Donald Trump's Presidency Is Making Judd Apatow Stress Eat

Donald Trump’s Presidency Is Making Judd Apatow Stress Eat

Judd Apatow is not just one of the most successful producers of comedy in Hollywood, he’s also an ardent liberal and one of the many famous voices speaking out against the impending Donald Trump presidency. During a recent interview with the New York Times, Apatow admitted that he’s really stressed out by the upcoming inauguration of Trump. So much so that it’s causing him some problems with his diet.

Donald Trump isn’t the first celebrity that Apatow has gunned for when he thought they were in the wrong. He has also been very vocal in calling out Bill Cosby over the rape allegations that he just can’t seem to shake. The This is 40 director was one of the first to speak out against Cosby, even when most celebs were still supporting him and ignoring the multiple women who were speaking out, claiming to have been assaulted by the Hollywood icon.

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Judd Apatow has joked previously about how Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency may be his fault. It was back in 2011 during the White House Correspondents’ Associate dinner that Apatow helped John Lovett write a joke about Celebrity Apprentice that went into President Obama’s speech. He feels like that joke, among many making fun of the current PEOTUS, may have triggered his desire to run for president in the first place. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. Who knew the soon-to-be inaugurated Trump was so thin-skinned?

It turns out that Donald Trump’s upcoming presidency might be really bad for Judd Apatow’s waistline. It was during the interview with Maureen Dowd that the two sat down and dined on spinach omelets and Apatow admitted that he’s been watching his weight lately while flashing a FitBit.

“It’s very hard to lose weight in the Trump era,” Apatow admitted.

“I’m trying so hard to have it not turn into 30 pounds. I think it tests our ability to not want to numb out. There’s so many things that are hard to hear every day that you do want to have some Oreos. Like people say, what do you invest in during the Trump era? I feel like, Hostess Cakes. Most of us are just scared and eating ice cream.”

Judd said that he’s not surprised that Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. He has a theory about why and it has nothing to do with political experience. According to Apatow, at least in recent history, the winner of the election has always been the funnier of the two candidates. Considering that Apatow is one of the funniest men in Hollywood, maybe he should go ahead and make a run in 2020.

“I said it as a joke, but I think there’s something to it,” Judd said. “Reagan was funny. Bill Clinton was funny. Bush was funnier than Gore. Obama was funnier than probably anybody who’s ever run for office.”

“Trump is way funnier than Hillary Clinton.”

Judd Apatow also chatted about Hillary Clinton and why the Democratic nominee lost the race. In his mind, he believes it was those pesky speeches that Hillary made a mint on.

“One of those mistakes, to me,” Apatow said, “was that you can’t get paid that much for speeches and go back into politics. That has to be your victory lap — you cash in, you do the speeches and you’re done.”

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Apatow seems to have a good idea how Donald Trump will lead the country once he becomes the next president of the United States. He likened it to the way that Trump ran the competitions when he was heading up Celebrity Apprentice.

“I watched an enormous amount of ‘The Apprentice,'” Apatow explained. “Donald Trump sits in his office. He sends his kids to watch the teams do their missions. Then they come back and tell him what they think of it and then he makes an impulsive decision based on the information that Donald Jr. or Ivanka give him. That’s how he’s running the country.”

While Judd Apatow has made it clear that he’s definitely not a fan of Donald Trump as the president, he isn’t going to continue harping on him on social media. Instead, the multi-talented comedian plans to pick a few issues that he is most concerned about and support them.

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