Neo Geo classics on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Will Release Classic Games Without The NES Classic’s Supply Issues

Nintendo Switch has learned two important things from the NES Classic: one, keep the classic games coming; and two, always keep the console supply in check.

And that’s exactly how Nintendo Switch will be moving forward as it finally announces its much-awaited release date. More classic and retro games, and enough supply to go around.

Nintendo has just come out with its most recent livestream about the Nintendo Switch, giving us everything that we need need to know about Nintendo’s comeback console. CNet reports that Nintendo Switch will be coming March 3 and will release with a number of games such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Minecraft, FIFA, and other much-awaited ports and Nintendo exclusives. The Nintendo Switch will also ship with a $300 and a 32GB internal storage that’s upgradable with a microSDXC.

But enough of that stuff, we all know that stuff! What we want to know is if it can play 24-bit games!

Well, the answer to that is yes, the Nintendo Switch will let you traipse back to memory lane with two-decade-old Neo Geo games.

Let us play 24-bit World Heroes Perfect on a large screen! [Image by SNK]
Let us play 24-bit World Heroes Perfect on a large screen! [Image by SNK]

If you’re not familiar with the Neo Geo, it is a cartridge-based arcade system board and home video game console released in 1990. It has an official list of 148 games including the more popular series Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, and World Heroes.

And if you’re a sucker for these nostalgic classics, then you’ll be pleased to know that an Arcade Archive collection featuring Neo Geo era games will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Arcade Archives is a collection of emulated arcade games published by Hamster Collection such as Contra, Bomb Jack, and Ninja Kid, and is already available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PC. It also comes with a sub-series called ACA Neo Geo, which features the following eight Neo Geo titles: Alpha Mission, Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, The King of Fighters ’94, Metal Slug, NAM-1975, Neo Turf Masters, Samurai Shodown, and World Heroes.

The Arcade Archives that will arrive for the Nintendo Switch, however, will be a bit different. Engadget reports that according to Japanese website Famitsu, the Arcade Archive collection will ship alongside the Nintendo Switch in March, but the titles will come paced. This means that at first, only The King of Fighters ’98 will be released. But every week, a new Neo Geo classic will be available for purchase.

The King of Fighters '98 is the first Neo Geo classic title to come to the Nintendo Switch via Arcade Archives [Image by SNK]
The King of Fighters ’98 is the first Neo Geo classic title to come to the Nintendo Switch via Arcade Archives [Image by SNK]

As of now, the initial lineup of Neo Geo classics headed for the Nintendo Switch are the following.

The King of Fighters ’98

Wakuwaku 7

Shock Trooper

World Heroes Perfect

Metal Slug 3.

More arcade classics, however, are expected soon.

Enjoying these titles on the Nintendo Switch also gives you the freedom to change various game settings such as game difficulty, or reproduce the feel of CRT TV. You can also compete for scores with other players around the world through the online rankings.

As of now, you still can’t pre-order Arcade Archives as it is still labeled in the Nintendo Switch landing page as Coming Soon.

As far as the popularity of classic games go, we saw what happened with the sales of the NES Classic. The NES Classic was an unforeseen hit that Nintendo has run out of supply as soon as it was announced. In terms of Nintendo Switch supply, however, Nintendo of America’s president and chief operating officer Reggie Fils-Aime tells Wiredthat they won’t make the same mistake with the Nintendo Switch.

“What we’ve said publicly is that there will be 2 million units that will be shipped worldwide for the launch, essentially through month one.

“Our focus is making sure that the consumer who wants to buy a Nintendo Switch can buy a Nintendo Switch. That’s how we build our supply chain, that’s how we think through the amount of product that’s available.

“What happened with NES Classic is that was a situation where the global demand was well in excess of anything we had anticipated, and that’s what created shortages. The good news, at least for consumers in the Americas, is we’re going to continue to make the NES Classic available. With the ongoing level of supply, the ongoing demand is going to be met. We know the concern.”

That sounds to us that Nintendo Switch will be making classic throwback gaming a lot more accessible now to Nintendo fans.

[Featured Images by SNK]