Magikarp on pokemon go april fools day event

What ‘Pokemon GO’ May Be Cooking Up For April Fools’ Day Event

In Pokemon GO, the way to a trainer’s heart is through events. Guess what Pokemon GO could be planning for their April Fools’ Day event.

It’s been a great ride ever since Pokemon GO launched to various countries all over the world. In fact, Pokemon GO has been so phenomenal in the mobile gaming segment that Pokemon GO was able to garner 100 million downloads and $268 million in revenue in just one month after its release in July, Business of Apps reports. It was even able to top the record set by Candy Crush of over 20 million daily active users.

But as time progresses, it is not uncommon for people to tire of a game. While Pokemon GO continues to hold a substantial player pool, more and more people are losing interest.

Interestingly, however, there is one phenomenon that seems to keep the Pokemon GO players invested in the game—and these are events. Game events are very common in games nowadays to keep player morale and interest high. Events not only entice more players to start playing again or keep playing but also encourage players to invest in the game because generally, purchases are more rewarding during these exclusive limited-time events.

Pokemon GO is no exception to this wonderful revenue-generating phenomenon. In fact, Tech Crunch reports that Pokemon GO’s first in-game Halloween event, which ran from October 26 to November 1, scored some pretty good numbers for the game. The Halloween event featured higher spawn rates for a range of Halloween-related Pokemon, including Meowth, Gastly, and Zubat, plus higher pay-out rates for candy earned through catching, transferring of Pokemon, and walking.

During the run of the Halloween event, revenue was up to as much as 2.3 times from the week before, with the daily revenue for October 29 scoring the highest overall since September.

So it’s only logical that for Niantic to keep people interested and invested in Pokemon GO, they need to keep making these events.

With April Fools’ Day coming up, Daily Star reports that Pokemon trainers at The Silph Road over at Redditjust couldn’t help but theorize over what kind of event Pokemon GO could be cooking up for April Fools’ Day. In fact, this one Pokemon trainer is calling it now. He says “All spawns on April 1st will be Magikarp.”

User SalivaDangles posts the following.

“I’m convinced there will be a one-day April Fools event where all spawns are Magikarp. There has been an event for the Pikachu-medal and there are Ratatas in abundance for those after the Tiny Medal.

“I live in a water biome with lots of Magikarp, but from 634 caught, only 65 were big enough for the medal. This convinces me there will be an increase in Magikarp spawns in some way or another and April Fools has the right theme to it, right?”

If you think this is crazy, remind yourself that there has been a substantial craze over Magikarp (yes, more than the normal Magikarp craze) ever since Pokemon Sun and Moon. When this girl beat Pokemon Sun and Moon with just a Magikarp—yes, that is with just one Magikarp—how can the whole Pokemon-playing community not be amused all over again with this ugly, Splash-ing Pokemon?

Who doesn't love a Magikarp? [Image by The Pokemon Company]
Who doesn’t love a Magikarp? [Image by The Pokemon Company]

So let us review. There is a certain badge for each type of Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and one of these badges that are up for grabs is the Fisherman Badge. The Fisherman Badge could be acquired in Pokemon Go for a number of XL Magikarps that you can catch. Three XL Magikarps will award you with the Bronze Fisherman Bade, 50 XL Magikarps for the Silver Fisherman Badge, and 300 XL Magikarps to get the Gold Fisherman Badge.

SalivaDangles surveys 36 trainers and gets a seven to 20 percent catch rate of XL Magikarps. That’s a measly percent to get XL Magikarps on top of the measly percent of Magikarp spawn rates. Slash Gearnotes that with the Pikachu badge becoming an easier badge thanks to the Christmas event, we are left with one of the hardest attainable badges in Pokemon GO—and that is the Gold Fisherman Badge.

Magikarp has always been used in comedic sequences in the Pokemon world. This is why it’s only fitting to fill every nook and cranny of Pokemon GO with this adorable creature come April Fools’ Day.

Niantic has yet to release any information about whether we’d really get an April Fools’ Day event, but hopefully, we can get something wacky and equally rewarding in the next Pokemon GO event.

[Featured Image by Wachiwit / Shutterstock, Inc.]