Kim Burrell Predicted Eddie Long's 2017 Death, Says Twitter: 'You Play With It In 2017, You'll Die From It.' [Video]

Kim Burrell Predicted Eddie Long’s 2017 Death, Says Twitter: ‘You Play With It In 2017, You’ll Die From It.’ [Video]

Kim Burrell may have gotten plenty of backlash over her viral sermon about homosexuality, as seen below, but Twitter claims Burrell predicted Eddie Long’s death in 2017, as reported by the Inquisitr. Kim’s sermon featured Burrell asking anyone dealing with a homosexual spirit to beg God to be delivered from homosexuality. That’s when Kim’s sermon seemingly turned into a warning to folks who deal with hidden homosexuality or outward homosexuality in the church because Burrell claimed that those that “play with it” will die from it in 2017. Burrell didn’t specifically note if she was hearing from God in that portion of her sermon, but her words would soon turn to Bishop Eddie Long.

“You play with it in 2017 you’ll die from it. You play with it in God’s house in 2017 you’ll die from it.”

Burrell called it “heartbreaking” to watch Bishop Eddie shrink down to nothing in her sermon. Kim then went on to say that due to Long’s shocking weight loss, no one would be thinking that Eddie had AIDS if a homosexual man hadn’t come out and “revealed it,” as Burrell termed it. Whereas Kim went on to say that Eddie never denied the claims, Long’s church has officially claimed Long died from an aggressive form of cancer, according to the official statement released by Long’s church, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Despite the church’s claims that Long died from cancer, Twitter users have their own thoughts — and those same social media users are turning to Burrell’s words to create their own reactions to the news of Long’s death.

Bishop Long can be seen in the top photo above as Eddie read from an iPad, on Sunday, September 26, 2010. The pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta rose to fame after growing the church from several hundred to thousands of people. However Long experienced a fall from grace when Long was accused of grooming young, fatherless black teenagers into inappropriate sexual relationships. They were accusations that Long denied, and settled out of court with the young men — but the accusations left a pallor on Bishop Eddie’s reputation and church, even after Long’s death, as witnessed by some of the below comments flowing into social media about the topic.

Although Burrell didn’t specifically say Eddie himself would die in 2017, Kim’s words above saying a person that “plays with” homosexuality in 2017 would die from it in 2017 — and then her quick transition to speaking about Long and homosexuality — leads others to link Burrell’s prediction of death in 2017 to Long.

“It is kinda wild that Kim Burrell said Eddie Long was gonna die in 2017 and he did.”

“I guess Kim Burrell was right about Eddie Long .”

“Wait… Kim Burrell prophesied Bishop Eddie Long’s death… Lemme just go back and delete all my tweets dragging her a** before……..”

: “Kim Burrell said Eddie Long was gonna [die] and now he’s dead, is that not an example of the power of the tongue.”

“Can we talk about Kim Burrell callin Eddie Long out?? She said and I quote ‘you’ll die in 2017…’ dies not even a month after.”

“So people sad about the sodomizing but want people to banish Kim Burrell?”

While the name Eddie Long is currently trending on Twitter, with more than 40,000 tweets coming into the social media network as of this writing, other terms are trending surrounding Long and Burrell as well. According to Twitter, terms that are related to Long’s death that are also surging include “Kim Burrell comments” and “Eddie Long Kim Burrell” — along with “Eddie Long boys.”

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