WWE News: Major Concern Over Dean Ambrose’s WWE Future As A Main Eventer

Not everyone expected Dean Ambrose to become the WWE Champion during his WWE career, but a lot of people are questioning if he will become a WWE World Champion again. Ambrose has cemented himself as one of WWE’s top babyfaces over the past couple of years. Around this time last year, The Lunatic Fringe was red-hot heading into Wrestlemania, and his momentum eventually gave him his first WWE World title.

Dean Ambrose remained the WWE Champion through the WWE Draft and brand extension. He was drafted to SmackDown and held the title until October. There were reports of Ambrose taking some of the blame for the brand’s poor ratings at the time, and he would drop the WWE title to AJ Styles at WWE Backlash. Their feud lasted for the rest of 2016, and The Lunatic Fringe failed to recclaim SmackDown’s top prize.

Since then, Dean Ambrose rebounded back into the Intercontinental title picture. In fact, he won the IC title from The Miz last week on SmackDown Live. It was a surprising move considering how strong Miz’s run as the IC Champion has been this year, but WWE officials felt Ambrose needed a championship to hold on the “Road to Wrestlemania.” Apparently, many of WWE’s top officials are concerned about his future in WWE.

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According to a new report, the general feeling among WWE officials is that putting the Intercontinental title on Dean Ambrose may end up hurting his reputation in the long run as a main event star in WWE. The fact is that WWE decided to book the rematch between John Cena and AJ Styles for the WWE Championship, so they felt putting the IC title on him was better than leaving him with nothing in SmackDown’s midcard.

Unfortunately, a lot of people viewed that decision as a demotion for Ambrose to be booked into a midcard title run again. The IC Championship is more prestigious now than it has been in a long time, which should be credited to The Miz and others. However, Vince McMahon feels that Ambrose is in a great spot with the IC title heading into Wrestlemania 33, and he will be able to keep the momentum of the title going strong.

Some people are sharing their concern for The Miz because Ambrose essentially took his spot away after the former spent roughly an entire year of WWE programming to build up the IC Championship. WWE hasn’t announced Ambrose vs. Miz for the WWE Royal Rumble yet, but Ambrose has announced his entry into the Royal Rumble match. After that, Dean Ambrose’s creative plans for Wrestlemania 33 are unknown.

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WWE officials think highly of Dean Ambrose and his place in the company, which is why they are concerned about his future in WWE. Heading into Wrestlemania season, there has been little to no news about WWE’s plans for his Wrestlemania match. It was reported that WWE was considering a feud between Ambrose and Shane McMahon, but that was before the news broke of Shane and AJ Styles starting a rivalry soon.

There have been rumors about Dean Ambrose undergoing a heel turn before Wrestlemania 33 this year, but that seems like something WWE officials will do after the grandest stage of them all. Ultimately, the concern here is that Ambrose may never be given the fair chance to be the WWE Champion again. Of course, he will participate in title matches, but there is a difference between competing and realistically winning the title.

Many people may not like Dean Ambrose being out of the WWE title picture, but the fact that WWE officials are concerned about his position is a good thing in the long term. They view him as a commodity, and it’s a common saying in wrestling that “the cream rises to the top.” If WWE officials didn’t see something in him, he never would have won the WWE Championship in the first place. He’s too talented a performer to be held down for the rest of his career. Eventually, Dean Ambrose will find his way back into the main event.

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