Ronda Rousey could be done

Joe Rogan Shares Thoughts On Ronda Rousey, Doesn’t Think She Will Return To UFC

Ronda Rousey just had a pretty big loss in the UFC when she was expected to win. Ronda was a fighter that everyone knew would be around for a while, but now it is not looking that way. MMA Junkie shared that Joe Rogan is speaking out and he honestly doesn’t think that Ronda will be coming back in the future. This past month Ronda lost in a 48-second knockout to champ Amanda Nunes at UFC 207.

Before this big fight, Ronda Rousey took 13 months off and she made big plans to come back for this fight after she lost to Holly Holm by dramatic knockout at in November 2015. Ronda actually won her first 12 fights, so she wasn’t expecting to lose at all and then it happened to her twice in a row. Maybe her time in the UFC is just over. Joe Rogan recently spoke out about it on an edition of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Here is what he had to say about it all.

“I don’t think she is (going to fight again). Amanda Nunes is a very, very dangerous puncher. She kicks and punches so (expletive) hard, and she has long arms. She puts you on the end of those long punches, and she dinged Ronda very early in the fight, and you could tell she was rocked.”

Before the big fight, Ronda Rousey refused to talk to the press at all about what was going on. Since the fight, she posted once on her Instagram page and gave a speech after the fight, but it didn’t say much at all. Rogan thinks that after taking so much time off from fighting, Ronda shouldn’t have fought against someone like Amanda Nunes, but she did it anyway and lost.

Joe Rogan went on to explain his thoughts on if she will come back or not. He really thinks that she will have to do something certain to make it work. Here is what he had to say.

“If she does, she should come back in a calculated manner. Don’t just rush in and fight for the title like she did. I think that’s crazy. Taking a year off taking a head kick getting knocked out – where’s your head at? Was she 100 percent committed to this as far as training for the entire time off, or did she just get in really good shape over the last few months and had she been training at all before then? You’d have to ask her and answer all those questions, but if she doesn’t want to be fighting, she shouldn’t be fighting.”

Fox Sports shared that Dana White spoke out and gave an update on his thoughts on Ronda Rousey as well. Dana was on “The Herd” on Friday and revealed that he had just had his first contact with Ronda since the big fight. He said they haven’t actually talked, but only text each other. He shared that he won’t be asking her about another fight right away and will give her some time. If Ronda Rousey does return to the octagon, it won’t be right away when it happens so there is no reason to rush it. Dana does feel like Ronda was really prepared for her last fight even though things didn’t go her way at all. White said she trained hard and went on to reveal, “I’ll tell you what of all the people that were actually defending Ronda Rousey, one of the biggest ones was Miesha Tate. Miesha Tate said ‘let me tell you what, say what you want about Ronda Rousey, Amanda Nunes hits like a truck’. (Miesha) fought (Nunes) first. (Nunes) beat two back-to-back legends.”

Do you think that Joe Rogan is right and that Ronda Rousey won’t be back again? Do you feel like Ronda’s best move would be to quit now? Sound off in the comments sections below on your thoughts.

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