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Clinton News: Donald Trump Continues To Slam Hillary Clinton In Wake Of James Comey Investigation

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is still making news months after Elections 2016, and Donald Trump is helping her. Donald Trump has been on a Twitter rampage of late, to continue to slam Hillary Clinton for her loss, a loss she attributed to a letter FBI Director James Comey took to Congress, that in the end revealed no wrong doing by Hillary Clinton. The Hillary Clinton camp has said that move by Comey depressed voters, and have called the Comey letter a key part in her loss of Elections 2016.

Now, with an investigation underway into James Comey’s actions, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter in an attempt to suggest Hillary Clinton’s loss has nothing to do with James Comey, and everything to do with her lack of campaigning reported BBC News.

Last week, news broke that the Justice Department was opening an investigation into FBI Director James Comey, for “certain actions” taken during the campaign reports BBC News. Department of Justice (DoJ) Inspector General Michael Horowitz said he was opening the investigation to look into actions taken by both the FBI and the DoJ during the election.

These “certain actions” refer to the letter James Comey took to Congress just days before the election on October 28. On November 6, two days before voters took to the polls, and weeks after early voting began, James Comey then said the emails he was looking at in the letter revealed nothing, and cleared Hillary Clinton of all wrong doing, again. But the Clinton camp says, the damage had already been done.

Inspector General of the Department of Justice said Thursday he was going to investigate those actions of Comey, and of members of the Department of Justice. He is specifically going to begin with an assessment of a July 2016 news conference when James Comey said he was not recommending charges against Hillary Clinton.

The Boston Globe called it the decisive moment of the campaign, and Hillary Clinton and her team cited Comey’s letter to Congress as a leading factor in her loss. It sparked an outcry from the public, an outcry that the inspector general cites as a leading cause of the investigation. BBC News reports that the new James Comey investigation comes after “numerous requests” from the public and also from members of Congress.

The James Comey investigation is a result of what he claimed was a Hillary Clinton investigation. Hillary Clinton news over her email use has dominated the headlines in Elections 2016, as a means of undermining her candidacy for the Oval Office.

Hillary Clinton has said that she set up a home email server for convenience, and also admitted it was a mistake. But the FBI, although noting it as a careless move, cleared her of any legal wrong doing in that move, twice.

With Russia hacking of Elections 2016, including hacking the DNC and Hillary Clinton camp emails, the James Comey story is now a story that is intertwined with the ongoing chatter of Russia hacking the election. And again, Donald Trump is helping to keep those stories connected in his Twitter rants.

Donald Trump is not reacting well to the news of the Comey investigation related to the Clinton news bombshell Comey made during the election in his letter to Congress, that was essentially a piece of paper with zero informative value. His Twitter rants have referred to Hillary Clinton as “guilty as hell” in regards to the emails, and alleged that she lost because she didn’t campaign well.

These tweets occurred on Friday, one day after the announcement of the James Comey investigation. Donald Trump also continued to tweet about Russia hacking, saying, “My people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days.”

This month the United States intelligence agencies released an unclassified version of a classified report alleging that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign that would influence the outcome of Elections 2016 in Donald Trump’s favor. The report also alleges in unsubstantiated allegations that members of Donald Trump’s team colluded with Russia in order to use Russia hacking to influence the outcome of Elections 2016 in Donald Trump’s favor.

Russian President Vladimir Putin discuss the Ukrainian peace process at the German federal Chancellery
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This report is not the first time it has been claimed that key Russian political members had been in contact with the Trump campaign during the election. Two days after the election, the New York Times reported that a top Russian diplomat confessed that the Russian government had “maintained contacts with members of Trump’s entourage” during the campaign.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov
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Two days after the election the New York Times reported that one key diplomat, Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov, told an Interfax new agency,

“There were contacts. We continue do to this and have been doing this work during the election campaign.”

Donald Trump has said, on Twitter, that any report suggesting that the Trump camp had contact with Russia is “made-up facts by sleazebag political operatives” reported BBC News. He has also called the unverified report very unfair, and said in all caps on Twitter, he has nothing to do with Russia.

But, the Dworkin Report, as reported on by The Inquisitr four days after the election, published by Scott Dworkin of the Democratic Coalition, says otherwise. His findings in the Dworkin Report include a spreadsheet that list over 249 businesses in Russia with Trump name on them.

The Dworkin Report, and the Russian deputy foreign minister, and the newly released unverified report by the intelligence community, aren’t the only ones saying that Donald Trump camp had formed connections with Russia during the campaign. This was magnified by a letter from Senator Harry Reid who wrote to FBI James Comey in October, saying, “it’s clear you have some explosive information about Donald Trump and Russia.”

The Hillary Clinton camp has spoken out about Donald Trump making Clinton news once again. Reuters reported that Clinton spokesperson Brian Fallon spoke to CNN on Friday about Trump’s tweets.

“Those tweets are just the latest indication that Donald Trump is someone who is very insecure in his victory.”

Reuters also reported that the number two Democrat in the United State Senate, Senator Dick Durbin, said that James Comey’s statements were not “fair, professional or consistent with the policies of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” The James Comey investigation news at this stage of Elections 2016, is bigger than the Clinton news of the unsubstantiated email investigation 11 days before the election.

Donald Trump as president will not have any power or leverage to dismiss the James Comey investigation reported Reuters. The president does hold executive power to dismiss inspector generals, but only if the president provides a written justification for it to Congress 30 days in advance.

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