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Donald Trump Tweets Get Same Jabs From CIA Head As Snooki – A Bit Unsettling? [Opinion]

He’s Donald Trump and he is going to have his say, but without Twitter, that say may be cropped, twisted, and pointed sideways by some of the media outlets relaying his views. Maybe some folks should pay more attention to their reaction to Donald Trump’s tweets and keep themselves in check. The director of the CIA recently voiced the same disparaging sentiment toward Donald Trump’s focus on his job as a former reality show star. That says something about the crumbling respect for the office of the president when the head of such a prestigious agency matches mud-slinging with a former Jersey Shore star.

CIA Director John Brennan appeared on Fox News Sunday, where he talked about Donald Trump as if he were a teenager spending too much time on his toys of technology.

Brennan said, “[H]e’s [Trump] going to have an opportunity to do something for our national security as opposed to talking and tweeting.”

The condescending attitude of the CIA director sounded very similar to that of a father attempting to get his teen son off the couch and go to work.

DW News reports that the CIA director said Trump should tweet less and focus on his new job more. That is pretty much the same thing that the former reality star Snooki said during an interview last week. Snooki was concerned about Trump focusing on reality TV after he tweeted about Arnold Schwarzenegger tanking in ratings on The New Celebrity Apprentice. Trump praised his own ratings from back when he was the host, which he compared to Schwarzenegger’s ratings, who is now the new host. Snooki didn’t like what Trump had to say, so she expressed her views during an interview.

Donald Trump In Trump Tower Lobby
Donald Trump takes questions from the media in the lobby of Trump Towers. [Image by Evan Vucci/AP Image]

Snooki told CNN Money, “I just hope eventually once he gets into office is that he focuses on what he should be focusing on and not reality TV.”

Brennan’s words were close, as he too wants Trump to focus on the important things instead of Twitter. Either way, it was Donald Trump’s tweeting habits that conjured up the very same reprimand from both the CIA director and Snooki, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi.

Snooki also said, “I mean I’m surprised they haven’t [taken away his Twitter] yet for real. Don’t you have a team? Like, come on. It’s kind of guilty pleasure, but then you think, ‘Oh my God, he’s actually our president.”

While John Brennan didn’t use “like” or “Oh my God” when making his statements about Trump, the two seem to have the same train of thought when it comes to Donald Trump. It seems rather strange that the head of the CIA would be slamming the next president of the nation in public in the same manner that a reality star would take on.

Donald Trump Walks By Bushes Waving To Cameras
Trump waves to the cameras on his way to a meeting. [Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Image]

Brennan also said that Trump will be faced with national security questions he will need to answer, and for a man who favors personality over policy, he might find this is a challenge. There’s a bit of an unofficial feud going on with Trump and the people who handle the intelligence for the nation. This stems from the leak alleging that Russia had some compromising information on Trump, which in turn would allegedly leave him wide open for blackmail.

This should not have been public knowledge, but yet it got into the news. Trump was not at all happy about this because he said it was “fake news.” This information wasn’t validated and seen as nothing but a rumor, but yet it sounded very serious when it came out in the news. The fact that it came from inside the nation’s intelligence community was really a concern for Trump. He expressed his dismay in the tweet below.

Brennan was not at all happy with Trump equating the nation’s intelligence community with Nazi Germany. Brennan said he found this “outrageous.”

He also said, “I take great umbrage with that,” meaning Trump’s Nazi Germany comment.

It is also well-known that Trump hopes to have Mike Pompeo replace Brennan, so it is not as if the two were slated to become friends via politics. Trump’s choice of Pompeo has stirred up some backlash, as he once called for “the death of whistleblower Edward Snowden,” according to DW News.

To hear the head of the CIA make snide remarks about Trump in public just days before he is to take an oath for the highest office in the land is unsettling. To hear it come from a reality star is bad enough, but when a man in charge of some of the nation’s most coveted secrets disrespects the incoming president, well, it’s a bit scary!

Whether or not you like the man, at least respect the office of the president he was voted into. Brennan is also representing the office of the CIA, and this doesn’t fare well coming from the man who also heads the agency. The barrier for common decency seems to be crumbling when the head of the CIA is taking the same jabs at the president-elect as a reality star.

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