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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For January 16 To 19: Secret Pregnancy, Mob Wars In Port Charles, Where Is Franco?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that truth bombs will continue blowing up in Port Charles in next week’s episode. With so many things going on, the mysterious guest in Naxie’s wedding is just the tip of the iceberg. A new mob boss is in town, Franco could be in serious danger, and Maxie could be hiding something.

Mob Wars

General Hospital spoilers hint that Julian Jerome (William deVry) would finally see the face behind his shady missions. His boss turns out to be the person he least expected – his sister Olivia (Tonja Walker) whom he shot to death years ago.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Olivia’s evil plot would finally come to light next week. The mob boss wants to take revenge on Julian who tried to kill him. As pointed out by a report in Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Olivia could not just be after Julian but the General Hospital as well.

Based on the previous episodes of General Hospital, Julian has been communicating with his boss through phone. Despite having more than one intention, Olivia will not let her brother off the hook. In fact, she was behind Julian’s knife-wielding behavior towards Alexis Davis.

As an aspiring mob boss, Olivia’s reason for coming back to Port Charles could be to fulfill her father’s dream of taking control of the criminal activities in the region. In previous episodes of General Hospital, Olivia pitted Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) against Julian. This move could foreshadow her next move to be the mob boss in Port Charles.

General Hospital Spoilers Sonny And Carly Are Drinking
‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Sonny plans to come clean to Carly. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, spoilers hint that Sonny plans to come clean about what happened with Nelle. Carly (Laura Wright) is more concerned about her husband’s violent life more than ever and Nelle might have a change of heart. Nelle has been unrepentant with her bad deeds but she will start having doubts by next week. It remains to be seen if she will stop her anti-Carly campaign after asking advice from Michael Quartermaine.

A Baby On The Way

The latest General Hospital spoilers for January 16 reveal that Maxie Jones is on her way to Portland to see Georgie. The Naxie wedding is expected to unfold by next week but there could be a lot of drama before the couple ties the knot. One reason for Maxie’s cold feet could be another pregnancy.

Previous episodes of General Hospital hinted a possible pregnancy that Nathan is unaware of. Maxie has been reminiscing about the moments when Nathan mentioned kids. There was also a scene where she casually mentioned that she pretending that the cranberry juice that she is drinking is Pinot. Maxie’s decision to rush to the airport to catch a flight to see her daughter is another clue.

Nathan’s surprise wedding will not go without a hitch. However, spoilers reveal that the wedding is still on. Ultimately, the couple will tie the knot by next week, although there would be a lot of drama before they finally exchange “I Dos.”

General Hospital Star Kelly Monaco talking with someone
‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Jason and Sam will have a pregnancy scare. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Baby dramas are all the rage in General Hospital, according to spoilers Jason and Sam would face a pregnancy scare. JaSam has been through a lot of challenging moments together. The couple went through the loss off baby Lila’s stillbirth, which is one reason why they are more careful with Sam’s pregnancy. This pregnancy will not end in another tragedy. Unless the writers change the couple’s fate, General Hospital will welcome the JaSam baby around February.

Missing In Action

Last week, General Hospital ended with Franco’s (Roger Howarth) mysterious disappearance. Port Charles Police District merely shrugged when Franco’s disappearance was reported, and they think that he ran away to evade an arrest warrant.

Franco is the prime suspect in Tom Baker’s murder. Based on the evidence, he is the killer. With some help, he found clues that could clear his name. He was getting closer to the truth when he suddenly disappears.

Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) also know the truth about Franco’s frame up. When Franco disappeared, Liz asked for Sam’s help to find him. The search for Franco will continue next week, and it remains to be seen if Franco could evade the real killer.

General Hospital will only air from Jan. 16 to 19 next week since it will be preempted by the Presidential inauguration on Friday, Jan. 20.

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