Eddie Long Dead At 63 - 'Eddie Long AIDS' Trends On Twitter

Eddie Long Dead At 63 – ‘Eddie Long AIDS’ Trends On Twitter: Read Church’s Full Statement On Cancer As Cause Of Death

The name Eddie Long is currently trending on Twitter, along with news that Long was apparently found dead. Also trending are terms like “Eddie Long AIDS,” according to Twitter.

Kim Burrell linked gay issues to Bishop Eddie Long’s weight loss, as reported by the Inquisitr, with Burrell recently stating that people wouldn’t think Long was suffering from AIDS if a gay man hadn’t accused Eddie of impropriety in the past. New Birth Missionary Baptist Church put out a statement that the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church celebrated the life of Bishop Eddie L. Long following his “transition to our heavenly father,” as reported by AJC.com. The church’s statement about the death, life and legacy of Eddie included words that said Long is now spiritually healed and “home with the Lord.”

Recent photos of Long had brought rumors that Bishop Eddie was close to death, due to the drastic amount of weight that Long had lost. As of this writing, the Instagram page of Long does not have an update about his death. The comments section of that Instagram page of Long is rife with comments from followers of Long — some of whom are arguing with those who oppose Bishop Eddie and are leaving nasty comments in the wake of his death.

The Instagram page named “I am Edward Long,” which belongs to Bishop Eddie’s son, is collecting condolences and other comments, even though that page does not have updated information about Eddie’s death as of this writing. Perhaps the family and friends and loved ones of Long are preparing to write and publish statements about his death.

As seen in the top photo above, Bishop Long kissed his wife Vanessa Long on Sunday, September 26, 2010. Long was preparing to speak that Sunday at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church near Atlanta. The press was hot on the trail of Long during that time more than six years ago, due to the controversy that surrounded Long, who famously said he would fight sexual allegations against him brought by young men in and around his church.

Long claimed that like David, Eddie had five smooth stones and he hadn’t thrown one yet. Bishop Eddie threw down the mic with a thud to the cheers of some people in his church. Now, in the wake of Long’s death on Sunday morning at 63 years of age, plenty of comments are flowing into social media about Long’s death.

The full statement about Long’s death can be read below. The church called Long’s death one that happened in the wake of a “gallant fight with an aggressive form of cancer,” however, that hasn’t stopped folks from pontificating on social media about other sources of sickness, as well as searching for information about Long and AIDS.

Confirmation and consolation for those that need it. RIH Bishop @bishopeddielong

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Long gave his final message to his New Birth church as the church welcomed 2017, said the statement, with Eddie telling the church that God was already working in the church’s favor.

Meanwhile, comments like the ones below are being published on social media about Eddie’s death.

shelleyfresh: “Everybody who ever had AIDS they always play it off like they have cancer.”

teddybearjohnson_19: “People need to have respect for this man sheesh. RIP Man of God thanks for all good you did do along the way.”

jplumpkin: “Praying for the family.”

shelleyfresh: “He stuck his d*** in one too many lil boys. So sad.”

iamdetroitbihh: “Where u been at. lol everybody knows that man is a child molester. Believe he died from AIDS because he was gay bi sexual.”

mslauren_bossy: “Crazy…”

miss_crys2u: “PLEASE take your IGNORANCE somewhere else!!! This is NOT the place nor time! Only if we knew your sins????…would we celebrate you??? #JudgeYeNOT

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