Trump speaking to supporters. Come the Trump inauguration day, they'll see the result.

Trump Inauguration Date Nears: Is United States Ready For Changes To Healthcare, Immigration, And Russian Relations Under Donald Trump Administration? [Opinion]

As the Trump inauguration date nears, are the people of the United States really prepared for the earthshaking changes that Donald Trump is apparently going to make in areas like healthcare and immigration – not to mention our relationship with NATO and Russia?

The Donald Trump inauguration date is Friday, January 20, and will no doubt be celebrated by that minority of Americans who actually voted for Trump. But as he was running for president, Donald Trump made a number of wild and even crazy sounding promises that some of those supporters may have believed were just hyperbole.

But to the surprise of many of these supporters – and the dismay of virtually everyone else – Trump may have actually been serious. Thus, the disappearance of the Obamacare healthcare system – otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act – the construction of a wall along the Rio Grande and the dismantling of the NATO alliance may actually be in the offing.

Donald Trump Moves To End Obamacare

As noted by CNN, one of the principal concerns many people will have come the Trump inauguration date is whether they’ll have healthcare in the future. Given the rapid pace with which Donald Trump and his Republican allies in the House and Senate are moving to defund Obamacare, for millions of Americans, the answer to that question would seem to be no.

Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan claim they are going to “repeal and replace” Obamacare at the same time, but they currently seem to have no plan for the “replace” part of the equation. According to experts, the numbers suggest that millions of Americans will suddenly be without healthcare – and thousands of them will die this year as a consequence of losing it.

Donald Trump and Immigration

For both illegal immigrants and Muslims traveling to – or immigrating to – America, the Trump inauguration date might represent the day they have to start planning for being unable to come to or stay in the United States. From rants about deportations and Mexican border walls to plans for banning Muslims from entering the country, Trump seems determined to make the United States and anti-immigrant nation.

The right to one’s religious beliefs is enshrined in the Constitution, and it is patently illegal to hold such beliefs against an individual – including those who want to immigrate to America. But Trump has made it clear that his new administration will block people from “certain areas” from entering the United States. Coincidentally, the people from these areas are all likely to be Muslims.

As for illegal immigrants from Mexico, the rabid fervor of Trump supporters convinced him to use their enthusiastic dislike of Mexicans in general – and illegal immigrants in particular – to get in the White House. Following Trump’s inauguration date, his long-discussed deportations and border walls with Mexico are seemingly about to become a reality.

Mexican protestor at Trump Tower. What will happen after Trump inauguration date?
Mexican protester at Trump Tower. What will happen after Trump inauguration date? [Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

Russian Relations and the Donald Trump Inauguration

Date the decline of the NATO alliance and the rise of Russia as the dominant power in Europe to the day Donald Trump enters the White House as president of the United States. The Trump Putin bromance has become almost legendary, with Donald Trump being unable to say anything negative about the Russian dictator.

As reported by The Associated Press, even though Trump finally admitted at his news conference that Russia was responsible for hacking the 2016 election, he is still attempting to place the blame on the DNC for not protecting themselves well enough. So it’s hardly surprising that Donald Trump thinks that being friends with Vladimir Putin is an asset.

Rex Tillerson is Trump's pro Russian nominee for the State Department. Will Russia policy change after Trump inauguration date?
Rex Tillerson is Trump’s pro-Russian nominee for the State Department. Will Russia policy change after Trump inauguration date? [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

But the fundamental question is: Is Putin Trump’s asset or is Trump Putin’s asset. Given the extremely negative things Trump has said about the NATO alliance, Japan and United States policies in the Middle East, it seems like the latter is the case. Trump claims that he is not Putin’s puppet, but his views about Russia are at odds with those of every previous American administration. As reported by ABC News, Trump is even planning to lift United States sanctions against Russia over its actions in Crimea and the Ukraine.

So while the upcoming Donald Trump inauguration date may not actually be equivalent to the apocalypse, for many United States citizens it might seem fairly close. Not only are international upheavals likely, gut-wrenching changes we’ll be seeing in the months and years to come are going to make this country a much more difficult and grimmer place to live for the poor and the middle class – for however long they can live without healthcare.

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