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NBC Posts Election Results Proclaiming An Obama Win A Day Early

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NBC accidentally published election results showing a win for President Barack Obama. The test-page for Tuesday’s election was broadcast in error on Monday. The big oops by NBC shows Mitt Romney winning the popular vote 55-43 percent, according to Politico. The presidential results map also showed President Obama winning the race with 280 electoral votes.

While left-leaning political commentators may want to be among the first to declare President Obama the winner, it would be a good idea to wait until the election is actually held before making such a statement.

According to the election map shared accidentally by NBC, Obama wins Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan but loses Florida to Mitt Romney. The map shows far more red than blue, hence the popular vote win for the Republican candidate.

The Election Day results also shows that Democrats keeps a majority in the US Senate. The unplanned early viewing of the map predicts that 42 Senate seats will go blue, 41 will turn red, and two will go to independent candidates, The Blaze notes.

The test-page that reportedly appeared earlier is now gone. The MSNBCDecision 2012 webpage shows a 2008 presidential election results map. The page was presumably published for comparison purposes. When running for office the first time, Obama garnered 53 percent of the vote to John McCain’s 46 percent. In that race, Obama won the electoral votes in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Nearly all current political polls show Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in a dead heat in the race to the White House.

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13 Responses to “NBC Posts Election Results Proclaiming An Obama Win A Day Early”

  1. Anonymous

    They claim it was a mistake but was it? There were predictions of an early win announce to discourage Romney voters which I didn't believe. But now, after this, I am beginning to wonder if the media and Obama team are conspiring to pull this off. It's worth watching for.

  2. Larry Buchanan

    I don't think it was a mistake at all. I believe they are trying to steal the election just like Dan Rather and all the other unscrupulous media that don't care what the people want, only what they see as more power for themselves.

  3. Rozanne Hirko Langley

    Aw! Another conspiracy theory to try an divert attention to the fact that Romney is simply the wrong choice to lead America at this time. I have two grandsons and I will NOT see another Repulican president lie to us and start another way.

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