drew Brees. Brees is headed to the NFL Hall of Fame once he retires. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are also close to Watson in size. Therefore size should not be a deterrent.

What should be an issue for the Chicago Bears to ponder is determining if Watson will be gone by the time they take their second pick in the NFL Draft. The Bears deciding to pass on him could prove to be costly as another team could take him. Watson can conceivably go as early as No. 5 to the New York Jets if the Bears pass. The Bears will have a tough decision to make.

Things could become clearer for the Chicago Bears if Deshaun Watson decides to participate in the Reeses Senior Bowl activities. The Bears’ coaching staff will oversee the North Team (courtesy of ESPN) in this year’s Senior Bowl. Getting an up close look at Deshaun Watson would help both the QB and the Chicago Bears.

The Chicago Bears need a quarterback. Clemson’s Deshaun Watson seems like a fit. Will the Chicago Bears take Watson with the No. 3 pick?

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