Arrowhead Stadium schedule change for Kansas City Chiefs game, over ice storm

Arrowhead Stadium Fans Are Weatherproof For Chiefs Vs Steelers Game

Over the weekend, the Arrowhead Stadium weather forecast called for freezing rain into Sunday morning, which changed the initial game time between the Chiefs and the Steelers. According to, quoting local meteorologist Jared Leighton, he said that the weather would create unsafe conditions.

“I wouldn’t call it catastrophic. But it’s likely to be a nuisance mess for sure.”

Game time between the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburg Steelers at Arrowhead Stadium was originally set for 1:05 PM EST. But since local weather reports suggested that the temperature would rise after 6 PM, the game was rescheduled for 8:20 PM instead.

The forecast into Monday predicts that the temperatures will be in the 50’s.

Public Safety Concerns

Staffers remove tarp over field at Arrowhead Stadium
In order to protect the field, Arrowhead Stadium staffers put tarp over it which they’re removing here before a game. [Image by Orlin Wagner/AP Images]

Just a week prior during another Steelers game against the Miami Dolphins, the weather conditions were also pretty bad. At the time, their game took place at Heinz Field at around 11 AM. The weather reports then said that temperatures were at 13 to 15 degrees.

Certainly, the teams can handle this kind of weather for their game at Arrowhead Stadium? But according to the National Football League’s (NFL) recent statement about Sunday’s game, they said that their decision to change game time was over concerns about public safety.

The article says that the city put salt on roads but also pointed to the different areas still too hazardous for pedestrians and other motorists. So far, various reports said that in all of the areas that are being hit by the ice storm, six deaths had already been reported.

The Wrath Of Winter Storm Jupiter

Kansas City citizen walking in snow storm.
Kansas City residents will likely still be facing ice storm after leaving the game. [Image by Orlin Wagner/AP Images]

The ice storm known as Winter Storm Jupiter hit the Midwest and the Plains but is said to continue to hit the region. According to, the areas affected were western Iowa, northwest Oklahoma, northwest Missouri, eastern Nebraska, and clearly, all of Kansas.

Because the storm was said to have snowfall in the western part of its targets, the articles say that ice storm warnings also included southeastern Colorado, central Nebraska, and the higher elevations of New Mexico.

Even with expectations that the weather would warm up for those attending the game at Arrowhead, the ice storm was expected to continue for much of the region into Sunday night. It’s apparently already destroyed trees and power lines.

Dominant Rainfall At Arrowhead Stadium

Certainly, Arrowhead Stadium does not have its own weather. But the Weather Channel also reported that by the time the game is set to start, there will be dominant rainfall along with the rising of temperatures just a few degrees above freezing at 34 to 35 degrees.

In another article by, the author attributes Sports Illustrated as the source for calling Arrowhead Stadium the “toughest place to play.” Between the ice storm and the rainfall, there’s no doubt that the quote is correct.

Cold weather has been the dominant environment for teams playing into the year so far. In a recent game with the NY Giants against the Green Bay Packers, the temperature was also said to be in the teens and a game the Giants lost. In the already mentioned Steelers vs Dolphins game, some have said that Miami might have lost because they’re not used to withstanding cold weather.

That’s certainly not the case for the Giants as cold weather in their city of New York is known to be brutal. But the fans, in either case, are loyal enough to take it. Those at Arrowhead Stadium are certainly no exception.

But the mentioned reports have also said that despite the rainfall and the temperature increase, those leaving Arrowhead Stadium after the game who live on the outskirts, could still face hazardous road conditions and should be cautious about the reports of improved weather.

The same article about Arrowhead Stadium says that in 2014 fans broke the Guinness World Record for having the loudest crowd roar at 142.2 decibels. That should prove the devotion of the fans packed together at Arrowhead Stadium, no matter what the weather conditions are.

[Featured Image by Ed Zurga/AP Images]