Kanye West Potentially Performing At Donald Trump Inauguration: How Does Kim Kardashian Feel?

Kanye West is said to be considering the idea of performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration, it has been alleged, leaving fans wondering as to what Kim Kardashian makes of it.

Kanye famously flew out to New York, just days after being released from the hospital, to attend a gathering organized by Trump.

His decision to attend a gathering with Donald didn’t come as a shock to fans, having seen how West had made endless rants during a Saint Pablo show, where he openly admitted that if he’d voted during the presidential election, he would have gone for Trump over Hillary Clinton.

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According to Hollywood Life, numerous of celebrities have declined offers to perform at the inauguration next week, but according to the outlet’s sources, Kanye West is one of the few who is actually considering the idea of performing.

Having never been someone to care about other people’s opinions about his actions, West reportedly wouldn’t think that much about it — the 39-year-old loves Donald Trump’s plans for America and somewhat sees himself in the man who’ll soon be ruling the United States.

As of yet, nothing has been confirmed, but considering the fact that Trump’s team is still on the lookout for A-list stars to take to the stage and perform, having Kanye West be one of those people would definitely be a positive move on their behalf, Variety reports.

Hollywood Life further claims that Kanye West’s recent encounter with Donald at the gathering in New York became so intimate that the rapper ended up leaving the Trump Tower convinced that he had made a new friend.

“Kanye’s in love with Donald Trump,” one insider stressed. “Their meeting was an epic bro fest with both Kanye and Donald complimenting each other’s lives, careers, success. and family. They talked about the inauguration and briefly discussed Donald’s plan for that day.”

“Kanye made it clear that he’d love to perform something special for him when he takes the oath of office.”

if Kanye does end up performing at the inauguration, it is almost certain that Kim Kardashian will not be attending, having already lost her mind when she initially found out that West had flown to New York last month, despite the fact that the reality star allegedly didn’t approve of the trip.

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A source at the time explained that Kim didn’t feel comfortable with her husband flying out to New York just days after being released from the hospital, let alone meet up with someone that she doesn’t have much respect for.

At this given point, considering what Hollywood Life has reported, it doesn’t seem as if Kim Kardashian stands a chance to stop her husband from performing at the inauguration if he’s offered the gig, which is just days away.

In the midst of outlets claiming that Kanye West could potentially be performing for Donald Trump next week, it’s also been claimed that the rapper is planning to take a much-needed break from the music industry, with no plans to release any new music shortly.

Insider close to West stress that the father-of-two is solely focusing on spending time with his wife and his two children, who he supposedly didn’t spend much time with last year due to his hectic work schedule ranging from his fashion show, the release of his album The Life of Pablo, and the accompanied Saint Pablo Tour.

What do you make of Kanye West reportedly wanting to perform at the presidential inauguration next week — do you think he should do it? And if Kim was already so unhappy about his decision to meet up with Trump in December, should she condone her West’s desire to attend an even bigger event for the 70-year-old this time around?

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