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Prince Harry Finally Introduced Kate Middleton And Princess Charlotte To Girlfriend Markle

It’s clearly getting serious between Prince Harry and his Suits star girlfriend Meghan Markle, because the young royal has taken the step to introduce Markle to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Harry and Meghan reportedly were introduced by a mutual friend back in the summer of 2016, and since that point continued to spend time with one another in both London and Toronto-where Markle lives and films Suits. It wasn’t until late fall that rumors began to swirl that the two were in fact an item, and was soon-after verified by Prince Harry himself, when he released a statement about the relationship and also asked for respect to be shown to his girlfriend and their relationship.

Markle made headlines after she was spotted leaving Kensington Palace by way of the back door in the weeks following, and the palace reps confirmed that Meghan had been staying there with Harry. As for Meghan’s ties thus far to the other royals, there has only been speculation. However, Kensington Palace reps have now officially verified that Meghan Markle has just recently been introduced to Kate Middleton, which indicates that the relationship between she and the Prince are very serious. The Daily Mail shares the new details about the royal meeting.

“Prince Harry has introduced girlfriend Meghan Markle to Kate Middleton for the first time. The actress also met the Prince’s niece, Princess Charlotte, during the trip to Kensington Palace.A source [said] that Kate was ‘really looking forward’ to meeting Miss Markle and added that the meeting was very ‘important’ to Harry.”

The meeting was clearly important because Prince Harry and Duchess Kate share a very close bond that resembles one like a brother and sister would have. Harry admires Middleton and likely has turned to her for advice when it comes to relationships. The insider spoke in regards to this as The Sun shares.

“They are very close and he really values her opinion on girlfriends. Obviously Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, died when he was very young so Kate really fulfills that older sister/maternal role. It went really well.”

Although Markle has visited Kensington Palace before, the reason she has only just met Kate Middleton is due to Kate residing a distance away at her home in Norfolk, where she, Prince William and their little ones Prince George and Princess Charlotte enjoy a life out of the spotlight.

Meghan and Harry, although were not able to join in the royal festivities together over the holidays seeing as experts shared it would have been far too soon, did manage to get away for their first romantic adventure together and recently returned. The two ventured to Norway where they reportedly had a wonderful time and took in the Northern Lights. The publication notes that Harry may already be planning a getaway for the couple over Valentine’s Day as well, including a trip to his favorite ski resort in Verbier, Switzerland.

Resort workers shared with the publication that the royal’s security had checked out the resort in advance of the getaway so that the lovely couple will be in capable and secure care.

Prince Harry is likely feeling over the moon in his new relationship with a star who is not only a humanitarian like himself, but also a woman who is used to the spotlight, unlike his former flames. The Prince’s former relationships were said to fizzle due to his previous girlfriends being unable to handle the constant scrutiny of the press. In Markle, Harry has a wonderful partner who is happy being in the public eye and can take the heat of tabloid rumors as well as the tough questions that may come her way. Surely, however, she can learn a thing or two from Duchess Kate.

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